Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A contest within a contest

Today is your lucky day--well hopefully!

I'm having a contest. It's more like a contest within a contest, actually. You see, I have a few book releases happening this summer and I'm searching for a really cool contest idea to promote them all.

I'll call it the Summer of Fangs, Fur and Bad Boys with Fast Toys.

You'll find out a little more later with the first release in May. And no, I'm not gonna say any more about it until then.

So, here's what I'd like to ask you. What do you want to see in a contest? Free book, swag bag filled with stuff, edible prizes? Do you want to blog hop, look answers up on websites? What will make a contest fun for you?

Now here's where today's contest comes in. I'll pick the best idea from the comments and you'll get to pick one of my 2009 backlist of e-books.

So, wrack your brain and give me your best shot. You may just win!


StephB said...

I'm not much into ediables, but I know some people are. Me? I'd prefer something tangiable (I'm doing autographed postcards for the Be Mused Blog Tour right now - they're fairly inexpensive and postcard postage is less than regular postage) or a copy of the book.

Hope that helps.

s7anna said...

I absolutely adore blog hops b/c they give me a chance to stock up on some new reading material and maybe exposure to an author I may not have known about before. I also like prizes that include books, ebooks and tote bags filled with books and other goodies. I also like contests that are comment based where everyone one chimes in about a particular topic on a day to day then there are prize giveaways on a daily basis as well as a grand prize...Ms. Ann Aguirre just did something like that for the promo of her new release and it was lots of fun...all the commenters got to know each other and we had conversations that ranged from our personal book preferences to the gamut of topics all involving books.


Tiffany Green said...

I like the idea of a tote bag filled with books or books and a gift certificate. I do not like contests that require a lot of work. My time is limited and precious, so I usually skip ones that require a lot of time. A scavenger hunt is okay as long as it isn't too involved.

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks for dropping by ladies. I've done all kinds of contests. Just needed new ideas :-)

Jean P said...

I like blog hops, they are always fun. Find new authors and books that way. Swag bags are always fun too, never know what you might get in them!

Caroline Clemmons said...

I usually skip those contests that ask a question and you have to search whatever to supply the answer. I love free books, though, and also gift certificates. For those who like blog hops, the upcoming Blogmania on April 30th will be fun--about 60 to 70 authors each offering a prize to a lucky commenter on each blog. To make that clear, that's one prize per blog, not 70. LOL You can learn more on the Book Blogs site. I'll be participating on that day at http://carolineclemmons.blogspot. com

emmad said...

I love books as prizes or gift certs.
For competitions I have to agree that Ann Aguirre's one was very good but do also like ones where you are asked a question and have to go find the answer.

Also random questions like um say have a two week contest with a prize every 200 comments or something (drawn randomly from the previous 200 commentors) and a new question has to be answered every day. Could be completly random ones or book related. Usually answering questions gets conversation rolling too.

Sherry said...

I love blog hops meeting new authors and finding out more about the ones you already read and if they have eye candy thats great too. I love getting bookmarks , book thongs, books or gift cards.

booklover0226 said...

I like blog hops, too. It's a great way to discover new authors.

I also enjoy scavenger hunts, either looking for a hidden graphic or reading and excerpt and answer a question. I do enojy reading excerpts, though. Many times I get hooked in and buy the book!

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone :-) I'm setting up blog appearances for my May release :-) many prizes will be offered.

Booksrforever123 said...

I love free books, with the economy the way it is, buying is at the bottom of the list of money spent. I just followed these cute eggs that links to the next website and thought that this idea was fun and had just enough of a challenge looking for the shiny egg, that I didn't become bored, like looking through 50+ author's sites looking for the missing icon.