Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Zombies, My New Crush... ~Deena Remiel

I loved the  movie, Zombieland, so much that we have the DVD at home. I've watched a few Walking Dead episodes. But it wasn't until I saw a screening of WARM BODIES last night that my heart fell hard for one of them. What an amazing movie! Jonathan Levine presents us with an adorable romantic comedy/horror story that says so much about the human condition. 
So, the hero, R, is played by Nicholas Hoult, and all I can say is, he does ZOMBIE so well. I fear my lusting over angels, vampires, and shifters has been eclipsed by this alluring, shoulder-shrugging zombie! Could it be his sense of humor? Maybe. How about his mesmerizing eyes, dark hair, and pale skin? Strong possibility. But I think what draws me to R is the charming, poignant way he navigates through his deadened life. 
Here's the link to the IMDb movie page: The movie releases on February 1, and I highly recommend seeing it, even if you're not a fan of zombies at the moment. WARM BODIES will change your mind.

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