Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring Fling

In the worlds of the paranormal, the old myths and legends come to life. Selkies, vampires, and dragons walk the streets. The rules of stories make up the rules of the universe—the stars control fate, the phases of the moon determine people’s shapes and moods.

It stands to reason that the seasons would have similar effects and that their stories would also be told. There are so many lovely myths tied to the turning of the wheel of the year. After such a long winter, we’re looking forward to Spring, to the renewal of things and to the possibility of new growth.

Spring is one of the most notorious, naughty, sexy times of the year. Even the most chaste of cultures draw on symbols of fertility for their Spring celebrations. In the worlds of the paranormal, then, is there a Maypole at Rockefeller Center? Are fertility pastries sold in the marketplace? Does one have to make sure the Easter Bunny doesn’t cross one’s path?

Are your paranormal favourites touched by the seasons? Does Spring Fever infect your werewolves and drive them mad with desire? There are so many possibilities. It’s important not to neglect our most ancient traditions—especially when they give us leave to have our heroes dance naked, drape garlands of flowers around each other, and make love under the full moon.

Until next time,
—Anah & Dianne

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