Friday, August 22, 2014

Mermaids of Duluthie

I learned something about myself this summer....I like mermaids. Sure, I haven't met one, but I really do think they are the bees knees. And I'm not talking about the creepy ones on the Discovery Channel. Nope. I like my mermaids standard fiction style with long flowing hair and a habit of breaking out in song.

I happily indulged this new love by writing 'Undersea Sweets' for the fantastic "Cookie Club Romance" series. The series includes the stories of 5 young witches who keep in touch by sending each other cookies and other treats. My story is about Milly, who didn't know she was meant to be a mermaid.

Milly Mystic is starting again. For a decade she was a trophy wife to a powerful wizard, and now that he's dead, she's reinventing herself. Who is the real Milly? The nice witch who sends cookies to her best pals? The carefree jet-setter? The only person she knows how to be now is the loaner sitting on her houseboat floating on Lake Superior. But maybe that's as close to the real Milly she's ever been. A fantastic opportunity is about to come her way, and one thing Milly has never been is afraid to try something new.

Prince Baldwin loves being a merman. He travels the world, eats lots of fish, and on occasion catches glimpses of the beautiful humans who intrigue him so much. When a mer-angel lands in his lap, Baldwin does the only thing he can think to do--kiss her. But catching Milly and keeping her are two entirely different things.

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This new affection for mermaids has made my summer better. What about you? Do you have a thing for the mythical beings under the sea?

All the Best,
Stephanie Beck

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