Saturday, December 22, 2012

Give me a hug!

Awwww, come on, give me a hug!

I'm not too tall, not too short--just the right height for those great hugs that last a few seconds. I'm a back rubber too--high back near the shoulders, so that's an added plus to my hugs.

I even side to side shoulder bump hug for those who are full frontal committed huggers.

So give me a hug!

I wear light perfume--if any--but my shampoo smells awesome and I'm always baking so in this hug I can nearly guarantee an olfactory hit of 'yay' as well.

And I'm not sick! I take my vitamins with a shot of OJ and vodka every night, so no colds will be transmitted during this hug.

So give me a hug!

You know you want one. The holiday season--as wonderful as it is--gets stressful and busy and long. You need a hug. The past few weeks have been full of tragedy and sadness that breaks every heart. You need a hug. If you're in a cold climate like me, you're buried under layers of clothes and end up not going as many places. You need a hug.

So give me a hug!

Maybe I need one too.  

Don't be stingy on the hugs this holiday season! Heck, make 2013 the year of the hug, the fist bump, the friendly smile. It'll make it a great year.

All the best,

Stephanie Beck

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