Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cold as a witch’s…

Well, you know the rest.

Slept late, woke up to temperature of 27° yet weather forecast says throw in the wind chill factor and you have a “feels like” 13 ! I’m inside but my fingers are just warming up because I was outside for a minute, exactly long enough to know I wanted to be back inside, and I am with hands hugging a hot cup of coffee!

What’s new with everyone? Recently, I wrapped up Hold Me Hard, book 3 in the Dirty Rotten Vampires series at Changeling Press and, lo and behold, another character seeks life in the pages. Vald Gerlach appeared briefly in Love Me Madly, book 2, plays a larger role in book 3, and now he hopes I’ll give him and both demons he lusts after some write time.

Authors: do you plan a series of stories only to have new characters pop onto the page looking for the time of day? Readers: do you pick up a series of books and discover a character in the story you wish the author would bring to life? Both scenarios happen to me more often than I’d like. My reading and writing schedule is chocked full, damn it!

Ignoring this crazy, sexy, and ancient-as-hell, vampire was not going to happen if he had anything to say about it! Vald held me captive night after night. He invaded my sleep time, work time, hell, he took over my day-to-day life until he wrangled the following out of me, which he knew would seal our fates together forever.

Dared once, it’s game on. Let’s play!
Vald Gerlach is the oldest vampire alive and the power encompassed in his body should only exist in one monster at a time. Today – he’s that monster. With thousands of years to devise ways to make a creature beg, Vald will test many on Drecara whose hot, curvaceous body he desires above all else. And for the hell of it, he plans to experience the charms of Mictain, her protector, just to feel his fire. Vald hopes the extraordinary demons are up for a challenge because the game is on!

Thus, Dare Me Once, Dirty Rotten Vampires 4, is born! Now, to get it contracted…

In the meantime, here are buy links to other Dirty Rotten Vampire stories to warm up those page-turning fingers and heat to boiling the blood racing through veins to every nook and cranny of your hot body! *smile*

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J Hali Steele

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out.

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Maureen said...

I hear you on the cold! It's 7 degrees out now with windchill down to 15 below- yikes! And I hear you on the surprise characters-- being a panster I have them popping up unexpectedly all the time. Your new story sounds great! (I love that they are titled Dirty Rotten Vampires, lol)