Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Okay, I scheduled a post for April 5 that didn't post and I keep telling myself to leave that schedule thingy alone because it never works for me...don't know what I do wrong but anyway I posted it for today and the dang thing posted and slid itself into the April 5 date--and I had added to the post a Happy Cinco de Mayo wish!! Sometime in the future, far, far away, someone will look at the post and wonder what lunatic roams the Paranormal Romantics blog--it's me!

Working on some new things, signed a contract for Phantom Lure - Driver, a new series with Changeling Press and I'm working on Vald's story, fourth in the Dirty Rotten Vampire series. You can find a free read titled Not The Garden of Eden at Changeling's Encounters to whet your appetite for the vampire of vampires. And, yes, Adam does make a rather naughtly appearance! Finalized the edits for Repent in Love coming May 20th from Ellora's Cave, and have another book, Grind, slated for July, hmm...need to check that out for sure. But here's a snippet of Grind.

Ten o’clock and traffic in and out of the front entrance slowed. The bartender leaned over and asked, “You good, Raider?”
“You know I only have one.” He’d spent more nights here than any other bar in the city waiting for something that would never come. Waiting for something that would never come. There wasn’t a person in the world special enough to put up with his bullshit.
“Let me know if you want anything.” Saucy bastard winked at him, emphasizing anything.
“You’re out of my league.” Rumor was Eggie wielded the stallion-sized cock between his legs like a pro. Combine that with his Latin good looks and he could pretty much walk out tonight with any man he wanted.
“You can handle me.”
Raider had considered bedding the powerfully built man a few times and there was a day he’d have enjoyed taming his ass. “Question is can you handle me?” Eggie became one of the few he called friend and Raider confided more than he should have to the fun-loving bartender.
“Stop being angry at every...”
“You need to tend to your customers.”
He swiped a cloth across the counter and eyed Raider. “Be a lot easier to find what you’re looking for.”
“I do okay.”
“Do you even see what looks back at you in the mirror?”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“Loneliness, man.”
Between Davis telling him to get laid, and now Eggie’s bullshit, Raider was ready to snap like a used rubber band. “I got everything I need.”
“And how warm is that camera at night?”
“Kiss my ass.”
“I’m trying.” The bartender smiled. “Am I white enough for you?”
“Careful, Eggie.”
The man had opened a raw nerve. Coming from nothing, Raider possessed two things: an eye for color and the love of photography. He’d scraped and clawed his way up the ladder in a field overflowing with mediocrity. He had been kicked aside, stepped on, and kissed a lot of white ass on his way to the top. Now the industry kissed his.

Yet there was still a bad taste in his mouth.

Go forth, enjoy the great weather and drink lots of tequila to celebrate! I am.

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-jhalisteele

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