Tuesday, January 25, 2011

As Assault of Weather!

For the most part, I don't write about weather. Maybe I'm just over saturated with it since I am living in a constant downfall of snow this year!

But, having said, that I did bring up weather in my book Initiation that is releasing from Decadent Publishing on February 2nd, 2011. Why, you might, ask did I alter my normal writing style in this book? Well, there is a very good answer to that.

Rachel has been living underground her entire life in a weather controlled habitat. The first time she goes Upwards she is assaulted by the cold. Here is a slight taste of that:

A burst of cold wind hit me in the face and I gasped, finding the sensation all consuming. I’d never been outside of the maintained weather environment of the habitats, which were kept at a constant eighty degrees, the coolest they could make it considering how far down we were in the earth.

I fell to my knees, closing my eyes. Okay, I told myself over and over. I could deal with this. Not one Warrior had ever perished from a cold breeze…that I knew of. For a minute, I could do nothing but feel the thin, frigid air hit me square in the face even as I huddled on the ground. I opened my eyes, hoping the wind had died down a little bit and saw in front of me a pair of very large legs obstructing my view. I jumped up as I forgot about the wind and grabbed the stake from my leg holster on my way up.

How about all of you? How much does weather play a part in your writing?


Joann said...

lol, I know how she feels...brrrr!

Hailey Edwards said...

LOL @ the "Not one Warrior had ever perished from a cold breeze..."