Sunday, December 9, 2012

Earth Witches Aren't Easy and I'm Thrilled

I can't tell you how excited I am to announce the soon-to-be released Earth Witches Aren't Easy. Years ago, I lived in Virginia. I love the state, the region, and the history. We lived up near Leesburg, which is extremely picturesque and at the time, still extremely wild when compared to the more urban areas like Reston, Alexandria and Arlington. I loved the farm land and countryside and all the trees. The tree thing is important because where I grew up in Texas, we didn't have trees everywhere. But in Northern VA, you could drive past huge forests and never realize that just on the other side of the tree line was a shopping center.

Anyway, one day I drove to work down this very familiar stretch of road and all the thick trees providing their canopy and it was a normal day. A few hours later, I drive home and one entire side of the road had been cut down--and by cut down I mean sheared down to just stumps--I nearly ran my car off the road. Where a lush forest had been that morning, it was now just a graveyard of tree stumps. Tears filled my eyes and the character of Chance Monroe was born in my mind. 

I started the first draft of that book that night and while I wrote and rewrote it twice more, I eventually sold the book to Sapphire Blue Publishing and it was released in 2009 with the title of Prime Evil. I loved this book and it's story. In November 2011 when Sapphire Blue Publishing closed its doors, Prime Evil and the followup book left the stores. I had the third one ready to go, but now Chance needed a new home. 

As you may know, I've had several releases this year, but I never forgot about my Chance books. After a long conversation with a good friend, I submitted all three to Champagne Books and I am thrilled they offered to republish them. I retitled the books and reworked them--going back to visit with this dear old friend and polishing the words to bring out the best. It's been over a decade since the first draft of this story and  this January, I invite you to visit Northern Virginia and Chance Monroe and learn just why Earth Witches Aren't Easy.

He’s supposed to be dead…
Nearly a decade ago, hedge witch Chance Monroe’s life irrevocably changed. She survived the attack of a serial killer. His death should have set her free.

But he’s killing again…
When her ex-lover shows up on her porch, Chance isn’t ready to hear Randall Oakes is still alive and less prepared for the sea of emotion swamping her. One man wants her dead and the other just wants her. When the FBI offers protective custody, Chance refuses. Connected to the earth, Chance must rely on her supernatural senses and her wits to survive this game of cat and mouse.

This time, she plans to teach her hunter a lesson…
In the farm rich countryside of her native Northern Virginia, Chance must confront her troubled past, a supernatural adversary and a sizzling passion that’s lain dormant for years to survive….

Earth witches aren’t easy targets…

Read an excerpt here and keep up with all the news about Chance Monroe and my upcoming releases.

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