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When Souls Collide Chapter 5

Happy 4th of July!
I was once asked why I served in the military. My independence was my biggest reason. There are many rights we have here in the United States that are often taken for granted. Not one of them should be. For me, defending our rights was a given. I love my country and I wanted to do my part to help keep it free.

Yeah, go ahead, laugh. It sounds sappy, but its true. I'm a patriot.

Okay, you Americans, this Fourth of July, take a moment and think about your liberty. Are you celebrating it, or are you merely having a cookout, beer and lighting off few fireworks because that's what you do on the 4th?

Think about your rights. What are they? Why were they important not only to our forefathers and revolutionaries, but to our grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren. Men and women have fought, bled and died for them. They must have had a reason to make such a sacrifice. Take a moment and think about them.

Now light that firecracker. You've got big things to celebrate.

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***Warning. The following story contains erotic elements, explicit language and violence. Read at your own risk.***

“What do you mean the levees are on fire?” Ursus adjusted his headset and slammed his hand into a gel pad on the door, rushing from his quarters. “Where were the guards when they set it on fire?”

“Dead?” Ursus swung his leg over his hover jet, straddling it. He stepped down on the clutch and pulled out onto the stone street. “I want all squads from the western sector of the city at the levee camp in five. Get men down there and those fires out. I’ll be there in a moment.”

Ursus jolts of anger pounded through him. Gods, he was too occupied with the Kalos female to pay attention to his own post. That bastard, Jarod, the Kalos king had to be behind it. The execution of the attack had been flawless. He exploited every weakness he could find, including sending the enticing female in to distract him.

Ursus thought he’d sealed the camp, protected the levees. He’d thought the sector impossible to breach. Obviously he thought wrong. He hadn’t counted on the Kalos king turning the planet against him.

He’d not considered a weapon as primitive as an a√™rscorpion. He slammed his hand down on the hover’s console. Now he had a road full of dead men and levees too damaged to hold back the floods that would be arriving within a week. They didn’t have the time to patch them up and the encampment had grown too large to breakdown, should the rains come. The cost to the Kori Army would be enormous.

Gods, he’d underestimated the enemy and paid for it. Ursus drove through the camp, the ground was littered with dead and dying troops, all laid out in rows. His troops, his responsibility. He’d taken his eyes off to entertain an enemy woman and paid for it. Thinking from his cock had gotten him in a world of trouble.

His gaze swept the area, medics had arrived to remove the injured, and a flurry of activity exploded everywhere. Soldiers tried to extinguish the levees, lit from within, it would be impossible without going inside the burning structures.

His eyes stopped on a group of soldiers holding a group of Kalos Warrior’s against a wall, weapons on them. A firing squad.

“Halt!” He yelled out and swung his leg over the hover. He strode to the firing squad. The Kalos soldiers stared back in defiance, their skin and hair dyed, fresh Kori uniforms. Clever disguises but not clever enough. “It’s about time we start torturing them for information.”

The squad leaders jaw fell open. “Sir? We can’t touch them, they’ll taint our souls.”

“They’re no different than you or I. They can’t suck your soul.”


“They can’t.” Ursus frowned. He knew it. He’d spent several hours touching, kissing and holding one of the soul-sucking demons and he was still intact. “That’s a false assumption. We’ll interrogate.”

Ursus eyed the first in line and nodded towards him. “Grab that one and follow me.”

The soldier hesitated, looking from the enemy solider to Ursus and back.

“I said to seize him and come with me. That’s an order.”

The men jumped, rushing forward to grab the enemy soldier. The Kalos warrior stared Ursus in the eyes. “I have nothing to say to you.”

“We’ll see about that.” He strode over to his hover and looped a cable onto it. “Get me another hover.”

A soldier rushed for another, quickly driving it over. Ursus set his lazr’ to stun and dropped the man to the dirt. He tied his hands to one set of cables and his legs to another. The hovers were started and the man was lifted from the ground and stretched between the crafts.

He screamed.

“Put them in park. We’re going to have a discussion in a moment. Ursus eyed the man. “Get a scoop and bring me some of the coals from the levee.”

Kalos eyes popped wide.

Ursus grabbed the front of the man’s shirt and ripped it open. “Let’s see what you’re made of.”

The man tried to struggle, but the cables were drawn too tight.

“I want to know the location of the clans and that bastard king.”

The man turned his head, and spit in Ursus’s face. Ursus reached up and wiped it away with his gauntlet covered hand then reached into the scoop the soldier brought over, scorching the leather on his gloves. He held a cherry red coal in front of the man. “Last chance. Where are the locations to your clans?”

The man turned his head away.

“That’s okay. I have five more of your friends.” Ursus dropped the coal in the middle of the man’s chest. His flesh sizzled like frying fat, the smell wafted up in a cloud of greasy smoke. The man screeched and thrashed his head. Ursus let the coal sit a bit longer; melting a hole into the man’s skin then knocked it off.

“The location of the clans?”

The man kept his mouth shut.

“How about another question? Where’s your king?”

“You’ll have to kill me.”

“Eventually.” Ursus picked up another coal. “For every time you refuse to answer, I’m going to drop another of these on you. A little bit lower. Do you really want to know where it ends?” Ursus released the coal.

The man shrieked, but didn’t answer his question. Ursus yanked his pants open and exposed him.

“Next one’s really going to hurt. I want to know where that bastard is.”

The man laughed.

“Wrong answer.” Ursus picked up another coal.

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I think about my liberty all the time. I try never to take it for granted. Great portion!