Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

Recently, I received a compliment on how I conduct myself in public. After I thanked the person (and I still thank you BTW, you know who you are) I thought about it. When first started submitting my work for consideration for publication, I promised myself that I would make a effort to ensure I acted a certain way on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Anywhere where I put my name out there. Publishers, editors, etc will look up your website, social media accounts, etc--despite what others will have you think--and see what you have out there. How you conduct yourself. They. Do. Look. The way I see it, my name is a brand. I'm trying to market it. When you try to market something, you want it to look as best as if possibly can.

Believe it or not, it's work. A lot. Sometimes people just say really stupid things and it's hard to not come back with something. Or even ask them what in the world they were thinking when they said it. But I bite my tongue and just keep on trucking. I  have frustrations in all stages of this business and just because I'm where I am at today doesn't mean that I don't still have frustrations. It's just a new set of them.

When I can't take it anymore (because, let's face it, I am human) my husband or a few trusted friend get to listen to my vents. And that's really the key to that calm, cool & collected appearance someone complimented me on. If you get a rejection you have a hard time handling, a review that just tears you a new one, or you're just frustrated beyond belief because you feel as if you're not getting anywhere, find someone you trust--offline or somewhere far, far away from public eye--and let loose. Rant all you like. You'll probably laugh about it later when you've gotten all those emotions out. And you have every right in the world to let loose like that.

Being an author isn't just about writing books and then selling them. There's a complete package to being an author and sometimes it's easy to forget the internet isn't private--especially social media---and someone is always watching.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Sara! Very well put. :D


Lupus87Noni said...

Hi Sara!
I love reading your blogs. Your recent post (about people watching you) reminded me of what I saw on the news. They said (on HLN -Robin Meade) to be aware of what you say/post on Twitter, Facebook and My Space... It is a continuation of a "Background check" on whomever they are looking up. Eyes are watching!

Thanks for writing and sharing your stories!!

Sara Brookes said...

Thank you L!

@ Lupus87Noni Yes, always be aware of what you have to say and how you say it (which is especially hard on the 'net). Thanks for stopping by!