Thursday, January 10, 2013

We're Still Here

Ahhh those crafty Mayans, but we're still here and I'm definitely glad for that!

Happy New Year! I hope your holiday was fantastic.

Mine was and it was busy too.

I did get my rush deadlines done and have started my writing goals for the year.

Sometimes I get a bit, uptight about making goals, because if something changes (which it always does in Publishing) I get a bit OCD that item is on my list still.

So with that, I thought I would just do a generalized list of things I want to accomplish.

1. Get back into my exercise routine. This is important. I was doing awesome, then I went on the insane road trip this summer, got some deadlines and went off track. BUT I noticed the change on the road trip. The exercising allowed me to climb buttes and mountains and walk without getting crazy winded.

2. Eat better. 2012 was challenging health wise. I have to adjust my eating so I don't get flareups and get really ill. Sadly, alcohol is off the list. *sigh* I miss my Long Island Iced Teas already, but alas alcohol makes me violently ill.

3. Write 100k. Not in a specific book, just over all. Write 100k.

And that's my list of three resolutions. I've already made a dent in the 100k. I've done about a 25k. YAY. Number 2, well I'm starting Weight Watchers and Number 1 will come when I get my energy back after eating right.

Do you have any goals? How's the New Year shaping up for you?


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Dianne Fox said...

I know what you mean, about the exercise routine. I was doing a great job of going for runs 3x a week...and then September happened (back to work and grad school, both full-time) and it all fell apart. A big part of my personal goals this year is continuing to eat better (after a diet change in November) and getting back to running.

Good luck!