Monday, December 13, 2010

Whatcha doin'

for the holidays?

We spent the day decorating the outside of the house with lights. I'm pretty sure the space station can spot our home from orbit. The tree is up, cookie dough is in the freezer, and the presents are bought.

This weekend will be spent grocery shopping and wrapping. We already hit Santa at the mall so the kids could express their wishes. Christmas eve will be spent baking this year. I've given the children my recipe books and told them to each pick one cookie recipe they want to try. We'll do the ususal chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies but I want them to try something new.

Normally, we spend Christmas morning together then pack up the kids to go visit my family in Canada. This year we decided that we'll gather together on the 26th so we can all spend Christmas day at our respective homes in peace. That means I finally get to cook Christmas dinner!

The best thing about this year is I have six days off work during the Christmas weekend and four over New Years! That's never happened before. I'm really looking forward to spending the days having fun.

What are your  plans?

Today marks the beginning of my Twelve Hunks of Christmas at my personal blog.


Sandra Sookoo said...

Spent the weekend decorating inside. Currently, we're buried under snow right now so my trip to the post office is thwarted today. Maybe I'll bake some more stuff today. Who knows. I have two factions of family who are supposed to come over to celebrate but no one can give me a day or time, which annoys me. Christmas will be spent with my hubby, alone. Oh, and I still haven't bought gifts for most of them LOL

Kaualoku said...

I will be helping a friend create a wonderful Winter Wonderland full of lights, Reindeer and inflatable Decorations to tempt and delight Children of all ages.
As well as making cookies with Son for my Mothers gift bags.
Then on Christmas eve I will open a Bottle of spirits and sing Christmas Carols and then curl up with my Kittens for a well deserved rest! Melle Kalikimaka! : )

Kaualoku said...

Ohh I forgot to Thank you for the Twelve Hunks of Christmas!! They are so making my Christmas Brighter! *wink*

Annie Nicholas said...

Sandi- We're buried in snow too. I got stuck at work last night and had to sleep there the roads were so bad. What an odd sleep over. LOL

Kaualoku- I think I'll join you in that bottle of spirits.