Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rebecca Royce's Interview with Liza O'Conner (Sort of)

Today, we are visiting with Liza O’Connor.

R: Hold on…you’re not Liza.

MM: No, I’m Kitty Kitty, the maniac marketing kitty. I came to pimp Liza’s book.
Did you see the nice things one reviewer said about her book Saving Casey:
R: That’s nice, but I planned to interview Liza.
MM: Wouldn’t you rather interview me. I’m much cuter.
R: You are cute. However, climbing in my coffee cup—not so cute. I need my coffee.
MM: I’ve found people pay attention to me if I climb in their beverage cup.
R: I’ve no doubt, but there is a difference between good and bad attention.
MM: *Shakes head emphatically* Any attention is better than none. However, you are much nicer than Liza is about my tendency to cup-dive. Is that because you have kids and understand while testing our boundaries we sometimes do outrageous things.
R: Possibly, but for the record, my boys have never attempted to climb into my coffee cup.
MM: That’s odd. How do they get your attention?
R: They manage quite well. Particularly in the morning when they all bang and yell and climb into my bed until they get me up.
Hold on…I’m supposed to interviewing you…I mean Liza. Where is Liza?
MM: *grimaces cutely* She may be having trouble getting here. Did you see some of my natural advertisements I’ve had teens create.

 R: Kitty Kitty, these aren’t ‘natural advertisements’ these are defacements of nature’s beauty.

MM: You might have a point on the beaver pond. I asked for the sign to blend with the foliage. Either the teens boys were all color blind or not entirely sober. So I hired a new set of teens to tear out that sign and create a natural, almost subliminal advertisement.
MM: And now for my latest proof of marketing genius:
 MM: I got a very famous lady to review Saving Casey.
R: Lady Liberty read Liza’s book?

MM: Why do you sound so surprised. It’s a very good book.

R: I’ll agree that Saving Casey is an excellent book. What I’m struggling with is how you can claim a copper statue can read, nevertheless write a review…in the air.

MM: *shrugs adorably* Paranormal things happen all the time. For example, how did the old Cass die and then awake in the body of a trouble teen. Some people would claim that’s not possible, yet it happens in Saving Casey. Inexplicable things happen all the time, only humans like to ignore them.

R: Where is Liza? She’s normally most prompt.

MM: *grimaces* Well, truth is, you’re not the only one who questioned the likelihood that the Lady of Liberty might acquire a giant book of Liza’s Saving Casey.

R: What’s happened to Liza?

MM: The FBI stopped by this morning and requested she come with them, saying they had a few questions about Lady Liberty’s sudden interest in reading.

R: Liza has been arrested?

MM: No, they were just curious. I don’t think they believe in paranormal occurrences.

R: *covers face with hand and groans*
MM: Don’t worry, you’ve got me to interview and I brought Liza’s trailer for her book. It does a very fine job of telling you what the story is about, and it’s cool to watch Cass change from a ghoul to a beautiful young woman.

R: *stands* Will everyone watch the video while I call and make sure Liza has a lawyer…

MM: Here’s the book trailer. While I didn’t make it (Danielle Fine/Definition did), it get’s Kitty Kitty’s TEN CLAW approval.

MM: Wasn’t that the best thing ever?
And since you now want to buy the book, let me give you the BUY LINKS:

BonoBooks    Amazon  Barnes&Noble
(Place the following links to the names: Bonobookstore:

Amazon Link to Saving Casey:

MM: If you are interested in Liza, visit her Blog/Website:

R: *returns*  Maniac—
MM: I prefer Kitty Kitty.
R: Maniac, I want your word you will cease and desist destroying public property in your efforts to promote Liza’s very good book.
MM: Why? She’ll probably make international news on the Statue of Liberty.
R: Because I want to read more books from Liza, and she can’t very well do that from prison.
MM: Don’t be silly. She’ll have nothing to do but write in prison.
R: Maniac, I want your promise that you will stop defacing public property in your attempts to market Liza’s book.
MM: *tail snaps back and forth like an electrocuted whip*
R: I’m waiting…
MM: Oh all right, I won’t deface anything.
R: Thank you. Now for those of you who are worried about Liza, everything is all right. She passed her lie detector test and is being returned to her house even as we end this interview.
*focuses on Maniac*
And I have your word you will behave?

MM: Good heavens, no! I’m a kitten. We don’t behave. We misbehave in such an adorable manner that people laugh at us. However, I promise I will not deface anything.
R: Then perhaps you should go back to Liza’s house and apologize profusely.
MM: *shakes head* That won’t do any good. However, I’ll pluck the couch so she will squirt me with the water gun. Then I’ll leap three feet in the air, land on my feet, and stare around as if I’m confused where the water came from. That always makes her feel better.
R: Well, we now conclude the strangest interview I’ve ever given. Liza, maybe next time you won’t be carted off and actually get to come for your interview (sans la jeune chat).
Here’s a bit of information that Maniac forgot to provide:
Having been diagnosed with cancer, Cass Goldman decides to opt out of any futile medical care and end her life. While she has some thoughts on afterlife, she never expects to reincarnate into the body of a seventeen-year-old girl named Casey Davidson.
When she awakens in a hospital, Cass discovers two disturbing facts: One, she is now inside the body of a troubled teenager, and two, the former owner of this body committed suicide, but only Cass knows that. Everyone else believes Casey has survived, but suffered a complete memory loss. Cass has two choices: to take on Casey’s life and turn it around, or to confess the truth about her reincarnation and end up in a mental asylum. Given this second chance to life, Cass decides to take on the future life of Casey—the frightening ghoul-faced teen with short, black, spiky hair.
Every person around Cass has an ulterior motive and discovering the truth of Old Casey’s life is more complicated than the “new math” she is forced to learn in school. In addition, Cass has to contend with raging teenage hormones and the prior crimes of Old Casey, which she might not remember, but everyone else certainly does. However, her biggest frustration concerns her feelings for her father’s rugged security specialist who sees her only as a teenager and doesn’t want to explore the mutual attraction between them.
As determined as Cass is to turn this life around, Old Casey’s enemies are just as determined to end her life. She has no idea whom she can trust, but she knows she’ll never survive going it alone.


Nancy S. Goodman said...

Interviews with Liza are the best! Of course it always helps to have good looking, half-naked men surrounding an interview!
Happy New Year!

Brenda said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, loved it. Made me laugh--and I love to laugh--and made me want to read this book even more!

ellaquinnauthor said...

Sooo funny! I love these interviews.

Jessica Subject said...

LOL That is the cutest/funniest interview I've ever read. :) Love the kittens! But no more defacing.

Liza O'Connor said...

Thanks guys, glad you had fun.