Saturday, September 29, 2012

When the Wolf Howls

I'd love to say I have something super exciting to blog about this month. I'd like to. But I've been in a tiny bit of a slump. Yep. A slump.

I write under two names. One is my name and the other is my pen name. What seems to happen is the ideas for one name really fly, while the other name sort of sits there. And where am I? You guessed it...languishing. Okay, not really. Megan Slayer--my alter ego--is having a great time. She's the one the wolf is talking to. Yep. If you've read Wild Flower, then you know about my wolves. They didn't intend to show up, but did. So, there they are. And the wolf is talking to me.

That's the good part. I love listening to the wolves. They are sarcastic and wry. Love 'em. But the hard part is this - as much as the wolves talk to Megan, the other characters aren't talking to Wendi.

Now to some this might not seem like a big deal. Its only characters wanting to talk. But if you're a writer, you WANT them to talk to you. When they don't, either there is something goofed up with the story or there is no story because they haven't given that to you. I'm in the second category. Megan's going gangbusters. Wendi? Stuck, stuck, stuck.

So I'm imploring you to suggest some ways to get the old muse off her buns and to make her help me. Yep. Anyone have thoughts? Because, yeah, I'm stuck and I'm listening.

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Tina B said...

Good luck with getting the muse to cooperate! I am not a writer, so I am not sure that I will be of much assistance. Have you tried a relaxing day or maybe do something that completely takes your mind off of it, like something fun?
I hope it comes to you soon. :)