Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Villains You Love to Hate

What is the difference between the hero and the bad guy? My favorite villains are the ones you root for...and the ones you didn't see coming. The first time pulls at the heart strings but they always do something irredeemable. The second one...when you're surprised by the story villain, you want them dead. Quickly.

I have to tell you...I have a soft spot for a fantastic villain. Even when I love to hate them...a great hero/heroine deserves an equal and opposite. One thing, though, no one ever believes they're bad. They're righteous in their path. That includes the bad guy. I'm going to share some videos with you of my favorites.

Spoilers a-plenty my friends. You've been warned.

I got chills when Khan used Kirk's conscience against him in Star Trek: Into Darkness. The way he used Kirk's morality against him is what makes him such a remarkable villain. Righteous anger. And delicious sex appeal. 
I love the Master from Doctor Who in almost all of his incarnations...but the last one...oh man. My heart broke for the insanity he suffered (and when you found out why...). His relationship with The Doctor was amazing. 
When Moriarty wants to make a statement...he does it in style. You have to admire him for it.
Dolores Umbridge. Oh the hate I had for that woman. 
What about that moment you found out who the REAL bad guy was in Along Came a Spider? 
Pinhead of Clive Barker's Hellrasier. The character is loved, feared, and lusted after by so many. The only way you'd meet him, however, is when he'd rend your flesh...not fun. He was, at all times, logical. 
The Joker. Heath Ledger's performance was incredible. The movie gave me chills. I've always loved the way the Joker baited Bats. Heath nailed it.
What about you? Who are your favorite villains? Is there something you love about them?

Leave a comment and let us know!

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Kim Knox said...


Erm *cough*.

I do love me some delicious bad giys. And a happy sigh for a collared Master

Dawn Montgomery said...

:D I loooove Khan! And Master :D In a collar, definitely. *happy sigh*

N.J.Walters said...

Loki from the Thor and Avenger movie. You just gotta love him in spite of himself.

Dawn Montgomery said...

Definitely N.J.! :D He was great!