Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Romance in a paranormal world

Well, it’s Wednesday so that means I’m in charge today. I’m kinda loving the middle slot because sooner or later everyone has to pass through Wednesday to get to their destination. So you’ll just have to suffer through LOL Don’t worry, I’ll even make it fun for you later on with games and contests.

So, let’s talk romance in a paranormal world

To me, the point in picking up any book and reading it to the very last word is the lure of the happy ending. Now, obviously, some books don’t have that, especially if they will be drawn out over a series of books. I don’t mind a series, but at least each book in that series needs to have its own happily ever after. Romantic tension is one thing but drawing it out through several books isn’t for me. As a reader, I’ll become bored and my To-Be-Read pile contains enough books to substitute the frustrating book.

Be warned, right? LOL

Anyway, to me, the awesomeness that is writing within the paranormal world is the open scope for different facets of romance. I mean, come on, who among us doesn’t love an angst-filled, good looking, hard bodied vampire or demon now and then? Especially if their dark and dishy ways can be redeemed by the book’s end. Up the ante with a set of impossible circumstances or a race to prevent the total destruction of the world, and wham, you’ve got a great vessel to pour a romance in.

That’s not to say the heroine’s are without flaws. Insecurities, fears, concerns, bring me your baggage and I’ll write you in, have you undergo a transformation—internal or external—and sometimes both—but by the end, the journey is very much like a thousand miles.

The reader should be tired, happy, and hopeful at the end.

Because let’s face it: even though we live in a world where aliens and paranormals are oftentimes indiscernible to the naked (or unperceptive) eye, at the end of the day, we go home to our completely ordinary spouses who only grow horns during PMS or man-o-pause. LOL And we love them, but there’s always the urge to have our eyes dart to the shiny new book or e-reader device sitting on the table nearby.

We want to know, what would happen if…

I’m so glad I’m a writer because I can make up my own reality whenever I want to.

If you want a taste of romance and magic, pick up a copy of my newest novella.


lastnerve said...

lol ....... I'M DRAGGING MY BAGGAGE and need a place to stay .... so I'm going to reside in one of your books! LOL ..... loved the blog entry and loved when you said "bring me your baggage and I'll write you in!"


Rebecca Royce said...

I loved your remark about our husbands only growing horns during PMS. They do during pregnancy too..or when you forget to pick up their dry cleaning and they have a meeting the next day. LOL. Great post Sandi.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Sandi.

I also loved the comment about husbands growing horns.

I agree with your comment about each story in a series having a happily ever after. They tend to draw me into the series more.

Liena Ferror

Barbara J. Hancock said...

Love your place, Sandra. (Have brought along cyber coffee cake for housewarming gift!)

I have to have resolution. Doesn't have to be a happily ever after between h/h. (I like the ongoing 'ships in alot of Urban Fantasy series.) But I do need a "happy for now". I need something solved. I need a moment of triumph even if you know the heroine is gonna have to jump back into the trenches sooner or later;>

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks Barbara. Make yourself at home and yeah, I'll be taking that cyber coffee cake :-)

Rebecca, just let me tell you my hubby has man PMS, seriously. All moody and stuff once a month. That's why I said man-o-pause too LOL Get's all cranky if there's no clean underwear!

Liena, love a HEA. Can't live without them :-)

LastNerve: You bet! Anything and everything inspires me to write a story. Funky tales? I wanna hear 'em! :-)

Thanks for dropping by folks :-)

Chiron said...

Hey Sandra, great post! Like Barbara, I don't need an HEA but I do need a resolution of sorts. I'm a fan of sci-fi/fantasy series that create wonderful worlds I'd love to reside in. Many of these aren't romances. So I'm fine when the Quest is the thing but I hate when the quest extends over book after book. Yikes! Just give me a resolution per book and I'm fine. *grin*

Your Novella sounds delightful!

Chiron O'Keefe
The Write Soul:

Annie Nicholas said...

There's no feeling like happily-ever-after at the end of a good book. I love it when I close it for the last time with a smile. If it's good enough I might read it twice.

J Hali said...

Sandi, my sentiments exactly! I want to know at the end of each book that everybody lives happily ever after. Not wait until tomorrow...
Love growing horns during PMS - LOL Do I see a story here or what? Great job.

Rae Lori said...

Oh me, too. In my romances I love the HEA especially when I'm ready to dive into some escape reads! For my other genres, a kind of resolution (even if it's not HEA) is very much welcome. Great post!

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

I'm a goner for the HEA, and simply hate, hate, hate a book that simply leaves me off dangling because there's another coming and the author thought not resovilng any conflict would keep the reader's attention!

Man-o-pause, lol, yeah. They have something akin to PMS too, and it's definitely not cyclical. It can hit anyday, anytime. Men, eh? Sigh... Unfortunately we do need them...

Great post Sandra!