Friday, February 28, 2014

Paranormal Tendencies!

I'm trying to remember the first paranormal romance I ever read. I can't remember. In my teens I was a fan of Gothic romances. Barbara Michaels had some scary ghosts!

It may have been the old Silhouette Shadows books, which were very hard to find back in the day!  I would scour the romance shelves at the UBS looking for those.

Then I found Buffy--and Buffy fanfic. A few other vampire books started to appear. When ebooks came out I was an early buyer, as long as I could use Paypal because we didn't trust those shopping carts with the credit card! Ellora's Cave had paranormal romances galore, and even scifi romance.

Since those early days I have been able to find all the paranormal romances I have time to read! I've written a few paranormal novellas, but all in the same 'world'.

Something has been stirring in my brain, wanting to get out!

I recently rewatched a couple old shows --Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Charmed. I had never watched the first season of Charmed, so that was fun. I reread the Harry Potter series. Thoughts, impressions, visuals of ivy covered gothic buildings are churning, a new world is forming, flashing in and out of my thoughts.  I started taking notes. I think I'm onto a new writing idea--so much so I decided to change my blog and website banner. Not divorcing scifi romance, just adding more!

I've heard that paranormal romance is dead, but I don't believe it. I think too many readers and writers still have paranormal tendencies!



Maureen said...

I adored Charmed! Loved how the series finale 'wrapped it up' and showed you 'what came next'. Thought they did a nice job doing that. Great post!

Veronica Scott said...

I always loved "Charmed" too and I really appreciated the way they finished the series. Enjoyed the post, Melisse!

Melisse Aires said...

I think I liked Charmed better this second time around than the initial viewing. I have been avoiding dark movies and books lately, want humor and sunshine :) Am sure that plays into it.