Monday, February 23, 2015

Boosting the Signal - the SFR Galaxy Awards!

It's hard at times to find books that you might be interested in - there's so many out there and depending on where you search you might find yourself either swamped by too many choices or not enough. But for those of you who like science fiction romance you won't find a better way to fill your reading list than to visit the SFR Galaxy Awards!

And I'd be amiss if I didn't brag a little - IN THE BLACK was lucky enough to win three awards! Most Mysterious SFR, Most Elegant HEA and Best Shipboard Mystery!

But there's way more than just my 'lil offering here - and if you're looking to stack your TBR pile with plenty of excellent reading you couldn't find a better bunch of books to start with!

So fight the cold with some hot and heavy science fiction romance where the action never stops and the stories always reach for the stars!

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