Friday, January 29, 2010


That's Trent. If you read HOT TIN ROOF you met him so you know he was a pain in the ass young jaguar. Now it's his turn. He runs into a cougar who teaches him how to be a man, and boy, he learns fast!

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This big cat bites…and he won’t let go!

Trent Dallion was screwed. Much older than him, the wily little cougar had him by the balls—and he couldn’t get loose. She’d thanked him for killing her brother. Did she mean it? Or was she playing a game of cat and mouse, waiting for revenge.

Peri Montana tasted her destiny in the blood of the jaguar who took her diseased brother’s life. Mountain born and bred, she wanted nothing to do with the desert cat that possessed more vampyre abilities than she was comfortable with. Could she return to the hot desert nights without literally losing her tail?

     Wading waist-deep into the pool, she sat on a natural seat cut out by the water, and taking a deep breath, she lay back. Blissfully, her eyelids drooped and the minerals began to do their job as tiny waves lapped at her breasts.
     She sent a silent prayer up for her younger sibling, hoping he was at peace. He’d chosen his own path. She had adjusted to the fact that he wouldn’t survive long. The life of a transgressor was gruesome and he wouldn’t have been happy living that way. Thank you, Trent.
     “I’d do anything for you.”
     Peri practically jumped out of her skin as her eyes snapped open. What the fuck! How the hell had he snuck up on her?
     “Come on, you didn’t think I’d let you get away. Baby, you left a trail that smelled like heaven.” The man stood stark naked at the edge of the pool, gazing at her. “Plus, you belong to me. Like it or not.”
     “Go to hell,” she snarled and slipped further into the water. “Jesus, give me some privacy.” Shit, he’d found her far too easily. Glad she’d fed from Zader this morning, Peri locked her mind as tight as she could and mentally scrambled to assess her situation.
     Her senses had told her the minute she tasted him they were mates, but Peri wasn’t ready for that. She’d hoped by some long shot she was wrong because no way could she be mated to a jungle cub. He was not just any compound furball, but a Sovereign warrior -- Trent was Reign.
     Lord, he looked good though. The warrior was over six feet tall and his engorged cock bobbed in front of him like a joystick. Hell, he was just a boy. Bingo! She hadn’t lived this long for nothing. He was young, and Peri could use that to her advantage.
     “Slide over, I’m coming in.”
     “You are not!”
     “Peri, right? Get used to this, honey. It’s all yours.”
     Tell me he didn’t just wiggle his dick at me?
     He splashed into the pool like a mongrel dog and sat down across from her with a shit-eating grin on his face. “Yup, all yours.”
     “And who says I want it?”
     “Don’t you? Anyway, I’m not sure either of us has a choice.”
     She had to play this right. Heck, have a little fun with the youngster, then send him scampering back home. She hadn’t been fucked really well in a long time. Youth had its place.
     She stretched her leg across the pool, then gently nudged between his legs and flicked his balls with her toenails. “Maybe.” His nuts were hotter than the pool. Her legs squeezed together, tried to stem the flow of cream that slid from her body. “Come here.”
     He ducked under the water and came up beside her. His long, striped hair dripped on her shoulder until he slung it to get some of the moisture out.
     “Hey,” she yelled. “That was such a doglike thing to do.”
     Trent’s emerald eyes resembled thunderclouds, and that’s the last thing she saw before his lips descended on hers.

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele


Book Junkie said...

oh oh oh!!!! These look amazing, I am checking them both out right now!!

Anna Patterson said...

Love looking over all of the interesting stuff on this blog.

Sandra Sookoo said...

Congrats Joanne! Many sales!

Annie Nicholas said...

Every man has naked dance. I loved it and her thoughts.

Annie Nicholas said...

Every man has naked dance. I loved it and her thoughts.

J Hali said...

Book Junkie, thanks, I hope you do give them a try.

Anna, we do keep some interesting stuff going on!


Annie, who is that dancing naked? lol

Beth said...

So this cougar is a cougar, huh?
Love the idea. Adding it to my TBB list.