Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Something New

Do you ever crave something different? Something outside of your usual reads or your auto-buy authors? Ninety percent of the time, I’m content with my paranormals and fantasy novels. They’re what I enjoy most, and what give me the most satisfaction, both in reading and in writing. But once in a while, I want something different.

It’s kind of funny that my idea of different is closer to most people’s idea of normal. Take contemporaries for example. I hadn’t read one until recently. A friend of mine talked me into giving Jennifer Crusie a chance, and I’m glad I did. Her book, Welcome to Temptation, is fabulous. The hero, when he wasn’t being an ass, really worked for me. (Okay, even when he was an ass, I still loved him.)

Now I’m hearing so much about cozy mysteries, I’m curious about them. I don’t suppose anyone has any book or author recommendations?

In the meantime, I’ve picked something brand new to try. 

Sasha Devlin’s debut novella, In the Light of Day, releases from Ellora’s Cave today, and I’m going to pick up a copy. It’s m/m, which I’ve read, contemporary, which I’ve read, but it’s also romantic suspense, which I haven’t read except in almost classic examples.

I’m interested to see how Ms. Sasha blends the three together. Who knows? She might make a romantic suspense believer out of me. 

Jaren’s birthday weekend isn’t going as planned. Instead of being in the arms of the man he fell hard for, he’s alone at his lake cabin. With a bottle of wine. When Cooper shows up on his doorstep, all appears right with the world. Until Jaren realizes the real reason Cooper is there.
Cooper didn’t mean to fall for someone he was working a case with. And certainly not a man. Cooper always thought he was straight, but posing as gay lovers to infiltrate a pornography ring had felt all too real. Now he has feelings for the sexy younger man. Strong ones. Just as he’s prepared to drive to the cabin and give Jaren a birthday in bed he’ll never forget, Cooper gets word the criminal they put away has escaped—and is coming after Jaren.
Jaren finally has the man of his dreams where he wants him, but for all the wrong reasons. He can trust Cooper to guard his body, but what about his heart?

You can find more information on this title here, or read an excerpt here.

For more information on the author, you can visit her website or blog.

If you’d like to interact with Sasha, check out her Twitter or Facebook accounts.


Annie Nicholas said...

I saw this the other day and it caught my attention too.

Hailey Edwards said...

Yep. I have my copy in hand. I just have to polish off the new releases from yesterday first. :)