Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sexiest Superhero Showdown

With the countdown on for the release of Yesterday's Heroes (just eight more days), I have been paying attention to all things superhero. Arguably, this summer's Avengers is one of the largest superhero movies of all time in term of the powerhouse characters and box office, so who are the sexiest superheros of all? I'm going to post my top ten and your task, should you choose to accept it is vote for your favorite in the comments AND tell us why they would come out on top in the battle of the sexy...charm, good looks, skill, and yes--abs. 

One lucky commentator will win a copy of Yesterday's Heroes AND a ten dollar gift certificate to Amazon (could help you buy that copy of Avengers when it comes out on the 25th!)

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Dark, tortured, and orphaned at a young age, Batman fights crime with his gadgets, strength, stealth and high intelligence. Unlike many in the DC Comics world, Bruce Wayne may wear a mask to become Batman--but Bruce is the alter ego that Batman must play in the daytime world. Comforting him is a worthy task, don't you think?


Remy LeBeau was popular with the ladies, possessed a devastating charm, and a swoon-worthy heart as he grew more and more devoted to the one woman he can't touch: Rogue.  His mutant ability allows him to tap into the kinetic energy in an object. When he throws something, it releases that energy on impact and explodes. Thus he can make a deck of cards deadly. He has superhuman dexterity and agility and can create interference for telepaths trying to read him. And the man has a Cajun accent...


I admit to some bias here because Wolverine is played by Hugh Jackman in the films and I think this is one sexy Aussie (and he's not the only one to make this list), but Wolverine's super healing factor, adamantium skeleton and tortured past make him the ultimate anti-hero. Wolverine's fierce temper is balanced by his absolute loyalty.  He carried a torch for Jean Grey for a long time, he needs a little loving don't you think?

Green Arrow

Like Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen was wealthy, lost his parents when he was young and lived like a playboy--until in one origin, he was stranded on a deserted island and had to develop the skills to survive. By the time he returned to civilization, Oliver grew determined to use his newfound skills. He's not as law and order abiding as Bruce might wish him to be and he's definitely got a knack for pissing people off, but Ollie is a fierce enemy and a fiercer friend. His long-term on again off again affair with Dinah Lance (Black Canary) was hot and he was played by the gorgeous Justin Hartley in Smallville (Yum!)

Iron Man

Tony Stark is arrogant, rich as sin, and a genius--not to mention he is Iron Man. His playboy ways and cavalier attitudes are a product of his upbringing and the fact that his need to design and build projects can sometimes overwhelm his good sense--but he does have a strong moral compass and when his eyes were opened to what some used his weapons for...well, Tony wasn't having that.  Robert Downey Jr. plays him with wicked delight too!

The Human Torch

Test pilot Johnny Storm is an irreverent daredevil with a heart and a desire to succeed. When a cosmic accident turned him into the human torch...literally, he took full advantage of his new abilities--his favorite of course being flying. Johnny's devoted to his sister and he's got swagger. Who wouldn't want to tame this bad boy? It doesn't hurt that a younger (and leaner) Chris Evans played the part before he was Captain America.


Bad ass, bad attitude, bad karma--sorry, not really. But Blade is not your typical poster boy for charm and kindness. In fact, Blade makes Wolverine look warm and fuzzy, but this hard core loner has an axe to grind with most of the vampire population and the way Wesley Snipes plays him? Yum!


Technically, V is not a hero--he's the absolute anti-hero battling against the establishment. Experimented on and horribly disfigured, V becomes the face of the resistance with his Guy Fawkes mask against a Fascist Futuristic Britain.  Combine his devotion to a cause, his absolute refusal to bow to the establishment, and a cunningly clever ability to twist his tongue around verbal conundrums and you have the type of hero you want to save yourself. Hugo Weaving's brilliant voice in the film made him even more tragic and compelling.


Victor Stone was just a regular rebellious teen with plans to turn his sports skill into a scholarship when an accident in his father's lab destroyed over half his body. Rebuilt with metallic prosthetics, he became half-man, half-machine and struggled with his personal identity, but Victor's greatest strength is his utter humanity and understanding that the heart and mind make a person human, not their limbs. His friendship with Garfield Logan and indulgence of the younger hero's pranks made him a man to be admired (and sympathized with). It helps that Victor's no slouch in the brains department.


Of COURSE Thor made my list. The Asgardian God of Thunder carries a mighty hammer and an even mightier responsibility--living up to the greatness of his father: Odin.  This is a hero that can go toe to toe with the Hulk and actually last. But with great power and skill also comes great arrogance and Thor's greatest weakness is that wild arrogance that needs to be tempered with humility. Chris Hemsworth played him in the movie, need I say more?

Is your favorite not on the list? Throw them in the mix. Remember, one lucky commentator will get a copy of Yesterday's Heroes AND a gift card to Amazon.  So what are you waiting for? Who is your sexiest superhero?


Barbara E. said...

I'd say Ironman should be at the top because he'd definitely win in the battle of the sexy, at least as Robert Downey Jr plays him. Thor is a close second because he's also darned sexy, all that strength and charm. :D I'd add Daredevil to the list - he's always been a favorite of mine because he's blind but a super hero and I always thought that was cool.

Barbed1951 at aol dot com

Heather Long said...

Barbara, I loved Daredevil, I even enjoyed the movie though I've heard the new cut was even better-I haven't had a chance to check that out yet. Thanks for dropping by!

Na said...

I really liked Iron Man and Wolverine. After reading the description of Blade I want to see him in action! He sounds like a superhero I can really like :)


marybelle said...

For me it's a toss up between Batman, Thor and Iron Man. I'll take one or all three.


SheriV said...

Gambit!!!! He's my favorite with Thor a close second.

smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

Pam Stewart said...
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Pam Stewart said...

Hmmmm Thor, with a close Batman, and the fantastic Ironman rounding out the top three (love the character of Spiderman but Andrew Garfield is to dang young to lust after)


Mary Frances Roya said...

I loved Thor growing up, but I also liked Wonder Woman. But women super heros were not very popular when I was growing up. Looking forward to your new book.

Keep writing so I can keep reading.