Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cross Overs, Paranormal+

I have a rebellious nature, so as soon as I find myself in a box, I want to bust out of it. Lucky  for everyone, I pretty much confine this regrettable characteristic to my writing!

I have a steampunk space western with a shifter heroine--she is a griffon shifter, a single mom with a small shifter daughter.

Where the idea came from, I don't know! I had a hero who was an asteroid miner, and in my surfing--I mean RESEARCH-- I learned griffons could find precious gold. So I thought--what if my heroine could find the valuable mineral Jack mines? What if unscrupulous wild west villains held her captive? What if, what if?

So Sophie the griffon shifter ended up in a space western. It seemed perfect to me, but I guess others might think it a little freewheeling. But we are dealing in speculative fiction, right? The books is Starlander's Myth.

So I have this other story, about a woman frozen in a space life boat-rescue pod, lost in space (only I can't title it that!). She gets rescued by a cat shifter captain of a luxury space ship, complete with a child crown prince who prefers to stay in his kitten form most of the time. The rescuer managed to escape a coupe but all of them are a long way from civilization of any sort. Except for those creepy grey hooded aliens...Oh, and my heroine has powers over crystals and rocks. So it is a shifter-space-crystal witch mash up. This is a WIP titled Found in Space. This might be a good self published project, lol. If I submit it I am not sure what I would call it. Scifi romance. Shifter-witch romance?

I am not even going to go into my paranormal-fantasy mash ups. Am not sure the romance world is ready for that!

Anyone else having fun mixing it up?

The Starlander Frontier: Starlander's Myth,
A steampunk, space-western romance.

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