Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Interview with author Esmerelda Bishop

Today I am interviewing the wonderfully talented Esmerelda Bishop.  Her book “The Feline Fugitive” is available now from Lyrical Press. 


Hi Esmerelda, thanks for taking the time out to do this interview!!


It’s my pleasureJ



First of all, tell me what you’re working on right now.  Is it a Paranormal, Contemporary, or a Historical?


Right now I am working on a contemporary romantic comedy. This will be my first full comedy. Humor is always laced somewhere in my writing, but this will be the first one where I focus on it. So far, I’m enjoying myself.


I know you have written in almost all genres of Romance. How do you choose which one you want to work on?  Or does it choose you?  Do you have a favorite out of the choices?



I’m not really sure how I pick what I’m working on. I think it chooses me. I really have no control over what “takes” in a plot. Plots pop in my head all the time and I’m like “Ohhhh! What a great idea!” then a week later I have the first chapter written and it fizzles out. Eventually one hits me that just flows out of me and I just go with it. As for a favorite. Hmm. There is something special about each genre, but if I had to pick a favorite, it’d be contemporary. I’m free to do what I want in contemporary without limitations. I love that.



I’ve just finished reading “The Feline Fugitive” and I have to tell you that in addition to being completely riveted by the story, I couldn’t help but laugh throughout the book.  Did you mean for your heroine to be so funny or did she just start out that way?

She just came out that way. LOL. I will say, I’m thrilled you found her funny. Humor is not an easy thing to write and it is subjective. While one person might find something bust-a-gut-funny another will not. So I smile knowing that a story I wrote that had a humorous edge made you laugh. It was supposed toJ

What do you do when you’re not writing?  Do you have a favorite movie or a favorite book?


I’m a mom to five year old twins. They keep me very busy. LOL.  But when I’m not being a writer, mom, or wife, I love to be me and veg out with my friends. I’m also a gym rat. I love working out. Disgusting, I know. But, I do.


I have a ton of favorite movies. Too many to list and they cross a wide spectrum of genres. A few off the top of my head is: Titanic, Ever After, and anything with Seth Rogan, that man cracks me up.


Favorite authors/books are a little easier. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. J.K. Rowling created a stunning world with a series that held me captivated. I’m also a huge Karen Marie Moning fan. My favorite of her Highlander series is To Tame a Highland Warrior. Grimm Roderick stole my heart in that story. But I will say that Jericho Barrons in her new Fever Series is giving Grimm a run for his money.  Never thought I would say that, but dang it, Jericho is hot.



Who inspires you to write when you’re having writers block?


Good question.  I have no idea. Writers block and me are very good friends. However, I just came back from Nationals. Surprisingly, I found most writers don’t believe it exists. Outside interference creates it. That was a huge Ah-ha moment for me. Because it is very true in my case. Everyday worries affect my ability to write, ranging anywhere from finances to selling the last story I wrote. It’s learning to separate those worries from my muse so she is not affected. It is something I have to work on and plan to.


On this blog, we talk a lot about our muses.  Tell me about yours.


Mostly she is just an extension of me, a little place in my head that likes to talk. She sounds, thinks and acts like me but she has the ability to take plots and weave fantastic tales. I know that it sounds like my muse is me. But that is not what I’m saying. We are one in the same, but without her I wouldn’t be able to write.  Trust me, she’s went silent on more than one occasion and I miss her when she does that.



Thanks so much for doing this Esmerelda.  It’s been so nice having you here. Please check out her promotional video for "The Feline Fugitive" too. 

It's located here: 

The Feline Fugitive


Thanks for having me! I’ve enjoyed it!



Rebecca Royce


Anonymous said...

Great interview, Rebecca! Helps when you have a good interviewee.


Rebecca Royce said...

It does Liena and Esmerelda is amazing!

J Hali said...

Always interesting to hear how other authors handle things such as writers block and muses.

Great interview, ladies.

Esmerelda Bishop said...

Thanks for having me! I really enjoyed myself:)

Esmerelda Bishop said...

Hey guys, the link isn't working for me. So here is another to my trailer for Feline.


J. A. Hunsinger said...

Great job, Ladies. The content is a little out of my area, but I appreciate a job well-done nonetheless.

Sandy said...

Hey, Rebecca, I did make it after all. Good job.

Esmerelda, this sounds like a great story. I like your trailer.

Sandra Sookoo said...

Nice interview ladies. :-) Good luck with the sales!

Chiron said...

Wonderful interview!! Wishing you much success and many sales.

Chiron O'Keefe
The Write Soul: www.chironokeefe.blogspot.com

Annie Nicholas said...

Welcome to Paranormal Romantics Esmerelda! Great interview.

Esmerelda said...

Thanks again for having me and letting me share:):)


Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Lovely interview, on behalf of both the interviewer and the interviewee!

I'm gonna look for that book, Esmeralda. I'm a feline lover!



RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thank you for a terrific interview. Esmerelda Bishop is a new author for me and this blog post makes me put FELINE FUGITIVE on my ToBeRead list.
Love from Northern Ontario

Anonymous said...

Thanks Z and RK!

Rae Lori said...

Great interview! Looks like another one for the TBR pile. :-D