Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Changes in the Wind by Barbara Edwards

I noticed the landscapers blowing leaves from the lawns today. It brought up the memory of my Father raking leaves into a pile and letting us jump in the pile. He’d rake it back up after we tired out and burned it. One of my favorite  scents is the smell of burning leaves. We don’t have that any more and I miss it.

I’ve noticed how many changes have occurred since my first book was published. I had to pull ‘Rachel’s Rescue’ a romantic suspense since the technology has changed in just a few years. I’m thinking about doing rewrites but its on the back burner while I think about  it. I wonder how other authors mange this problem.

Do you not mention things like cell phones? Even that is changing every year.

I’ve been in and out of hospitals in the last two years and so many things have changed. Taking a temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure are all different. Easier with the new machines, but different. How do you write a medical story if the procedures change before its published?

I guess that’s why I like to write paranormal although I have to remember not to use things that might get outmoded.

So how do I keep my stories current? I haven’t figured it out yet, but maybe you have. 

Share a hint.

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Diane Burton said...

I remember the smell of burning leaves. Even the thought brings back so many memories. Too bad it's not allowed anymore. But I feel for people with asthma or other lung issues who are seriously affected by the smoke & smell. You are so right about how fast technology changes. Other than rewriting to update the technology, I have no idea how to keep our books current.

Maureen said...

I also like that about writing paranormal- half the time I'm making up my own rules so I don't have to worry about too many changes in technology etc. Enjoyed your post.

Victoria Craven said...

I have the same problem. In my suspense I've changed it from flip phones, to blackberies, now smart phones. I don't think if you're writing something contemporary it can be avoided, especially with technology changing all the time. I would try to keep technology out of it as much as possible and let the reader come to their conclusions. Even Patterson's books become dated and they are still popular.

Francesca Quarto said...

Thanks for your very current insights Barbara! Things change with every new morning, but there is always the same need for great story tellers! Looking forward to catching lots more of yours here.

Francesca Q.
P.S. Best of health to you in this coming new year.