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Out Now! ~ Rekindling Their Fire by @MeganSlayer #gay #gayromance #LGBTQ #hotread #paranormal #romance

 Out Now!

Rekindling Their Fire by Megan Slayer

Men Wanted, Book 3

Contemporary LGBTQ Romance with a twist of Paranormal Flair

From Evernight Publishing

Novella - 30,000 words

What if what might have been is what should’ve been all along?

Shane Sutton can’t stop thinking about the best friend he had in high school. He’s never found anyone who understands him in the same way. He writes to Men Wanted because he’s ready to move forward with his life and find love. But what if Nik is the man he’s destined to love?

Nik Carson wrote to Men Wanted to find his perfect match. He’s tired of the dating scene and dead ends. When his match comes back as Shane, he’s forced to confront the fact he never stopped loving his first crush. Time and distance have come between them, but what if none of that matters?

Can this second chance at romance be the love they both need? Or will the time apart be too much to handle?

Available wherever ebooks are sold!

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The Rose Stone: A New Release by L. A. Kelley

The Rose Stone

by L. A. Kelley

Jessica Rose Stone has a death sentence, an inoperable brain tumor. As the muscle tremors and pain intensify, an alarming new symptom develops, a rose-colored haze invades her vision. With it, comes the captivating hallucination of a world under a dire threat, protected by a magic crystal called the Rose Stone. Her doctor warned vision changes signaled the beginning of the end, but this Commonwealth of the Rose issues a compelling call. Jess dares to answer and finds a warrior named Griffin engaged in a struggle with an enemy called the darkling, a mysterious being who takes a chilling interest in Jess. With the help of Griffin and his warbird, she evades the darkling’s assassins and discovers her connection to the Commonwealth of the Rose runs deeper than mere illusion.

Tossed back and forth between two worlds, Jess battles the darkling in one reality and a tumor in the other. Her struggle to determine her true place grows as does her attraction to Griffin. Is the call of the Rose Stone a dream, a hallucination, or will it set her heart on the path to something greater?


The sunlight from the window shifted. Color surrounded me, vibrant pink hues deepening to brilliant crimson, spilling across the painting, brightening the rose. Not so much a haze, but a glowing aura, blocking out everything but the rose, setting the petals ablaze with color.

“Perfect,” I whispered. Drawn by the extraordinary effect, I clasped the palette knife tight to my chest and with my other hand touched the canvas. Spinning, whirling, falling into the depths of the crimson light, I lost feeling in my body but wasn’t afraid. If this was death, it was kinda fun. My eyes closed.


I hit with a thump, whooshing the air from my lungs, then sucked in a breath and groaned. I was no expert but assumed death didn’t come with a hard landing. I must have passed out and hit the floor and cursed my stupidity. If I were bleeding, I’d have to clean the mess before Melanie arrived or I’d never hear the end of it. I rubbed a hand across the floor, hoping for the touch of concrete and not a pool of something warm and sticky. Instead, my fingers entwined in a soft, springy mass.

“What the…” My floor had no carpet, and this felt like grass. My artistic air freshener had disappeared, too. Lush floral notes replaced the omnipresent smell of paint and turpentine in the loft.

I opened my eyes. My jaw dropped. “Not possible,” I whispered.

The loft had vanished. I lay face up in a glade, surrounded by thick piney woods, one hand clutching the palette knife. Faint pink tinted the foliage, but it vanished as I scrambled to sit. Overhead, a sky with ominous gray clouds was barely visible between the heavy overhanging branches. A stiff breeze, rife with earthy forest scent, batted my cheek. My heart skipped a beat at soft chittering overhead. Leaves rustled as furry creatures scurried across tree limbs as if my sudden appearance startled them.

I staggered to my feet, gulping in a lungful of clean, fresh air, and gawked at the unfamiliar surroundings. This was deep woods and not the local park with manicured walkways. The weather report predicted clear blue skies today, but the gathering clouds overhead hinted at a coming storm. Brush and trees ringed the small clearing. Big trees. Not the local pines, but massive conifers with flat needles that looked as if they had stood for hundreds of years. I’d never seen such trees near my home. I’d never seen such trees ever. Nothing was familiar. I touched a trunk. The dream tree was eerily solid.

My mouth dried. “How can this be real? Where am I?”

Did hallucinations have clear scents and sounds? Shoot, why didn’t I ask Melanie more questions or grill the pharmacist about the side effects from those stupid pills?

Because you were afraid of the answers. How do you feel now about using denial as a treatment for a terminal illness?

I rubbed the back of my neck. “Kinda dumb, actually.”

I took a step and grimaced as a painful muscle spasm shot through my leg. I flexed my fingers and winced. They hurt, too. That much hadn’t changed. I still had the palette knife, so dropped it in the smock’s pocket. Convinced I had completely lost my mind, I placed a finger on my neck and didn’t know whether to be happy or rattled at the steady pulse.

“Okay. I choose to believe I’m alive, but something is very wrong with this scenario. Maybe it’s not a normal hallucination. I-I must have fainted and gotten a hard knock on the head. This might be a coma.” Panic flared inside me. “Calm down. Try to wake up.” I took a deep breath and shouted, “I’m awake now.” The vision of the primeval woods remained stubbornly in place.

A rumbling growl reverberated through the trees, and my heart raced. “All righty. Attracting attention might not be the brightest idea until I figure out what’s going on.”

The little animals overhead chittered again, but this time their conversation had a frenzied aspect. My arrival gave them jitters, but that sound caused wild-eyed terror. Branches shook as they dove for cover, knocking bits of leaves and twigs to the forest floor. In an instant, stillness reigned. Even the stiff breeze had dropped.

Cold sweat trickled down my spine. “Okay, Jess. I really mean it this time. Wake up now.”

Dried vegetation on the forest floor crunched under the weight of a large, heavy something lumbering through the woods. No more than fifty feet away came rustling brush and a low, rumbling snarl. Branches ripped apart as the ominous sound forged a beeline in my direction. Then the noise stopped, but the eerie stillness of the forest offered no comfort. The silence lengthened as if that something was waiting, listening.

Breath caught in my throat.

I took a stumbling step back and froze at the snap of a twig underfoot. “It’s a hallucination,” I whispered. “It can’t hurt me.”

Without warning, the heavy body pounded across the forest floor, rapidly closing the gap between us. Through the brush, I glimpsed a scaly hide. “Screw it. I’m out of here.”

I did an about-face and shambled in the opposite direction, cursing my legs. Why didn’t I remember to bring the cane into the dream world? The lurker in the trees followed, thumping steps drawing closer. I could almost feel hot breath on the back of my neck. Blind panic urged me faster, but I was slowed by a stumbling gait and thick foliage that snatched at my clothing.


A heavy body landed right behind me, shaking the ground. Claws clamped my waist, dragging me to a halt and lifting me in the air. The self-defense class Melanie talked me into one summer rushed back. I struck out blindly with my fists and connected with something squishy. I grabbed it and yanked hard. There was a tearing sound and an inhuman bellow. The claws

opened. I tumbled to the ground and got the first good look at my attacker. A scream froze in my throat as I came face to face with a walking horror.

In point of fact, face wasn’t the right word.




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Happy Birthday to Me from Obi-Wan and Stranger Things! by Nancy Gideon

How did they know this was just what I wanted?! It’s as if the Universe knew how to turn a new year into a glorious celebration. A new year for me, that is, as I turn sixty-(mumble, mumble) on Friday. After a dearth of reruns for the past two years, FINALLY a flood of new stuff to inspire this fiction writer’s soul!

 As much as I adore falling into a good book, having a good story appear on the small screen, walking and talking, has always been the creative gold standard to me. From the early days of Black & White on two channels where the fam huddled around that huge cabinet while my dad fussed with the antenna, to more channels than I’ve had birthdays to click on or stream, television (and to a lesser, more expensive extent, movies) stirred the writer’s imagination in me.

What if . . . ?

My curiosity always leapt beyond what I had in front of me. What if money could grow on the trees in my backyard? What if Harry had never met Sally? What if the South won the Civil War? What if computers took over the world? What if I could go back in time? What if I was stranded on a deserted island with only seven things and Harrison Ford was one of them?

My greatest fear about getting older is losing that sense of curiosity. That need to know and explore and ask questions (other than “What day is this?” or “Did I remember to put on pants?”). I’m not ready to worry, yet. Because I still have other planets to explore, other lives to live, other books to read (and write!). And other meals to make . . . which is where I have to head in a few minutes before the cats decide they are going to starve, and they’d better start feasting on my bare feet!)

So, my birthday wish for me (and for you, as they come up on the calendar)? An endless supply of imagine! And that excitement that comes along with it!

Here’s to new adventures and the places they take us!!
Nancy Gideon on the Web

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A Glimpse of Music: Book 3 in the Sunlight and Shadows Series

A Glimpse of Music on Pre-order

I am so excited to finally say that A Glimpse of Music is up for pre-order! This book has been a long time coming, waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for its turn in the series. One thing I love about the Sunlight and Shadows series is that each story is intricately interwoven with the other books, though they can be read as standalones.

In A Glimpse of Music, we learn about a gigantic secret that Nyana has been keeping since book #1! I first came up with this secret on my way to pick up my husband from work (because driving is how every author gets a good idea, right??), and since then I knew I had to write Nyana's story, but with a delicate hand. Nyana's story is tragic, but in A Glimpse of Music, she finally gets her own happily ever after that she deserves.

What's Next in the Series?

The Sunlight and Shadows Series has 6 books planned out thus far. Book #4 -- A Kiss of Embers -- will follow Nyana's brother, Bastien, and a very hot (literally) fae! Books 5 and 6 will be Maisy's story and then Eva's, the sisters when they are all grown up. I'm not sure whose will come first. And then look out for a novella about......Inari! The hot-headed Valkyrie who enjoys collecting locks of hair from her victims. An author friend gave me a great idea to write Inari's story, which I will make free to my newsletter subscribers.

Now, more about my upcoming release:


If fate gives you a third chance, would you take it?

Joel Harrington has been in love with the same woman for as long as he could remember. But he had to watch her court his best friend, and then marry his king. Now that she’s once more unattached, he refuses to let her slip through his fingers for a third time.

Darkness torments Nyana’s memories, and even after her cruel husband is killed, he still haunts her from the grave. When her past refuses to leave her alone, it puts not only her, but her daughters in danger. She has no choice but to lean on the man she has called a friend for the past eight years, a friend whose charms she tries hard to resist.

But along with the growing threat to her family, she keeps an even more dangerous secret—a secret that could change her life forever.


The faintest, jaunty whistle echoed down the path leading to the house. She immediately recognized Joel’s carefree demeanor within the tune. She prayed he wouldn’t notice her. 

But the whistling stopped abruptly. Joel inhaled sharply, followed by quick footsteps headed her way. “Nyana. Are you hurt?” 

After a slow sigh, she shook her head, keeping her face buried in her knee. “I just want to sit here for a moment.” 

A pause. And then something heavy and warm draped over her shoulders. Joel’s coat. Shock stiffened her limbs when she inhaled the warm scents of cinnamon and apple, mixed with something uniquely Joel’s. Gold and mystery and emotion. Something like…like… 


But music couldn’t possibly have a smell. Could it? He didn’t ask about the hens or the ominous message. 

He didn’t ask about her position on the ground. Nor did he touch her. Rather, he lowered himself to the ground beside her, sitting with his back against the broken chicken coop. 

She slowly inhaled a breath of Joel from the coat wrapped around her and breathed out a river of comforting, companionable silence. Comforting. The foreign feeling shocked her. She could not remember a time when the presence of a man had been comforting. 

Joel pulled a flute out of his pocket, lifted it to his lips, and a beautiful melody streamed out of the thin instrument. 

Followed by golden magic. 

She watched, eyes transfixed, as shimmering, golden tendrils floated in the air around them. Slivers of gold wove around her before they blossomed into magnificent flowers. They sparkled and shimmered as if continuing to sprout on a golden vine. 

When she reached out to touch one of the flowers, it exploded into golden glitter and dusted her feet with its radiance. Almost like a sunbeam. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Magnificent. 

Her gaze shifted from the golden magic to Joel’s serene expression as he played. His fingers moved deftly over the flute holes, his eyes half-closed as if playing brought him a measure of peace. It was as if his magic transferred to her, helping to calm the storm brewing within her.

Pre-order the book here! --

Or start the series from book #1 -- 

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Springtime in the Rocky Mountains by Tena Stetler


Not quite what you would expect in late May. First of all last Sunday a balmy but  breezy evening of May 15th  was a beautiful chance to view the lunar eclipse once the clouds subsided.

I spent several late afternoons in our sunroom with Taco, our parrot. The windows open enjoying the sweet aroma of my back yard full of lilacs of all colors. It was heavenly. Thankful that Mother Nature didn’t freeze the blooms as she usually does.   

The winds have been unrelenting with gusts of between 50 and 80 mph. With the warm days and drought conditions, wildfires have scorched from several acres, to hundreds of acres. One wildfire came within a couple of miles of my home. Pretty scary stuff. Moisture of any kind is desired. Be careful what you wish for. LOL

May 19, we broke heat records for that day at 89 degrees, then whiplash, May 20th, 2022, began as a dreary, cloudy day with, wait for it, RAIN. Thanks the Gods. Then snow, lots of huge story book snowflakes adding up to several inches of the white stuff. We had to cover the tender plants, knock the snow off the tree and lilac limbs to avoid breakage. The lilac blooms were less than impressed with the wet, heavy snow, though their roots and the plant themselves were thankful for the moisture. Perhaps the rain, snow and mix will put a damper on the wildfire season for a few weeks.  Mother Nature can be tricky this time of year in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. As Caden Silverwind hero in An Angel’s Unintentional Entanglement can attest.

An Angel's Unintentional Entanglement

Fallen warrior angel, Caden Silverwind, lives alone in Colorado's rugged Rockies, healing from physical wounds as well as the mental anguish suffered during battles with dark demons. Then he finds a woman barely clinging to life after a horrendous beating. He is not prepared for the entanglement she brings to his life, nor the feelings she awakens in him.


Bureau of Indian Affairs Agent, Mystic Rayne’s personal dilemma and assignment nearly gets her killed. Divine intervention is a complication she never expected and her growing attraction to Caden is undeniable. Can she trust him with her secret?


Their quest to uncover her attacker takes them from the pristine mountains in Colorado to the wilds of Wyoming. Along the way, they find answers which may place them in more danger. Determined to solve the mystery, they must also navigate their feelings and fears to find love and unite heaven and earth.

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Fill Your Creative Writing Bag! by Elizabeth Alsobrooks


Many writers, whether aspiring, new, or seasoned authors, seek a little inspiration at some point. One of the most obvious but not necessarily well-utilized sources of inspiration is other writers. Some writers do join writing and/or critique groups, but even those can lose their luster if they’re not taken out of their comfortable niche and polished.

A surefire way to add some sparkle to your creative writing bag is to attend a writing event. Book fairs are often free, wonderful places to network, browse, listen to panels and find great reads, but be aware that their main focus is often marketing and sales. That’s why most folks only attend for a single day. Depending on the size of the book fair, there is often so much to see over acres of booths and displays you might feel overwhelmed and rushed, unable to get into all too few crowded, popular sessions.

On the other hand, there’s something about a writing conference, something about that small group discussion, the panel of known and unknown authors sharing their creative journeys and real-world advice, the chance to learn and even practice new writing techniques with a diverse range of friendly, like-minded strangers that makes you look at your own work with new insight. Most writing conferences have a range of workshops and opportunities for learning, often spread out over several days, even a week, that allow you to fill your schedule with a variety of meaningful experiences just right for you own personal needs and interests.

That sounds great, but they’re so expensive and traveling itself is so cost prohibitive right now, you say? Even the harshest skeptic can’t scoff at a free, virtual International workshop. Here’s just one in July, 2022:  You can find more online.

If, on the other hand, the sky and globe are the limit, why not travel to France to attend a Paris Café Writing event? Paris Café Writing | Web site for Paris Cafe Writing workshops.

Looking for some warm weather in an American city? How about visiting California to attend Writer Digest’s Novel Writing Conference in October? Writer's Digest Novel Writing Conference (

You can also explore conventions. They specialize in specific genres, such as the wonderful convention they have here in November, TusCon. It’s a small (300-500 people) Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Convention. They are small and diverse, and even have screen writers, movie makers, artists, celebrities, cosplay fashion, science presentations, and a shared love of the written word, especially in sci-fi and fantasy.

So, if you are lucky enough to have a small critique group, perhaps it would be fun to encourage them to attend a special writing event with you. Some of the most fun I’ve had is attending writing events with friends.

Monday, May 16, 2022

The Magic to be Found in a Retelling


I just finished reading Hunted by Megan Spooner. This Beauty and the Beast retelling follows Yeva on her journey through her family's financial ruin and into a magical forest, which just so happens to be equipped with a beast, to track down her father's killer. If you haven't read it yet, I'd highly recommend it. 

I have always been a huge fan of retellings. There is something in them that is comforting and exciting all at once. Whether it be a Cinderella, Little Mermaid, or Beauty and the Beast retelling, I dive into each one whole-heartily, and therein lies the magic of a retelling. 

Readers Already Want to Read it.

When you take on a retelling, you also take on that story's built-in fan base. So, if you're a newer writer, this might be just the thing you need to establish your own fan base. If you love mermaids and your readers love mermaids and you tell a story about them, what better way to flag down the people who were already looking for your book? 

Major Plot Points Have Already Been Established.

If you have issues with pacing or plot holes, retellings might just be the structure that you need to write that story you've been daydreaming about all along. If your story idea would fit nicely into a fairytale that already exists, why not add those two things together and see what happens?

Who Doesn't Love Fairytales with a Twist?

Just because the outer shell of the story has been constructed, that doesn't mean that you can rework the insides. Think story renovation. This way, you still get to add your own flair to a story that has been loved for hundreds of years. What better way to show appreciation than to keep the love of the story going even longer?

You Don't Have to Stick with the Brothers Grimm.

Don't think that the only retellings worth existing belong to the Grimm Brothers. There's a whole world full of fairytales out there. If you haven't already, do a quick Google search to see what you come up with. You might just find your newest favorite story.

I'd love to know which fairytale you'd love to tackle if you were going to write a retelling. Tell me in the comments below.

Happy writing.

Friday, May 13, 2022

My Night of Hoodoo by Marilyn Barr

 All authors research for our novels, but sometimes our research takes us down mysterious paths… Or is it just me? Let me tell you about my night with a Hoodoo Priestess...

Tomorrow, I release the final installment of the Walk the Walk trilogy, Walk the Night: A Vampire, Pirate Romance. The book starts in 1719 Nassau where historically a wave of yellow fever killed many of the newly colonized Europeans. Those residents who were native to the islands had innate immunity and were spared. With my educational background in science, I couldn’t resist giving this disease to the pirates of the Walk the Walk series. Three-fourths of the crew would be immune—including our hero, Branko. However, the remaining twenty-five percent—including Magda the Vampiress—would be at death’s door…

With my passion for herbal, spiritual, and alternative medicine, I am excited to highlight natural remedies without the conflicts with western medicine. Pharmaceuticals weren’t invented yet. Could I insert a green witch like Alison in the Strawberry Shifters, a Shamanic Practitioner like Nartan in Dance to a Wylder Beat, an Eastern Medicine Practitioner like Makaha in Dreamcatcher, or a Reiki healer like Cassie in The Spy Who Loved My Russian Tea Cakes? While these characters use the same techniques as I use in my spiritual healing practice, they wouldn’t be in the Caribbean in the 1700s. This area of the world belonged to the Voodoo and Hoodoo priestesses. Which one should my healer, Chevelle, be and what would be her method of healing?

Don’t panic. I have a Hoodoo Practitioner on speed dial in my friend circle. Doesn’t everyone? Morgaan and I exchange tarot card readings on New Year’s Eve each year but don’t delve into each other’s craft beyond the cards. When called her up to ask about Voodoo, Hoodoo, and Caribbean folk medicine, I didn’t expect to be invited to perform a February New Moon Ritual with her. I must admit to being nervous. Okay, I was low-key terrified. I knew little outside of the black magic stereotypes of Voodoo from books and movies. However, I trusted my friend to keep her ceremony balanced and not perform any spells on me if I left a hair behind.

“A lot of people use Voodoo and Hoodoo interchangeably, thinking they mean the same thing, but you need to understand that while they have roots in Central African religions, they are very different practices. Think of them as distant cousins at best.” – Hoodoo for Beginners by Angelie Belard

We did our rituals side by side using our own materials. She explained Hoodoo is about the connection to your spiritual ancestors to augment the timeline you travel with them. Since my caldron, favorite herbs from my garden, and tarot cards were infused with my spirit, they would make a stronger spell than what she would provide. She also encouraged me to call in my spirit team and deities. My anxiety level dropped like a stone because this mirrors my training in Shamanism. I knew my team would have my back if things got weird…what am I saying—with me it always gets weird.

Isn't my mini-caldron adorable?

She explained Voodoo is a religion centered around a certain God (which I won’t name but you can Google them. This God is not one to invoke if you aren’t in their faith according to Morgaan.) Hoodoo, however, is a spiritual practice which acts as a complement to the religious beliefs of the practitioner. Imagine my surprise when Morgaan pulled out her Bible to copy a psalm onto her fire-offering. When Africans were forced into Christian baptism by their slave masters, they hid their traditional beliefs or integrated the two. Many Hoodoo Practitioners today use the Bible as a spell book and make altars to Christian Saints instead of pagan spirits.

Instead of making dolls and summoning demons like in the movies, our ritual was like many that I have shared on my Instagram and TikTok feed. (Check them out at or We made a crystal grid with elements in nature like herbs, flowers, and branches with significance to our wishes. We made tea for ourselves, our invited spirits, our altar, and to read the leaves (which I had never done). The herbs within the tea were as significant as the incantation we said over the cups. We wrote wishes for the moon cycle (just like I do monthly from Keiko’s Power Wish guide). The burn itself was accompanied by silent prayer—not the naked dancing of possessed women. It was seven degrees Fahrenheit outside that February night—every witch has her limits. Mine is frostbite.

                                                   Our actual ceremony with offering of tea!

Overall, the spells we designed for Walk the Night were remarkably similar to the ones I would have designed on my own due to the personalized nature of Hoodoo. This is another fascinating example of parallel healing modalities created across the globe but rooted in the same spiritual principles. The connection from the Earth to our intended outcome using the spiritual energy within and around us is common to Shamanism, modern witchcraft, Reiki healing, alternative spiritual medicine, and Hoodoo. I love the common themes of stewardship to the environment, honoring our ancestors, healing ourselves first, and the responsibility behind our thoughts and intentions. Despite our differences in culture, we come together to make our world a better place through collective consciousness.

What are the specific spells we designed for Walk the Night? Find out when Chevelle heals a vampire from yellow fever and takes on the European invaders who threaten her island. Here’s the blurb of Walk the Walk Book 3: Walk the Night (available on Amazon, free with KU subscription):

Magda’s second chance at marriage promises to be a dream come true—if she survives her mysterious nightmare illness. She has been married for a week and is desperate for a much longer happily ever after.

Branko would trade places with Magda in a heartbeat, but the sickness plaguing Nassau prefers European hosts and spares the natives of the Caribbean. While he believes Mother Nature is punishing those who destroy her beautiful islands, he refuses to accept that Magda deserves to be on the list for retaliation.

The civilized world hasn’t a cure for Magda, but Branko will try anything to save her—including reuniting with a ghost from his past. He requests the help of a Hoodoo priestess, but magic always comes with a price… She’s asking for Leaf, the young wildcrafter and ship’s cook, in exchange. Will Captain Branko repeat the betrayal of Blackbeard and sell a deckhand for treatment, or say goodbye to the love of his life?

Today Book 1: Walk the Plank is on sale for $0.99 (or free with KU subscription) to celebrate the completion of the Walk the Walk Trilogy. Grab your copy before the sale ends on 5/15/2022 or continue the journey on Patricia’s Wish with Branko, Magda, and the rest of me hearty crew.

·         Book 1: Walk the Plank -

·         Book 2: Walk the Deck -

·         Book 3: Walk the Night -

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Alien Legacy: The Vampire by Keri Kruspe

I'm excited to announce Book Four of my Ancient Alien Descendants series titled Alien Legacy: The Vampire. I really loved "mashing" up two genres - Paranormal with SciFi Romance. My heroes have the typical vampire tendencies as they struggle to stop an alien invasion headed to Earth.

Here's the blurb:

From deep within a hidden moon city to the streets of an alien rogue planet comes a tale of elusive love…


Zamush is the stuff of legends. An apex predator of the night, he’s able to control and manipulate others to his will.

 The Vampire.

 He has lived a lonely life for thousands of years—until he meets her. She’s an alluring and provocative mix of innocence and temptress. His match in every way.

 He falls in love at first sight, but her heart belongs to someone else.

 Jelena is an outcast, ridiculed for being different. Living in the shadows, she struggles each day to overcome the restless urges plaguing her…until the day she watches a video of a rogue leader fighting to thwart the efforts of the maniacal dictator they live under. Now, her life’s goal is to meet this leader, convinced only he can complete who she is. When that leader is captured and sentenced to a violent execution, she will do anything to save him.

 Even trade Zamush for the condemned male.

 Zamush willingly agrees to Jelena’s dangerous plan just to be with her. It’s a race against time. Not only are their lives on the line, but he must win her heart before she meets the man of her dreams.

It's on sale for 0.99 during it's Pre-Order until the 17th. It will also be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited so you can get it for FREE! 

To celebrate, here's the scene where the hero (Zamush) stumbles across a mysterious woman (Jelena).


One of the best things about the hidden city of Azadi was its total lack of sunlight. For the first time in his life, Zamush didn't have to worry about being caught outside in the middle of the day. While his past actions might’ve been the basis for much of the vampire lore throughout human history, bursting into ash or twinkling glitter in the sunshine wasn’t one of them. Whenever any of his exposed skin was touched by the rays of the sun, he broke out in red, patchy, itchy blisters that hurt like a muther. To make matters worse, he'd suffer for days until his skin scaled or scabbed over. While steroid pills or creams helped, with his unusual metabolism, it was as effective as putting a bandage on a hacked off limb.

Strolling down the softly lit main drag of the underground moon city, he enjoyed the exotic sights.

Hover vehicles lazily floated by, while droids or animals pulled two-seated carriages.

The domesticated animals reminded him of gazelles with a lion's mane.

They sported four pointed ears across the top of their heads, slick skin like a dolphin’s, while their skinny tails ended in pointed barbs.

As for the people passing him on the busy sidewalk, they appeared to be a cheerful bunch. All smiles and warm nods.

While his dual-color turquoise-gold eyes were more the norm here than on Earth, the seemingly carefree demeanors bugged the shit out of him. No one was that happy all the time.

A flash of shiny dark red slipped around a corner ahead of him.

Wait, what did he just see? He stopped.

Several people behind him dodged his motionless form with murmurs of “excuse me”.

Which annoyed him since he caused the gridlock. Sidestepping close to the nearest adobe two-story building, he followed the strangely dressed woman. If he didn't know any better, he'd swear it was Jena or Julienne. But that couldn't be. First, neither one of them would tear themselves away from his brothers ever since they bonded. And it couldn’t be the newest sister... Jordyn? Doubtful, since Michael was still looking for her.

There, just around the corner, another splash of red. Making sure he didn't call attention to himself, he followed her and the midnight-red, formfitting, one-piece suit she wore. Damn, that woman’s mode of dress stood out, begging for attention. Instead of the long tunics and pantaloon pants the people on Azadi wore, her outfit was more of a formfitting shiny suit best suited for a professional gymnast.

Or Catwoman.

He lurched after her. The fabric of his cape swirled around his knee-high boots. Staying close to the wall, he followed her down the narrow alleyway. With a smirk, he kept close to the building as she ambled down the confined alley as if she didn't have a care in the world.

Why was she going down a claustrophobic, uninhabited walkway so dark a normal human couldn’t see what was in front of them? Good thing he wasn't a normal human.

Just ahead, she turned a corner and was out of sight.

He followed right behind her. What the hell? A boxed dead-end and no woman. He spun around.

There she was, right behind him. Close enough he felt her body heat. And close enough for him to see she was an almost exact copy of Julienne and Jena.

With a tilt to her head, her dual-colored irises of sunset orange surrounded by a sea of topaz brown glared at him. Those orbs were cold, hard, and flinty.

“Look, I mean you no harm...” He never got another word out.

Between one blink and the next, her eyes changed color. Instead of the dual topaz-orange, they morphed into a sea of milky white. In the middle was a red vertical slit similar to a deadly cobra’s, or his, before he sank his fangs into someone.

And just as he immobilized a person before he struck, he was caught in a snare so tight he could barely breathe. Much less talk. The ability to protect himself or call for help was beyond him.

She surged forward, grasping him around his neck, and pulled him down.

First there was sultry heat, then a searing pain as her fangs sank deep. His body coiled. Her mouth on his neck produced a combination of pleasure-pain so intense he didn't know where one started and the other left off. Waves of need roared through him until he hungered for more.

Every instinct he possessed demanded he claim her for all time.


Saturday, May 7, 2022

Motherly moments in sci-fi romance

Hello! Since tomorrow is Mother's Day in North America, I thought I would share some mother moments from a couple of my sci-fi romances.

I like writing about families in my series, but the Kaddim Brothers weren't the first family I wrote about. Though the books were published later, the first series I wrote that included a family was Galactic Defenders. Lalia (Bryce) is mother to Katrina (Jager), and their relationship is shown throughout the series. Here's a snippet from BRYCE (Galactic Defenders book one):

“Mom, what’s going on?” Katrina slapped her hands on the table. “What were those ugly things in the backyard? What did they do to Dad?”

Lindsay tucked memories of her first love away. She turned in her chair and gazed across the table to her daughter who had been adopted by Quinn the day of her birth. After the divorce, her ex-husband only showed up on Katrina’s birthdays. And, over all those years, Lindsay had tried to keep her heritage from Katrina. What child wanted to know her mother came from another planet? Or could keep the fact a secret? She refused to have her daughter taken by children’s services because they believed her an unfit mother. But, after today, her daughter needed to know the truth. “The Erebus invaded my home planet of Hemera. I saw my parents murdered, and then, before I could comprehend the loss, the attack on the planet, my handler whisked me away to Earth. She didn’t survive the flight, so I am the last of my kind.”

Another series I wrote about a family is my Alien Next Door series. Rachel (Alien Adoration) is mother to Adam (Alien Admirer) and Angela (Alien Attraction). Also, Sera (Alien Admirer) has two children of her own when she meets Adam. Here's a snippet showing the struggles of dating as a single mom from ALIEN ADMIRER (Alien Next Door book two):

Sera inhaled, catching the musky scent of sex still heavy in the air. That and the desire-inducing smell of masculinity coming from the man whose chest she lay on. She couldn’t help the smile tugging at her lips. Instead of her fantasies to keep her company, she’d spent the night with her dream come true. Adam. Perfect in every way. She hadn’t expected to find a man who both satisfied her, and treated Melody and Zach so well.

Shit! The kids. What time is it?

Seven a.m. glared at her in bright red letters.

She gasped and shot upright. What have I done? Tossing the covers off, she scrambled out of bed. Melody and Zach would be up soon. They couldn’t find her naked, in bed with a man. With Adam, of all people.

Yanking open her pajama drawer, she pulled out a cotton shirt and shorts set and slipped them on. She gazed at the man who’d rocked her world. Her kids didn’t need to know about him spending the night. They already adored Adam and wanted him around more. If they discovered him there, they’d have him and Sera down the aisle after one night of sex—earthmoving, mind-blowing sex. She couldn’t let them get hurt because of her own desires. Heck, she didn’t even know if the previous night was a one-time thing.

To all of the mothers and motherly influences out there, I wish you a day of love and appreciation! Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Whatcha Talkin’ Bout, Willis?

 By Maureen Bonatch

“Once I finish redding up the house ‘N at do yinz’ want to run down to the state store?”

You might be from Pennsylvania if you read—and understood—that sentence without hesitation. Many of us use local slang without considering that it may only be understood by those in the area. Or while you’re traveling your slang, or the accent that you didn’t realize you had, may help others place your home town. 

But what happens when slang, or unusual terms, are used in a story?

Keep it Simple Silly

As a writer, using key terms for an area might help it make the story feel more authentic, but if you overdo it, then it can pull the reader out of a story. 

As a reader, learning new words and expressions while reading can be enjoyable—until you have to stop to google a term. 

Being pulled out of the story can take away from the scene and leave the reader feeling confused, or with the need to re-read the paragraph. 

Consider Other Options

If you really want to add in some slang, consider having another character rephrase so the definition is in the story and the reader doesn’t have to go searching. 

“It will take you forever to finish cleaning up the house. Besides, we have plenty of liquor here. What else did you want from the state store?”

Other authors might add a glossary of terms for reference. 

You Might Be From PA if…

I might use a few terms or pronunciations specific to Pennsylvanians, but not all of these. How many are you familiar with?

  • Buggy
  • Warsh
  • Crick
  • Shush
  • Gum Bands
  • Hoagie
  • Jagoff
  • Sweeper
  • Philly
  • Djeetyet?
  • Yinz 
  • Youns
  • Dippy eggs
  • Wooder
  • Gutchies
  • Dahntahn
  • Gesundheit
  • Slippy
  • Babushka
  • Pop
  • Scrapple

Do you have any slang terms from your neck of the woods that you’d like to share?

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Just a small-town girl, Maureen Bonatch leads a double life. She lives in a magical world as a novelist, and as a nurse leader in reality. Maureen’s first novella was a paranormal romance published when blogs were a new-fangled thing. She’s since changed her focus to writing paranormal cozy mysteries as M.L. Bonatch and urban fantasy as Maureen Bonatch. 

While she’s not busy writing or doing nurse-things, she’s a mom to her twin daughters, bicycling in the beautiful woods of PA with her hubby, doing the bidding of a feisty Shih Tzu, and dancing as much as possible. She believes music can be paired with every mood, laughter is contagious, and that caffeine and wine are essential for survival.

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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Outer Range, Longmire, Cowboys & Aliens by Diane Burton

credit: IMDB

Have you checked out the series Outer Range on Amazon Prime? Two reasons why I did--Josh Brolin and science fiction. For years, I was never crazy about westerns, but then Longmire came on television. Wyoming and Robert Taylor. What's not to like? 

In another way, Outer Range reminds me of the movie Cowboys & Aliens--British James Bond in the old west? Okay, Daniel Craig as a gunslinger, trying to save the world from aliens. Outer Range doesn't have aliens . . . yet. But it does have a mysterious black hole (Wikipedia calls it a void, better word).

Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin's character) is a rancher, trying to hang onto his land (from a rival) and keep his family together. Before the series begins, his daughter-in-law disappeared. That's the first mention of something mysterious, but not the last. Like good writers, they dribble out clues and keep the viewers questioning what the heck is going on? 

In the first episode, Royal Abbott finds the black void in the middle of an enormous field on his property. How did no one ever see this huge hole in the ground? Ranchers ride around their land, checking fences, etc. This void just appears one day? Call me a skeptic.

Then there's a drifter, Autumn, who camps out on Abbott land. What's her role?

As you can tell, I'm trying to suspend disbelief. Yet, I'm intrigued enough to keep watching. The writers are doing a great job dropping startling hints right before the cut to the credits. Josh Brolin has played in a great variety of roles since his debut in The Goonies to The Avengers' Thanos. He's a perfect choice for a Wyoming rancher. 

My favorite character, right now, is Royal's wife Cecelia (played by Lillie Taylor). She looks like a rancher's wife, weather-beaten, haggard, a woman who's stood by her man through good times and bad, whose strong religious faith has carried her through the very bad times. In the last episode, Royal proclaims how much he depends on her. I was glad to see that. Too often, older men drop the woman who's stood by him and replace her with a new model. Royal may be the backbone of the family, but Cecelia is its heart.

If you haven't already, check out Outer Range. It has enough whoo-whoo to intrigue paranormal fans.