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Halloween Curses and Samhain Ménages

I love this time of year, it gets cooler, the air is crisper, it's sweater time and the perfect excuse to indulge in hot tea or hot chocolate. Other than have apple and pumpkin tastes everywhere it's a wonderful time of year. Don't get me wrong, I love apples and pumpkins are awesome but sometimes it can be much. Of course stores don’t care that it's Halloween/Samhain time, they've already moved onto to Thanksgiving and Christmas if they already haven't. As much as I love this time of year where there seems to be magic in the air, I only have two Halloween/Samhain oriented stories. I really would love to write more of them. There's something so mysterious and enchanting and yet there are shadows and a haunting sense that there something more in the atmosphere. Why wouldn't you get inspired? And there's also that naughtiness right around the corner when you add in candy and costumes.  

Here are my additions to the season. Have a Happy and Safe Halloween/Samhain but don't forget to add in the sexy and naughty. 

Lonely No More is my first and only Ghost story. It was difficult to write there was so much to consider. I'm not sure if I'd write another Ghost story but I'd love to give it a try if the right plot bunny came hopping along. 

Lonely No More 
Excerpt Rating (PG-13): Could She? 

Five years ago on Halloween, author William Moore carelessly broke up with a witch. Needless to say, she didn't take it well. Cursed to a lonely non-life as a ghost, trapped in his own home, he never expected to do more than exist in the world his ex had created. Except now he's got a new roommate in the form of fellow author, Alyssa Washington, and he doesn’t anticipate his strong attraction to her. As their simmering emotion sparks life within, he yearns to become mortal once again. 
Can his newfound feelings give him what he wishes for most? 
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“So what’s up? What’s with all the questions all of sudden? Normally we talk about your latest masterpiece, business, and my lack of a love life while eating, and then we part ways.” 
William shrugged. He didn’t know why he wanted to know all these things. Normally, he had no interest in anything but himself. If he were honest, his encounter with the woman earlier left him craving some sort of human contact; a reintroduction to being a social creature, if you will. He had sensed the same loneliness in her that had gnawed at him his whole life. If it weren’t for Deacon he would truly be alone. “I don’t know. Something about that woman calls to me,” William said softly. 
“How so?” 
“I guess I see a bit of my loneliness in her. Things have become so monotonous. Write, scare people, write some more, not eat dinner with you, then go back to write or watch TV. That’s my day in a nutshell. The days just blend together. She’s like me, at least, I think she’s like me.” 
“You like her,” Deacon teased. 
“I never said that,” William said defensively. 
“You’re attracted to her.” 
William crossed his arms over his chest. “I am not.” 
“Look at you. You’re attracted to her and acting like you’re five.” Deacon laughed. 
“I don’t even know her and I’m not acting like I’m five.” 
“Yeah, but you said she calls to you,” Deacon teased again. 
“Shut up. So how are things in the banking world?” William asked, trying to change the subject. 
“Same as they were the last time you asked. So, what are you working on?” 
“I’m struggling. I need a sounding board. I’m not sure how this book is going. I like the storyline but it’s very different from what I usually write.” 
“Do you want me to read it? I could read it but I’m not sure if I could help,” Deacon pointed out. 
“Thanks, but I know you’re busy. Sometimes, I read it over and I start thinking the premise is horrible. That maybe it reads like porn,” William said, disgusted. 
“Maybe this woman came at the right time. Maybe she’ll give you some of the insight you need.” 
“I don’t know. I have to figure out how to interact with her first.” 
Deacon shrugged. “Very true.” 
William sighed. “I’m going back up to work on the story some more. I’ll see you tomorrow.” 
“And I’ll clean up. Good luck with the book.” 
“Thanks.” William pushed back his chair and walked away. 
Six hours and many starts and stops later, William gave up. He just wasn’t sure what he was doing or if it was any good. He went to his bedroom, shut the door, undressed, got into bed and flicked on the TV. He zoned out after five minutes, his thoughts drifting to his soon-to-be roommate. Deacon’s words echoed around his head. Could it be? Can she help me? 

This next offering is from my Dragon New Year series. It's a mini story that fulfills Carissa's fantasy that was mentioned in Dragon Ugly. I loved bringing back the pairing of Brent and Carissa and Fletch. Take a sneak peek. 

Excerpt Rating (PG-13),   
It’s Samhain and Brent wants to fulfill Carissa’s fantasy of sex in a bookshop while it’s open. With help from Fletch he’s going to make it a hot, steamy night she’ll never forget.  
Carissa only wanted to spend more time with her mate she didn’t know what to expect when they arrived in the mountains to visit his parents. After dressing her as a French maid, him as Highway man and their friend Fletch as Zorro, she’s pretty sure that he’s taken her fantasy to a whole new level.  
Samhain has always been a magical time, now it’s about to get a whole lot hotter.  
Author Note: This story comes after Dragon Ugly.  
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Carissa’s heart thudded against her ribcage as she allowed Brent to guide her past the shops declaring Halloween and Samhain sales and discounts. Children dressed up in various costumes rushed past them, chased by harried parents. None of that really registered. Brent’s solid, roughened palm against hers, the heat rolling off his body in waves, the aura of sexual determination and arousal coming from him wrapped around her. Her own desire pulsed between her thighs; her nipples tightened and ached for his touch. He’d dressed her tonight in a sleeveless French maid costume with crotchless panties and no bra. Cool night air brushed against her overheated sex, teasing her throbbing clit.  
Fletch trailed behind them in a Zorro costume, complete with cape and mask. Brent had decided that the Highwayman costume was more to his liking, complete with a cape and mask of his own. Both men looked dashing and dangerous. A thrill raced down her spine as she glanced back at Fletch, who’d decided to go the scruffy route with a bit a coppery colored beard on his jaw. Brent’s darker five o’clock shadow made him look just as fierce. He had insisted that during the fantasy her wrists would be bound behind her back and she would be blindfolded so she wouldn’t know who was doing what. Carissa hadn’t thought that far for her fantasy, all she’d known was she wanted to fuck in a bookstore. Brent had taken it to a whole new level.  
She’d even overheard them talking of using nipple clamps to help increase her pleasure. None of that mattered as much as being with the man she loved, her mate. Her wolf was just happy for a change in scenery. At the end of the night, when the clock struck Midnight, they would all shift, Brent and Fletch into dragons and Carissa into a wolf. According to Brent’s parents, it was a way to welcome Samhain in your purest form. New place to explore, and a new experience to add to the ones that Brent had brought into her once boring life.  
They continued on down the block, passing more kids and parents and dodging late night drunks who were leaning on each other for support as they walked down the sidewalk. The air was filled with softness and anticipation, as if the world was holding its breath for the Witch’s New Year, when the veil between man and the dead was the thinnest. Or in this case, when the veil between mortals and the paranormal blended together to become one.  
Tension shivered along her muscles as her arousal and excitement blended together. She hid her eagerness to act out this fantasy and move on to the next. Brent led the way, and she rushed to catch up with him.  
Whoa there, lover,” Carissa called out. “We have time, there’s no rush.”  
He’s just impatient,” Fletch said as he caught up. “Slow down man, I don’t want to look suspicious to the cops.” He nodded his head toward a man dressed as a British Bobby.  
Brent grumbled something that Carissa didn’t catch, but she was relieved when he slowed his pace to a relaxed walk. Her muscles ached as she matched his speed. They had been walking over uneven cobblestone, up and down hills, for the last half hour.  
Trying to get me to lose five pounds?” she teased, knowing that wasn’t the case.  
You know I love your curves, honey.” Brent leaned down and pressed a kiss to her cheek. “Sorry for the rush, just wanted to get there as fast as possible in case they changed their mind.”  
Fletch laughed. “Fat chance of that, they’ve done this type of thing before. Tor arranged for it last month when he brought Louisa with him on a visit to his parents. So no worries.”  
Carissa didn’t comment, she just kept walking. At least she knew that this would be a safe place to fulfill this type of fantasy.  

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