Thursday, July 1, 2010

Writing an Odd Melody

I write in a lot of odd places. Mostly, I need to be somewhere I don't know anyone. Libraries and coffeehouses are the obvious choice, though I have written in some really, really odd places. Along with those places, I write to music. I can write without it, but find the words flow nicely when I have music to write by. In fact, it's just a concentration thing - I listen to loud techno music when I play video games. You should see when I play pinball. LOL

All this brings me to my point that because I listen to music when I write my books end up with playlists. Usually, my playlists start out with 30 to 40 songs. Then it get whittled down as the story get written and I get a better sense of characters and situations. This means I end up with around 12 to 13 songs that fit the book. I keep a page on my site with previous playlists, but I'd like to share my Blood Fever playlist here first.

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No pointing and laughing at my musical taste now. ;^)


Annie Nicholas said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one with playlists, except I can't write and listen at the same time.

Sara Brookes said...

You know, it's funny. I can listen to music with lyrics when I write, but not so much when I used to game. Had to be techno music. Yep, I'm a weirdo.

J Hali said...

LOVE IT! I run the gamut of Opera, Blues, Pop, Techno Tango...I love music!! And always have something playing when I'm writing.

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

I can't write without listening to music either. For me, the music "gels" the words in my head to the screen. Usually, there's a specific "feel" I'm going for when I'm writing a certain scene, so I try to pick music that fits the scene. Like, if I'm writing a fight scene, I'm not going to listen to sweet folks music, LOL! I'm going to listen to hard rock or something like that.

I dunno, I think it's just a writer thing. :D You're definitely not alone!