Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello Paranormal Romantics!!

Hi! *waving* And Happy Friday! I'm so excited to be here, sharing my Friday with you - fellow paranormal romance lovers. :) Bring on the weekend...

Since it's my first time blogging, I thought I'd tell you a wee bit about myself... and my writing style.

Have you heard the term ‘method’ actor? These are the actors that don’t break character, even between takes. Daniel Day Lewis and Dustin Hoffman are two such actors. Dustin Hoffman didn’t sleep for days to prep for a scene in Marathon Man. Daniel Day Lewis maintained his John Proctor fa├žade the entire time he was shooting The Crucible and as Abraham Lincoln – even while texting Sally Field (Mrs. Lincoln).
I think I’m a method writer. That’s not to say I sit around wrapped in linen robes, using oil lamps for light, and speak with a more formal vocabulary when I'm working on my Loves of Olympus series. I couldn’t get away with it – my husband and kids are supportive, but… I admit, it does sound divine.
BUT when I’m working on my Loves of Olympus series, the feel (the way I imagine that time/place to be) takes over. Food, scents, textures, sounds, and the rhythm of life changes a little. Research helps, I’ll admit. From historical costuming books, map books, various ‘Life in the…’ books, and numerous mythology tombs – I am easily (and eagerly) transported.

Another essential tool that helps me get lost in my pages: music. I am always on the lookout for new songs to add to my YouTube playlists. I have specific lists for each book, but there are a few songs that I’ve listed on each list. Some sound very authentic to me, while others impart the mood I’m hoping to write. One song that’s made it onto all my playlists is listed below.
So what do you think? If you're a writer, are you method? If you're a reader - do you think I'm crazy? LOL!
Look forward to chatting with you again on May 27th! Have a great weekend, full of great books!

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Jolene Navarro said...

Music has such a strong emotional connection. I have several list that I play when writing. But just because I do does not mean your NOT crazy. Just sayn'.