Friday, April 8, 2011

CP's Having Fun

J's out for the day and we have a couple of special guests who've graciously volunteered to visit and will each be giving away a copy of one of their e-novels to two lucky commenters. Up for grabs we have Father's Embrace, by Arlene Webb, and Lightning in a Bottle, by Barbara Elsborg.

Now, just for fun, see if you can tell me what stories these first lines, below in the post, come from.

Please help me give a warm welcome to Barbara Elsborg and Arlene Webb. Fantastic authors, funny ladies and all around great crit buddies.

"Hi, Dawn. Thank you for hosting us on this lovely blog."

Rijo clears his throat. "A chance encounter ended badly the other night. A pack of vamps disappeared, run off by one guy. Me. Here's what..."

Erin snickered. "You're so cute, puppy, when you're lying. Here's what happened..."
It was a dark and stormy night. She’d just passed 4 Privet Lane when Erin stumbled across Rijo.

“I thought it was you,” Erin said. “That habit of sniffing lampposts is very annoying.”

“Up yours.”

“Yes please.” The vamp grinned, showing the wolf her newly scaled and polished fangs.

“Eaten tonight?” Rijo asked.

“Popped in for a bite at the old folks home. Saves the bother of having to wipe their memories.”

Call me Ishmael, but you’re a liar. You’re stalking me. Why?”

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single wolf in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” She grinned.

Rijo had to fight hard not to reverse at high speed.

"You tick the boxes. Single. Loaded. You're a wolf—at times. And I'm available." Erin pulled up her skirt to show him a bit of thigh.

Rijo swallowed hard. He wished he could morph into a bat, he'd go screaming across the sky. Although he hadn't yet eaten and thigh meat was awfully tasty. Rijo swallowed his drool and put his brain back in gear. Was vampire thigh tasty? Only one way to find out.

"Erin, light of my life, fire of my loins. I want to...lick your leg."

"Bring it on, puppy." Erin slowly backed away. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. This slobbering four legged bastard in front of her wasn't a simple were. So much for dark and stormy openings, she noted the rays of moonlight about to crest the horizon and narrowed her brows.
Rijo dropped to his forepaws, his rump in the air as he sniffed the vamp. In his younger and more vulnerable years his father gave him some advice that he'd been turning over in his mind ever since. Father had called Rijo an idiot, told him that any wolf who lusted after a two-legged beast should be put down. But with this long limbed bitch of a vamp, it was love at first sight.
Or bite.

Trouble was, one lick and his head started to spin. Oops. Maybe it wasn't lust. Pain slammed into him. His muzzle shrank, his spine straightened, and he rose on two legs.

I see, said the vampire thoughtfully.

A shot rang out, and Rijo howled as hot metal clipped his shoulder. Definite problem with standing on two feet was the height. He snarled at Erin. “Shouldn’t they shoot the white girl first? Those bastards I smell, your lame ass brothers?"

"Might be." Erin reached for him.

Great, he was not only going to be found naked in her arms, but with a boner as well. He was dead meat.

"Where's Papa going with that ax?" Erin asked the tall guy materializing in the lead.

“You better not never tell nobody but God, that you touched my sister, wolf boy.” Dom held the gun. A step behind him, his twin Rhyl hefted a shiny sword. Luca and Alicia hung behind Syren, a big fat ax in his hand.
Crap, was that Erin’s husband, too? Rijo couldn’t take on the entire clan of bloodsuckers. He twisted to lick the vamp on her adorable and very tasty little nose, jerked loose, and bolted as fast as two legs could take him.

He managed three yards. Okay, two.

"Listen, wolf," said Syren. "Erin's off the menu. The lazy girl needs to stop drinking from wrinklies. It's making her forget she's married. But I saw a plump bunny by the aspen tree."

"Right," Rijo snapped. "Think I'd go after Harey's little Bitty?"

"You really are an idiot." Alicia could obviously read Rijo’s mind when he stood upright. A glimpse of her scowl made him wish, I am an invisible man. She gestured behind him and said, "Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were - Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter."

Rijo turned.

No bunnies.

No vamps. The lovely Erin had gone.

Darn it, Rijo thought. Spaghetti bolognaise for supper again.

All this happened, more or less.

Lightning in a Bottle (Erin)

Father's Embrace (Rijo)

Here's some exciting news! Barbara's latest, Ordinary Girl was released a few days ago from Ellora's Cave.

And, around May 24th her paranormal romance, Rocked, is scheduled for release from Loose Id.

The Rock

Desired by men and women, Eli’s good looks make sexual conquest easy until he attends a party at the Supernatural Museum, where they land him in deep trouble. He says no to the wrong women, and his punishment is to learn the ultimate meaning of loneliness.

The Stone Maiden

Much to her family’s disappointment, not only is Pepper single but she works a hard and dirty job as an apprentice stonemason. Pepper loves bringing stone to life with her chisel but struggles with the isolation that comes with being different. Then there’s her attraction to her boss, Alessandro, who appears to prefer men. When Eli materializes out of nowhere, Pepper can hardly believe her eyes. Now she’s caught between a rock and a hard place.

The Hard Place

His hands hardened by years training to become a master stonemason, Alessandro is an expert at his craft, but not in matters of the heart. A daily frustration when he’s in hopelessly in love with Pepper and the man of his dreams has disappeared. As Alessandro’s team begins to restore the Supernatural Museum, he, Pepper and Eli are drawn into the building’s secrets and risk losing everything they hold dear.

Arlene's paranormal romance, Ashes, is also scheduled for release in May from MuseitHot.

Not happening.
Those responsible, including me are dead.

Please. I’ll do anything.

I’m a murder suspect? Who cares? He’s dead, he’s gone, he’s dead…

Head, heart, stomach on fire, no choice but to accept the stirring within.

Screw stages of grief. Create another step. I will, I must, hold my brother’s hand again.

Without his twin, Lyle Logan is part of a binary system spinning out of control. What he can’t wrap his mind around is who’d wish harm upon the sweetest guy in existence? Granted, Myles is…was...a bisexual slut who used to hop into bed with any adult who asked, but is that reason to slash femoral arteries?

Determined to avenge, and then join, his brother, the need for retribution burns itself out and depression sets in. As internal flames from a mythical bird refuse to stay dormant, Lyle is forced to confront his very humanity and learns that life is just beginning.

Thanks again, Dawn, for inviting us. It's been alot of fun.

Barbara Elsborg

Arlene Webb

Thanks for stopping by, ladies. Now, for the readers out there, all you have to do is leave a comment under this post and I'll draw two winners and announce them on my Saturday post, April 9th. You have until Saturday at 6:00 AM, EST, to toss your name in the virtual hat.

Good luck.



Word_Wench said...

Hey, great post! Okay...

*It was a dark and stormy night - Paul Clifford.

*4 Privet Lane - not sure about this one, is it Harry Potter but Drive insread of Lane?

*Call me Ishmael - Moby Dick.

*It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single wolf in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife - Jane Austen.

*screaming across the sky - Gravity's Rainbow.

*light of my life, fire of my loins - Lolita.

*It was the best of times, it was the worst of times - A Tale of Two Cities.

*it was love at first sight - Catch-22.

*n his younger and more vulnerable years his father gave him some advice that he'd been turning over in his mind ever since - The Great Gatsby.

*I see, said the vampire thoughtfully - Interview with the Vampire.

*Shouldn’t they shoot the white girl first? - Paradise.

*Where's Papa going with that ax? - Charlotte's Web.

*You better not never tell nobody but God - The Color Purple.

*Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were - Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter - The Tales of Peter Rabbit.

*All this happened, more or less - Slaughterhouse-Five.

Love my paranormal reads :)

Hugs ~ xx

Barbara Elsborg said...

Ooh that was quick. Yep, Drive not Lane, well I think that's what I remember too but I'm too lazy to go upstairs and find my Harry Potters to check.

Arlene said...

Opening on HP is my bad. Shouldnt have gone by memory. I only read the books about 3 times each, but getting senile. Kudos for Word-Wrench!

Fred said...

Hmm, now I'm hungry.

You guys have way too much time on your hands.

I'm still trying to get my mind around a wolf hiking up her skirt to show some thigh...

Barbara Elsborg said...

Male wolf, Fred. Sorry!! The tiny twist is that the wolf turns to a man rather than vice versa.
Erin is the vamp - she's in the story - Lightning in a Bottle. Rijo is the wolf in Arlene's Father's Embrace.

Cate Masters said...

Thanks for brightening a dreary Friday with this fun post. Congrats on all your releases ladies!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Arrghgh - lost internet - on some sort of temporary thing. Sorry can't keep on top of posts - but thanks Cate.

Chrystalla Thoma said...

Woof! Loved the story! Very funny. Thanks, ladies! :-)

Arlene said...

Glad you like it, Cate, Chrys, and of course we deliberately planned on confusing you, Fred!

D L Jackson said...

Whoo Hoo, Word Wench! Way to go.
Such a fun post, ladies.

Laurie A. Green said...

This was a lot of fun, DL, Barbara and Arlene. I was surprised to find Erin and Rijo in the same story. :)