Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Friday

Titles, book titles to be exact, are on my mind.

How do authors come up with their titles? Won't talk about how they come up with a story idea! That's another whole can of worms. And who came up with that phrase? No, no, I won't be distracted. Sometimes I ask myself this question yet I don't think I have any control over naming a book at all. Usually when an idea is spewed forth by the twisted population of characters that ramble around in my head--they've already decided on a title! Not sure I can explain this other than to say once they clamor to come out, be placed on the written page for the world to love, or not, a title tumbles out with them. Sometimes I try to change their minds but they will not have it!

How important is a title? Does it sell the book, is it memorable or powerful enough to at least grab your attention and make you look twice, read the back cover, then perhaps buy? This process needs to happen before a review. Sure, there are friendly recommendations to read a book someone else has read and liked; however, a book needs to attract the first reader. If you're perusing the shelves in a bookstore it's the title you see on the spine before you see the cover unless the author is lucky enough to be a best seller and the book sits face front on a display. Maybe the book shows up in a magazine or paper (they do still exist right?) along with a review. Unless the book is number 1 on the top ten list with a pretty cover pictured, the other 9 titles are just that: titles.

Advertising on the internet and eBooks have changed this scenario somewhat. When you go to a site to buy, all covers face front. If someone's on a blog tour, at a group talking about their work, you can see the beautiful cover. Look at the left and right borders of Paranormal Romantics and you'll see what I mean. But don't you have to like the title before you click on the link to read more? Doesn't the title have to excite you?

Hell, now my head hurts from the noise of those ranting and raving to be born. Oh, don't worry--they've already given me the title!! :)

How do you choose a book?

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele

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