Saturday, September 1, 2012

Trip of a Lifetime

Lei from Luau
Anyone who follows me on twitter or facebook knows that last month I went to Hawaii. It was a trip of a lifetime for my 40th birthday. Ten years ago I celebrated my birthday there when we used to live there and I wanted to share that experience with my boys.

Hanauma Bay

Our location

I wanted the kids to experience what it was like to live there so I didn't want to stay in a hotel in the tourist areas. (Though now a days the whole island is a tourist area)  We rented a house for the week across from a beach in Kailua bay.

Manoa falls
This trip wasn't just about beaches (and sunburns) but about appreciating nature in a different enviroment. We hike a lot in Vermont so it seemed natural to hike in Hawaii. At the top of this hike is Manoa falls. They got to walk through jungle, bamboo forest, and a rain forest on this hike. Something we definitely don't get back home.

Loco Moco (or heart attack in a bowl)
And to try things we won't experience again like the Loco Moco. White steamed rice, a hamburge patty, brown gravy, topped by a fried egg. My heart burn wouldn't let me near this but I enjoyed them trying it. ;)
I doubt we'll return again. Not unless I win the loto, but what a beautiful experience.
This also explains why I haven't been around the blog lately. Back to business again.
What have I missed?