Monday, June 14, 2010

Bald is Beautiful Re-Run

I decided to post my favorite PR blog today. It was a no brainer which one I'd choose.  I mean, look at the pictures. LOL

Happy Manic Monday! Pull up a chair and pour yourself a cup of coffee, I hope you brought a fan because I wanted to discuss how bald men can be just as sexy as one with long flowing hair. Of course this will need some visual cues.

I used to agree with most women that long hair dudes were quite fetching, and still do, but somewhere over the past few years I began a small obsession with the bald. My oldest son was born bald and didn’t grow any hair until he was two so I think this is where it all began. LOL

Rubbing a smooth, soft head of a man has a calming effect. Add a little oil then the chemistry changes but I’m getting off track. *clears throat* As my fellow PR bloggers would attest, I have a fixation for these type of men. Each of my books contains at least one, I have to please myself too you know, but not all of them are in the hero’s role.

Dragos, the villain and Tane, the anti-hero, in BAIT are both Nosferatu vampires as well as Daedalus Pal Robi from my new release The Omegas. These vampires are from an ancient and powerful clan. Bald, strong, and beautiful is their own way, they’ve woven themselves in my stories. There are rumors of them popping in for a visit next Monday but I doubt I can gather them all in the same room without a fight.

My alien hero in Red Dawn is also bald but I’ll save him for later when his release date will be. I have broken the pattern though. There is hope for those who are determined for hair. The second book of the Vanguard series (Releasing Next Week) has a werewolf hero with shaggy, brown hair that keeps getting in his eyes.

The first book of the Vanguard series releases today from Lyrical Press, The Omegas. (Six months ago)

Only a vampire is man enough to teach werewolves how to fight.


Pretty librarian Sugar wants her life to stay quiet. That’s hard enough when friends and neighbors turn into furry wolves every full moon. But when a hot vampire gets involved, life’s bound to get complicated.

The Omega have always been the pansies of the paranormal. Now Chicago’s top werewolf pack has issued them a life or death challenge. Their only option: hire a vampire warrior to teach them the moves.
Daedalus has been a powerful vampire for ages. Intrigued by the chance to train the geeks of the underworld, he wasn’t bargaining on losing his heart to a human. Can he make the Omegas a success, fit into Sugar’s quiet life, and avoid being ripped to shreds in the process?



So today, I'm giving away a copy of The Omegas. 


Sara Brookes said...

Mmmm...DH shaves his head once a week and I love it, so I'm right there with you on the baldness. LOL

J Hali said...

I'm writing a bald hero...only 'cause I'm tired of trying to get the hair right on covers. *laughing* But I think bald can be sexy as heck!

Stacey Kennedy said...

Dear God that first guy is simple yummy!!

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

I'm on the bald train too! Actually, one of my friends pointed out that I always gravitate towards the men with completely bald/shaved heads... now I can't stop myself. Just something about that smooth head and the attitude it takes to pull it off sexy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm looking, I'm looking.

I usually prefer long haired men personally, but after looking at those pictures....well!!! Yum!!!

in Germany

tetewa said...

Love the pix and these reads sound good!

Jean P said...

A bald headed guy can be pretty hot. The excerpts were fabulous!

joder said...

I don't find long hair sexy at all. Too girly if it's longer than mine. Bald men are sexy definitely, epecially the pictures you have here.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Cathy M said...

On some men, bald is just scary, but on the right man, definitely an oh mama moment.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Sandra Sookoo said...

I have bald at home. I like my heroes with hair (but not long hair. I'm not into the hippy thing) LOL


Sherry said...

When I was younger I thought bald men were not sexy but now that I'm older I think bald me can be very sexy. I prefer me with short hair or bald these days.


The picture of the Houston firefighter is to die for.

stacey said...

Bald man can be hot and man whit hair can be hot it's the one whit little hair that thay try to spread over there head that are not.


Annie Nicholas said...

Valerie Congrats!! You won. I'll send you a copy of The Omegas today. Hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!!

in Germany