Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!

Happy Wednesday again folks! Still taking a break so please play nice and welcome fellow Lyrical Press author Isobael Liu to Paranormal Romantics today.

I am so excited! Other than writing, and family, the planned vacation we have this year has got me all worked up. Why? Because my best friend of 10+ years is coming to visit us. As in, we pick her up from the airport tomorrow! *Dancing*

I met my best friend online, in a role playing channel she was running on IRC. At first, it was the usual friendship. She was my ST, our characters crossed paths, there was little to it.

I’m not sure how it happened, but soon, we were talking and sharing problems with one another. We commiserated together and shared joys.

We became friends.

Even after she had to put the channel on hiatus and there was no role playing, we stayed friends.

Then, she and her daughter flew out to visit us for vacation one year. It was the first time we’d met in person. I was a nervous wreck!

The first couple of days was still a bit nerve wracking, but after that, we had so much fun!

My first vacation, and my first long distance plane ride alone, was a couple of years later, and it was to visit my friend in Virginia, where she lives. She calls it Deliverance Revisited, but it wasn’t all that bad! Between Roanoke and Lynchburg, the area was peaceful, beautiful, and I loved it.

Of course, the humidity in the summer there was “OMIGAWD, BREATHE!” and I had to make sure I drank plenty of water down there as we were on the go from morning to late afternoon. Drinking water isn’t all that necessary up here in western Washington, not as much as you need it down there! LOL.

After a couple of days though, the humidity was no problem. Then again, I spent much of my early life in Taiwan, where Mom’s from, so I adjust well and quickly.

When she was out here last, we took her to a couple of cemeteries. None of which were as fantastic or as old as the cemeteries where she lives. I wish I had taken a digital voice recorder with me when I went down there.

Why, you ask? Because I record EVPs. That’s Electronic Voice Phenomena. If you’re a Ghost Hunters fan, or a fan of the hundreds other paranormal investigation shows, you know what it means. For those still confused, it’s when you record voices on an electronic medium you do not hear with your own ears.

It doesn’t have to be a cemetery, I’ve recorded EVPs in my own home. It’s a fascinating hobby. I have a couple of “vids” where you can hear some of the stronger EVPs on my YouTube site. ( Feel free to take a gander.

The next time I go to visit her, I’m taking my digital voice recorders and hitting the Civil War sites and cemeteries!

This time, however, we’re taking her to Lakeview Cemetery, in Seattle. This is where Bruce and Brandon Lee are buried. It’s one of the largest and oldest in Seattle and has amazing headstones and monuments.

She arrives tomorrow for her vacation. I’m so excited! It’s been three years since I’ve seen her and I have so much planned. Of course, writing will be slow, if nonexistent, during the week she’s visiting.

This year, so far, has been a wonderful year for me. My debut novel, “Moonlight and Magick”, was released in May, and I’ve received awesome reviews and many requests for a sequel. Giving in, I put aside a couple of other WIPs in order to begin the second of the “Moonlight” series. I hope to finish it by the end of this year. Add in the fact I hit a couple of bestsellers lists in June, and July seems to be going just as strong, it doesn’t look like the pace will be slowing in August!

I’ll sign off with a blurb from “Moonlight and Magick”…

All she wanted was a quiet, normal life...but you don't always get what you want.

Lilian Quinn came to this remote town to start a new life. No one knew she had escaped from Custodes Secreti, a secret organization dedicated to using people with strange abilities for their own ends. All she wanted was a quiet, normal existence. Even if it meant living a lie.

Matthias Romulus was content to be the Alpha werewolf of the local pack, until he bumped into Lilian. Powerfully drawn to her, he stepped in to help her when the Custodes Secreti tracked her down. He didn't know she was trained in much more than waiting tables.

With Lilian's murderous ex-boyfriend coming after her and secret agents on her trail, the strange dreams she's been having are only the beginning. Matthias has problems of his own with his pack giving ultimatums. Can a psychic woman and an alpha wolf come together to resolve the issues of their hearts -- and the issues of their continued survival?

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J Hali said...

Welcome to PR, Isobael. Congrats and I do love that cover!

Growing up I visited cemetarys with a bunch of crazy friends. I haven't done that for a while and would probably see it totally different now. You've ignited a spark, lady.

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks for filling in for me! :-)

Isobael Liu said...

Sandra - thanks for letting me! =)

J Hali - Cemeteries are surprisingly awesome. I used to be afraid of them, wouldn't go near them. My Auntie May, who just passed away, helped me overcome my fear by starting a game of who could find the oldest headstone. After that, it was a natural progression to photography and then EVPs. I like taking walks through cemeteries as a way to help clear my mind and relax.