Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I admit it

I'm looking forward to Sharknado 2. I had a shark extravaganza this weekend so am completely primed, though could it really be more horribly better than Ghost Shark? That's hard to believe.

But then I like the Xanth books, too. Sometimes the ridiculous is so entertaining. Kids books are full of fun but implausible worlds--Bunnicula, or my current favorite kid's books, The Janitors(saving the brains of school kids from supernatural Filth, Rubbish and Grime!).

Thinking of the unusual, I recently described my new release(a rerelease) Starlander's Myth. "Well," sez I, "It's a space western set in a space frontier universe. With some steampunk elements. My heroine prefers bustles on the backside of her dresses.

"Did I mention she'd also a griffin shifter? Super strong, but because she is a widow with a small child she became a captive to slavers. Griffins have some valuable skills.

"Oh, and there's the lab created child with moth wings? The space creature?"

Hmmm, maybe I moved into Sharknado territory on this one. Though to me it seems like a sweet romance between a lonely asteroid miner and a young widow who has had some very hard times.

The next book in the trilogy will have a griffin shifter hero. He's bookish.



Diane Burton said...

LOL I think I'll pass on that movie. That being said, I loved Starlander's Myth.

Maureen said...

Can't resist the laughable lure of sharknado 2! lol Great post :)