Monday, September 26, 2011

Goodreads? What's That?

Sometimes I take it for granted that everyone knows what I know. I mean, really, can’t you read my mind? LOL
Speaking with some co-workers, who are rabid readers, I was surprised that not one knew about Goodreads. If you know about this site, then I high-five you. I get that a lot of readers don’t care about author websites and blogs but this site is for READERS.
I love using Goodreads. Not as an author but, like most writers, I was a reader first. It’s a great way to browse new authors or checking out if a book is generally getting good reviews. It’s for ALL genres, not just romance, so if your hubbies/boyfriends/significant other likes to read they can play too.
The thing I like the most is that it gives readers the power to express their opinions. Like any website, there is some abuse but I find the librarians are on top of things if it is reported. I also like that my friends can recommend books to me and I have found some new favorite authors through this aspect.
I do have an author page but I use Goodreads as a reader more than anything. I review most of the things I read now. I keep it short and sweet, basically because I’m not a professional reviewer. If I can’t give a book a good review then I generally don’t write anything. (Mostly, one or two may have pissed me off enough to break my philosophy).
There are also book clubs and groups and so many things that I can't list them all. LOL
The moral of this blog?
Spread the word folks. You’d be surprised how many avid readers out there may not know of Goodreads. It’s a great resource!


JoAnne Kenrick said...

I heart Goodreads as a reader...and as a writer. Not only do you get to browse reads and how they're fairing up review/rating wise, but you get to see how your books are being received by readers, too. I love that. The only downer to Goodreads is that they don't offer the giveaway option for ebooks. Such a shame. Perhaps they'll move with the times and add that feature soon. We can hope ;)

CYA on Goodreads!!

Voirey Linger said...

I love Goodreads as a reader and as a writer. Like you I read and rate and review, but as an author I also get a feel for what people do and don't like about my writing... which is very useful since I always want to improve.

Goodreads is one of my favorite spots on the web.

Ryssa Edwards said...

I love GoodReads, as an author, but even more as a reader. It's a great place to find "you might also like" reads.