Friday, November 3, 2017

GUEST: Carol Van Atta

Telepathy and Pets in the Far Future
Carol Van Natta

In my Central Galactic Concordance space opera series (shhhh—don’t tell my male readers it’s science fiction romance), humans of the future are evolving “minder” talents. The talents fall into three categories: patterner, telepathy, and telekinesis. These categories were developed by the Citizen Protection Service, a sprawling government agency with several missions, some darker than others.

Patterners include forecasters, who can see patterns in disparate data and predict the future; filers, who have photographic memories for everything; and finders, who can see patterns in disparate data that point to key information.

Telepathy variants telepaths (i.e., read minds), empaths (read and affect emotions), shielders, twisters, and cleaners. The latter two are scary—they can alter memories or erase them altogether, with subject being none the wiser. Shielders can block telepaths from intruding, and even temporarily shut them down.

Telekinesis variants include basic tekes, healers, and animal affinity. The last one is the ability to work with various types of animals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles.

In my story “Pet Trade,” in the Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 anthology, Bethnee Bakonin is a frontier-planet veterinarian who is also a rare, pan-phyla animal affinity minder. She also escaped her dark past in the shady pet trade industry. Whereas the government has strict laws and harsh penalties against tinkering with human genetics and DNA, animals aren't so lucky. Pet-trade researchers and genetic engineers designers breed whatever they think will sell.

Axur Tragon is an ex-elite forces Jumper with cybernetic limbs and several secrets. One of Axur's pets is a chimera, a designer's fantasy with about the size of a German Shepherd, but the resemblance ends there. He has black and brown stripes in his short, sleek fur, six legs and two tails with tufts of fur on the ends. He is, as Axur puts it, "a prime example of what the anti-pet trade activists railed against: tinkering with Terran genetics to create whimsical life forms that would have never survived in the wild, much less natural selection."

Here's a snippet from "Pet Trade," where Bethnee examines Kivo for the first time.

     Axur turned his attention back to Kivo. “Why did they create him at all?”
     She shrugged. “Pretend alien fauna for the wealthy, maybe? It’s a fad.” She stroked the large hump of Kivo’s middle shoulder joints. “The bio-engineers actually got the six legs to work, but the rest of him is a fantasy hodgepodge.” She snorted disdainfully. “Two tails.” She rested her hip against the table and eased the weight off her stiffer leg.
     “He follows me everywhere. He keeps the peace among the other animals, too.” He tilted his head. “Can animals be empaths? I think he tries to cheer me up sometimes.” It sounded daft after he said it out loud, so he was grateful she didn’t laugh.
     “Maybe? Medical scientists still don’t know what combination of DNA and subtrans amino arrays make the difference between human minders and non-minders, or even the gender expression continuum. Who’s to say that animals aren’t evolving along with us?”

Read more in “Pet Trade,” one of twelve stories in the Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 anthology. An elite forces veteran crash lands on a frontier planet with a cargo full of designer pets and must seek the help of a talented, but damaged veterinarian to help him save them.

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About the Author: USA Today bestselling author Carol Van Natta writes science fiction and fantasy, including the award-winning Central Galactic Concordance space opera series, paranormal romance, and retro SF comedy. She loves interacting readers on her website ( and on Facebook,


Diane Burton said...

Welcome, Carol. So glad you came for a visit. I loved how Bethnee could communicate with the animals. This anthology has so many great stories. And such a variety, too. Best wishes to you and all the authors.

CJ Burright said...

What an interesting world! I love the fact she's an inter-planet vet, and all the levels of powers is awesome. Sounds like a great story - thanks for being here!

Maureen said...

Welcome! Sounds like a great story!

Nancy Gideon said...

What a fantastic world you've created to play in!! Love the Pets2 stories (No animal lover could resist!). Thanks for being our guest and sharing your mad skills!