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Beware the Black Cat!

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One summer, just before I'd turned seven, I returned home from visiting my aunt, to find my parents had gotten me a kitten. A pet of my very own that didn't have to be kept in an aquarium or a cage. And the best part of all, she was black. I've never been afraid of black cats, but I know many people avoid them if they see one on the street. Not me.

There is much written about the black cat being a witch's familiar (would enhance her/his powers). Though, I've also heard the same thing about a dark grey cat. And because of the tales of witches, black cats quickly became associated with evil. Some people even believe that black cats are actually witches in disguise. 

Just as I shared broom lore last Halloween, here is some other black cat lore:
  • In some places, it is considered lucky to own a black cat, but unlucky to have one cross your path.
  • A strange black cat found on the porch brings properity to the owner of the house.
  • Wives of fishermen on the Yorkshire Coast believe their men will return safely if a black cat is kept in their house.
  • In the English Midlands, a black cat as a wedding present is thought to bring good luck to the bride.
  • In Germany, if a black cat crosses your path from right to left it is considered a bad omen, but if it crosses from left to right, favorable times are ahead for you.
  • In Italy, if a black cat lies on the bed of someone who is sick, death will follow.
  • In China, some believe black cats are harbingers of famine and poverty.

Do you know any other lore about black cats? And what do you think? Lucky or unlucky?

Happy Halloween!

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