Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reading to Make Myself Write

Hey everyone,

If any of you have heard me lament recently, you will know that I have had trouble producing my usual output on my works-in-progress. I think, in general, I'm very tired. The kids have started school and we're all adjusting to our new schedule.


To combat this before I have settled down to read for a while in order to get my muse cooking. Anyone have any good book recommendations for me?



Annie Nicholas said...

Try something out of the box, Rebecca! Try the Pride of Chanur by CJ Cherryh. I've read this book three times, at least. I want to be Pyanfur.

Rebecca Royce said...

Okay, getting it now! Thanks Annie

Nerine Dorman said...

Jacqueline Carey. Start with Kushiel's Dart. Epic fantasy with a strong romantic theme and some BDSM hints. Hypnotic, textured prose and fascinating world-building for an alternate European history.

D L Jackson said...

Strangers--by Barbara Elsborg.
The Hunger Games--Suzanne Collins
Anything Donna Kaufman.
The Dresden Files--Dead Beat in particular--Jim Butcher
National Geograpic--They had a fantastic article on Bionics a while back. Some great ideas can be spawned from reading NG. It's a favorite indulgence.

When all else fails, the tabloids, because they can make you laugh, but they can also show you what bizarre things grab people's attention.

Annie Nicholas said...

Iam such a huge Butcher fangirl but Rebecca knows this already. LOL