Sunday, May 28, 2017

Building a World by Barbara Edwards

I have an idea stewing in my brain for a paranormal set on another planet. I’ve been playing with this since reading ‘Dune’, a planet far different from earth. I want to create a world and Frank Herbert made it seem easy. It’s taken me years to understand the complexities, the attention to detail he used.

I decided to make a world similar to earth because it seemed easier. Make a few basic changes. and voila! Not so. If you  understand how nature and climate interlock to a cellular level, any change changes an entire chain of logic. 

Why do you think mammals didn’t successfully evolve until the large dinosaur no longer ruled the planet? 
My planet will have a longer rotation around a similar sun. It does have an oxygen atmosphere that allows man to exist without breathing aids. Sounds great doesn’t it? 

What effect does a longer year have on settlers originally from Earth’s 365 day year? Can
domesticated animals adapt? How about plants? Will they become invasive species like ones transplanted from Asia or Africa to North America?

The more I  write the more questions I have to research. A story that I have plotted out and chewing at my keyboard is taking months longer than I expected.

I’m working "Home" between my other paranormals for my Rhodes End series.

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Diane Burton said...

You are giving your world a lot of thought, Barb. That world depends on science to make it work. To make a world "different" from Earth, I thought I'd give it two suns. But then I had to think about what would that do to the climate, the flora and fauna, the inhabitants. How would things we're familiar with change? Enjoy the research but don't forget to write. LOL