Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Nix Those Holiday Blues

The festive season is upon us and how quickly it arrived.

Seems like yesterday it was November and Thanksgiving... Oh, wait, that could be because I'm still seeing turkey everywhere since I cooked a 25 pound bird. My kitties and all those rampaging in the neighborhood are happy balls of fur who definitely put on a few pounds.

It's also the time of year an abundance of wonderful holiday stories hit shelves in every book outlet. I enjoy Christmas stories that give a peek at how many ways people celebrate the season. Do they stay home and decorate a tree or whip up delicious goodies that everyone samples around a fireplace as carols heralding the season play softly in the background? Is attendance at an office party or a small gathering of friends part of their festivities? And who doesn't wonder if an elf may show up--will they bring joy or mischief? As the scent of cinnamon, apples, and peppermint waft through air, I look for books that toss a generous dose of spice into a romance.

So many magical things crop up during this time of year as happens in my Christmas stories which are erotic romances. A visit to a far-off romantic island getaway, celebration of a special bonding ceremony, and Santa Claus, well, his son anyway.

HOLIDAY BLUES brings the story of an office manager who becomes entangled in a threesome with her boss and his best friend.

Two men who love each other, add one woman…

Pennington Seevers picked the same all-inclusive island get-away the very woman he wants to escape also chose. Partner, best friend, and lover, Rory Burton, is along for the trip and though they enjoy sex together, even love each other, Rory insists Pennington is more than attracted to Headley Etta Xavier and accuses him of not wanting to share as they often do.

Headley Etta Xavier who goes by the name Hex knows involving herself with her boss, Pennington, or his second in command, Rory, might mean an end to her job so she takes her first vacation in years hoping to wipe both from her mind. Little does she realize the men she watches having sex from a hidden spot behind a tree is Penn and Rory. Worse yet, seeing them in the act doesn’t deter Hex, it makes her hotter than hell!

A holiday to remember or a case of holiday blues?

THE GIFT tells the tale of two men who overcome adversity to celebrate a special bond.

Rad and Crayton— the same yet different. They meet as often as possible throughout the year to be together. Christmastime is particularly special; it's when they celebrate their bonding. Mermen, one born in the south Caribbean Sea, the other from frozen waters surrounding Iceland. Neither can exist for long in the other's climate.

Rad returns to his summer home in Pennsylvania, determined it will be the last time. The cold has taken a deadly toll on him. Cray can go no farther south, so they will have to give up their celebration, and the Christmas holiday together.

Cray discovers a way to defeat Mother Nature but—is it too late?

SANTA'S CLAUSE is now part of Changeling's A CHANGELING FOR ALL SEASONS, VOL. 8 Here you'll find a mix of holiday cheer by thirteen awesome authors! Mine has a heroine who finds breaking bad with Santa can be damn good!

Lacey Dalton gave up on Santa Claus a long time ago. Every Christmas Eve she waited like a good girl to see what Santa would bring. He never came. Now she’s in her late twenties and he shows up with a contract! If Lacey signs on the dotted line, anything she wants is hers… if she lets Santa have her for one night.

Hopefully, you'll find something to brighten your holiday, a story that brings back a wonderful memory, a new idea for celebrating the season.

Merry Christmas early!

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele


Diane Burton said...

Holidays are celebrated in many different ways. Escaping winter to an island resort sounds great. Great set up for an interesting story.

J Hali Steele said...

Thanks Diane. Not a winter person at all and frequently I celebrated by escaping to warmer climates. Usually Vegas or So Cal where I lived for 10 years. Love the southwest so much and it was fun to walk through neighborhoods with nothing more than a sweater and take in the lights.

Victoria Craven said...

It is very hectic around the holidays at my house, but sometimes I find the time to read. Very good blog and very interesting books.

J Hali Steele said...

Thanks, Victoria. Just me and my cats - they make sure I keep it quiet and peaceful for them around this time of year!

dolorah said...

I thought the turkey would never end!!