Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Good, Bad and Scary of my Muse..., this week I've been doing nothing--well writing wise that is. I finished my dragon novel a few weeks ago and spent last weekend editing it up for the umpteenth time. I finished a short story last week, also featuring a dragon.

Apparently dragons are on my mind.

So, I vowed for this week I'd do nothing but catch up on housework I let slide during the writing process.

All was going well until (cue dramatic music here) my Muse got involved.

She doesn't like sitting around, cooling her heels, and she hates folding clothes so I suppose it was only natural she'd dig in deep and slap me upside the head with a new shiny idea for a full length book. I think we're going to shoot for 90K with this one too.

The premise this time? Straight up fantasy, old school style, except I plan to put my own personal spin on it by adding a liberal sprinkling of funny and snark. Yeah, I can't help it. And neither can my heroine. I can already feel it...

Anyway, the book is still in the planning stages and yes, I am a plotter and proud of it :-) I've got in a basic plot and have been filling it in here and there. I know alot of the secondary players, and boy are they larger than life. There's a twist and a secret. There's a villain and there will be a love story in there along the way. Just waiting for the h/h to talk to me a little bit more and reveal their histories, motivations, etc.

This is going to be fun. Why? Because the Muse showed up for work today clad in long skirts, a chain metal shirt and a sword belt slung around her hips.

Needless to say, it's on. I've never attempted a fantasy like this. It's a bit intimidating but it's exciting as all get out. I'm up for the challenge.

My question to you? If you're reading a fantasy novel, would humor distract you or would you find it a refreshing change to the genre? I'd love to know your thoughts.

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Until then, happy reading!


Ellie said...

I like a bit of humor sprinkled in here and there. To kind of break things up a bit, especially if it's been a really intense few pages. But I'd prefer it not over done unless the story is of course meant to be that way.

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks for dropping by Ellie :-)

Stacey Kennedy said...

Hi Sandra! I love humor. In fact, my novels all have it too. Serious situations are great but when you can add a little humor into the mix. Well, that is just fantastic!!

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks Stacey :-)

Robyn said...

Humor is always fun to have. I write mostly fantasy/paranormal and some of my best scenes (other than the fight ones) involve humor/sarcasm. It brings a ton of depth in some instances and never hurts as long as its not overdone. So much luck and can't wait to see what you come up with!

carrie said...

oh gee...humor? i dunno...


bring on the fun!


Rebecca Royce said...

I can't write it but I like to read it.

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks Robyn! I'm gonna try my best.

Thanks Carrie and Rebecca :-) Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so we'll see what happens in this brave new world ;-)

BPL said...

Humorous fantasy certainly has its place, but it's hard to keep it up and keep a novel at all serious.

Ursula K. LeGuin wrote a famous essay, "From Elfland to Poughkeepsie," about how she hated stories with fantasy creatures that talked like Damon Runyon characters. If I understand her point, it's that the universe portrayed should be consistent; should hang together. If the humor and snark are present, they either must be a well-established part of the protagonists's character, or of the culture or subculture she's from, or both.

Sandy said...

I'm going to be doing blogmania,too, Sandi. See you there. I like humor, but can't write it.