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#Vampires...Do They Ever Get Old? With @WendiZwaduk

I'm snickering. As I wrote the title to the post, I realized vampires really don't get old. They don't age, but they live forever. 

What I was really referring to was the genre of writing vampires. Does the genre ever get old? Do readers want something fresh? I'm not sure. 

So what did I do? I wrote a vampire series. Well, really, the series features many different paranormal creatures. The Battle Scars series has to do with a war. Supernatural beings versus the forces that want them extinguished. 

Sound intriguing?

The Battle Scars series also features emotionally scarred characters. They dabble in BDSM and have had rough pasts. Oh, and they are also vampires, shifters and more hanging out. 

Are you interested in learning more about the series? Here's book one, You Have Me. :-) Enjoy!

You Have Me by WendI Zwaduk  

Battle Scars Book 1

Turquoise Morning Press

Contemporary, Paranormal



M/F, BDSM, Anal Sex, Spanking, Toys

When the rest of the world crumbles and fails, you have me. 

Kynan Laing gave up his mortal soul to the will of the Sources, the ancient beings in charge of the universe. With the sensual grace and speed in his vampire form, he serves in his role as a Protector for the Supernatural world. But the impending war between the Supers and Hunters is heating up. The woman he’s charged to protect is all grown up and everything he wants. Can he keep his heart under wraps while keeping her safe? 

Alexa Mercury doesn’t know why she’s supposed to trust the vampire, but she does. Even when she pushed him away, Kynan watches over her. She craves him like no other, even if he is a Supernatural creature of the night. When circumstances beyond her control force them together, Lexa will have to decide whether to offer her heart to the vampire or risk her very soul. 
Available Here:

©Wendi Zwaduk, 2014, all rights reserved

He tipped his head, listening to Alexa’s thoughts. Her boyfriend was coming over. He growled. The jackass she dated deserved a fate worse than death. He treated Lexa like garbage, but until she called Kynan, he had no right to step in. Christ, he wanted to free her from the asshole’s grip. No woman deserved to be hit.
Still, she hadn’t called for him to save her.
Kynan sniffed the air. Her perfume twisted on the wind. Screw it. He’d waited ten years for the woman he loved. No more standing by. He assumed invisibility once more and made his way across town to her apartment. Light glowed in her bedroom window and her voice drifted to where he hid in the tree.
Each day he spent away from her, he died a tiny death. Sure, he was one of the undead, but he still craved her. If he didn’t fulfill the will of the Sources, he’d meet his final death.
Alexa crossed her bedroom once more, a huge dildo in hand. Kynan bit back a curse. He knew her so well and wished it were him using the toys on her. She waved the dong at her roommate.
“Have you ever realized you’re in a bad situation, but you don’t know how to get out?” Lexa plopped on her bed and held the toy in both hands. “V, I don’t love him.”
Vanessa leaned on the doorframe. “I think he’s dirt. What about your high school sweetheart? Isn’t he still around? In a band or something?”
Kynan gripped the branch of the tree. Her high school sweetheart? He knew who she dated in school and none of them were first love status.
“I can’t.” Lexa shook her head. “I’m ashamed. He’d see what I’ve become wouldn’t work.”
“Why?” Vanessa strode into the bedroom. She picked up the dildo. “You do what you want with this, but this sucker is freaking huge.” She giggled then sobered when Lexa didn’t laugh with her. “Hey, I’ve got a kinky side, too.  I know how you feel about the bondage. It’s freeing, even if you’re all tied up. But this jerk parades you around. He doesn’t respect you. Dump him already. Being alone has got to be better than being treated like dirt.”
“Or call my name,” Kynan whispered. He knew what she did with her boyfriend, Dante. Nothing turned him on more than seeing Lexa’s naked body on display, but the moment the boyfriend walked into the frame, Kynan’s desire turned to rage. He recognized the man she’d taken up with. Dante, otherwise known as Brad Bowman, vampire hunter.
“Fuck,” Kynan grunted. Brad, or Dante as she knew him, didn’t date anyone. The bastard picked his partners based on what they could give him.
Did Lexa know the truth about the socialite-slash-hunter? Probably not. She didn’t strike Kynan as the blissfully ignorant type. Despite his better judgment, he peered into her mind. The more Brad touched her, the more she visualized…Kynan?
Holy shit.
Kynan gripped the tree branch tighter. He shouldn’t play the role of a voyeur, but he’d been charged with protecting her. His heart—his emotional one, not the true one he’d lost years before—ached for her. He wanted to the be the one holding and caressing her, the one who tied her up and made her scream his name. He’d bide his time for now. Once Alexa called to him, he’d step out of the shadows and take what he wanted.

* * * * *
Wendi Zwaduk - White Hot Second Chance Romance

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