Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do you have Nightmares?

I used to have so many nightmares as a child, its amazing I ever slept at all. As an adult, I've taken the frightening and made them my heroes. Vampires. Werewolves. But dare I go a step further?

Now, I can watch almost any movie without issues except for movies about possessions. Now, I know there are writers out there making devils their heroes but so far I've not walked that line. Why? Not because I am religious or have any aversion to doing so but because I am afraid to even let myself think about it long enough to contemplate such an idea. I mean, have you seen Paranormal Activity?? AHHHH.

But in all seriousness, what frightens you?

Monday, November 28, 2011


It’s time for me to take a break. Anyone sorta following me knows that I’ve been writing my little heart out and I broke my writing muscle.
I need a recess. It won’t happen though. I have edits and edits and more edits to do but I did take the about three days away from the computer this week. I thought I’d miss it more but not one bit. Even my addiction to writechat didn’t bother me.

I do plan on taking a longer break over Christmas but first these edits and I have to finish The Sigma, which is half done. (By the way, Sam is becoming my favorite hero). 

All this leads to my current day dreaming about vacations. I’ve been dreaming about taking a long vacation somewhere warm. I have vacation time in August, which is low peak for many great destinations like Hawaii or Bahamas. I’m terrible about shopping the net for deals or researching resorts. I’m one of those ‘word of mouth’ people.

Someone mentioned Bermuda to me. I’m not crazy about Mexico. Anyone have a suggestion?
(I can dream.)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

*tosses confetti* I'm celebrating a new release!

I was really honored when Decadent Publishing asked me to be a part of their holiday anthology. You can find it here to see the pretty cover and all the amazing stories inside.

On Friday, my story in the anthology, All She Wants For Christmas Is Her Dom, was released as a single title. It's a steamy read that's sure to warm you up on those cold winter nights.

If this story is right up your alley, leave your name and email address for a chance to win
All She Wants For Christmas Is Her Dom!

Now available from Decadent Publishing!

Madame Eve’s 1NightStand service has brought together Blake and Taryn on a cold Christmas Eve at the Castillo Lodge. The two will set out on an adventure of pain and pleasure surrounded by Alaskan snow-capped mountains and nestled in a warm country lodge. But as the night develops, Taryn discovers it’s not Christmas presents that will surprise her but instead the very man who mastered her through a night of intense BDSM.


5 Stars – Bitten by Paranormal Romance

“No lollygagging around here as the story opens with a BDSM scene involving a flogger, a cane, and a mini vibe. Of course, you can expect a few ropes and anal sex to round things out. All of this kinky goodness is wrapped up in a contemporary romance that Ms. Kennedy delivers in excellence. Ms. Kennedy keeps upping the ante with her 1NS stories. They are like too many sweets for the brain and I want more!” Cynthia

5 Stars – Under the Covers reviews

“The saying goes: “Short, but sweet!” But that is not the motto Stacey Kennedy writes by.
All She Wants for Christmas is her Dom is sizzling hot! So much so that I’m actually a bit sad that the book was so short! But don’t be fooled by the shortness of this book, Kennedy really packs in the heat! All She Wants for Christmas is her Dom jumps right into the sexy BDSM. ”

5 Stars – A Chick Who Reads

“Only Stacey Kennedy could write a story a little more than 20 pages long that can leave readers longing for a cold shower. All She Wants For Christmas Is Her Dom, is just that kind of story…short but not sweet, in fact it is so hot the pages sizzle from the heat of Taryn and her Dom. ” Andrea


The suite in the Castillo Lodge far exceeded Blake’s expectations. Rustic in appearance with log walls, hardwood panel floors, and the rich scent of evergreens filling the air, it was exactly what he requested and fit the mood for a Christmas getaway. The room delighted him, but the woman who stood before him enchanted him more.

He led the blindfolded Taryn over to the four-poster wooden bed with a quilt on top and placed her hands on the railing over the footboard. “I suggest you present yourself.” She bent over, spread her long, sexy legs, and angled her hips to expose her ass decorated by a thong. Her straight brown locks hung loosely down her back, covering the crimson lace bra that looked lovely against her pale skin. “Nicely done.”

Her chest rose and fell quickly. Nervous? The thought only lingered on his mind a moment—no one paired with him would hold anxieties. As a Dom, he demanded much of his submissives. He needed them to be strong and obedient. And Madame Eve, a matchmaker out of Las Vegas who had arranged the encounter, had been well aware of that fact. As he examined her more closely, he equated her reaction to being aroused, and relished the thought that his mere presence caused her reaction.

“I’m here to please you, Sir.”

The fire in the large stone fireplace on the far side of the large room cast a lovely glow over her skin. “Your desire to entice me is working.” He pressed his hard cock against the seam of her ass to declare she hadn’t been the only one affected. “I appreciate you addressing me with such respect, but for now, we can do without it. I’d advise, though, to use the term when you believe I want to hear it.” He rubbed himself against her and held back his groan. “Is my cock what you want?”

“I ache for you.”

He chuckled before he moved away and saw her stance falter. “That kind of pleasure you’ll have to earn.”

She proved she was a skilled submissive as she recovered her position without pause. “I want to earn it, Sir.”

He strode toward his bag on the floor by the stone fireplace and took out his flogger. She tensed as he flicked his hand to allow her to hear the sound of the tails whooshing through the air. “Do you have a safe word, my pet?”


He positioned himself behind her and trailed the flogger over her backside. “Explain why that word holds significance?” He smacked her ass with a hard hit to test her limits.

“I’m a U.S. Marshal in Texas.” She groaned. “Supervisory Deputy to be exact.”

He ran the flogger over her bottom again to tease her. “Is that why the submissive role appeals to you, because of the job you hold?”

“It feels wonderful to give up the control I carry in my day-to-day life.” She moaned as he issued another hit. “And I enjoy being punished.”

He’d already known she enjoyed pain play. Madame Eve had sent him an extensive list of her limits, but he preferred learning for himself where those limits were drawn. “How long have you lived the BDSM lifestyle?”

“Five years.” She squeaked as he delivered a hard hit on her back then let the tails of the flogger tickle down the sweet cheeks of her ass.

“But you haven’t had a lifestyle Dom?”

“I—” She paused. “I’d prefer not to discuss it.”

Unacceptable. He hit hard twice. She bowed her head and cringed. “I didn’t ask what you preferred. Answer the question.”

She breathed deep as he hit lightly along her thighs. “I did have someone, but not anymore.”

“Would he be jealous that I’m your Dom tonight?”

“I’d imagine he would be.” She gasped when he flogged her on the shoulders and continued down her back.

“I suppose then, I’ll need to leave my mark on you for all to see, so they’re well aware who you belong to now.”

Saturday, November 26, 2011

One More Time.

Because they were so much fun, I decided to do the "Best Lines" one more time.
Click on the titles to be taken to where you can purchase, if you're dying to read more.

Oh, and one other thing. Diane Alberts, you're the winner of the signed copy of Blown Away. I've sent you an email.

Now onto the lines.


Raw thirst dominated Lyle’s fantasy. Cracked ribs, battered leg, ankle bruised by the shackle, three broken fingers, deep slashes along inner thighs and bone jutting through muscle in the left arm—it all lay crushed under the need for water. Images of shimmering droplets danced behind his crusted eyelids.

How long did it take for a male in his prime to die?

~One Knight in Brooklyn~

“You’re kind of a smartass, aren’t ya? Well, Lady Marianne, I have my own business. I’m in sales.”

Great. He probably dealt drugs. I asked for Robin Hood, but what do I get? Robby from the Hood.

I am so getting a refund.

~Madison’s Life Lessons~

Prequel to the Road to Hell Series

“Or what, Mr. Dominus, you’ll shove me in your trunk?”

Enjoying her humor, he teased, “Don’t tempt me.”

“I think I should warn you, threats, coupled with smiles don’t scare me.”

Micah laughed and she waved goodbye.

~Pandora’s Box~

Book One in the Road to Hell Series

“Mads….” He whispered furiously, the sound of a door opening and clicking closed coming through on his end, loud and clear. “You didn’t call me at two a.m. to tell me nothing was wrong.”

Madison expelled a long, shaky breath. “I think we made a mistake tonight.”

~Fairy Casanova~

“I’m going to peel your garment from your body, slowly”—she groaned again at the vivid imagery—“and taste every inch of your human flesh.”

Human flesh?

She froze against his body. What a strange thing to say.

~Damnation & Desire~

A 1NS Story

"Yup, sending a Wiccan to the Witch's Ball to get some—how the hell am I going to keep this discreet?"

~Designing Passion~

A 1NS Story

"If you believe in her so much, why haven't you utilized her services? As I recall, you're not so romantically fit yourself these days."

~November Rain~

This time Jess did move. She took a step forward and looked the officer directly in the eyes. “Sir, my husband is not dead. And if the Air Force is not taking every measure to find him, you can be sure I will shout it from the rooftops. Take it to every newspaper, radio, and television station in the damn country. You find my husband, and you find him now.”

~Seducing Liberty~

Okay, if he wanted to role-play, she’d role-play. She lifted her finger and waggled it at him, smiling. “Oh, I get it. You’re in character.”


~Awaken the Demon~

“Why is it I get the strangest urge to rip those clothes from your body and see what's hidden beneath all that black?” She ran a finger along his lapel. “Yet, at the same time, I want to vomit at your feet.”

A huge thanks to all the authors for sharing a few of their favorite lines.
Have a great Saturday.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do You Love Madame Eve?

This year I was lucky enough to be invited to write a Christmas story for Madame Eve's 1Night Stand Holiday Anthology with Decadent Publishing. What was even more exciting for me is the other authors involved in this anthology too--Desiree Holt, Cerise Deland, Liia Ann White, DL Jackson, Stacey Kennedy, and Clarissa Yip. We all wrote a story that was included in anthology and then our individual stories are being released separately.

If you're unfamiliar with Madame Eve's story, they are brief erotic romance short stories that tell the stories of one night that leads a couple to their happy ever after. It is a multi-authored world, meaning that each story tells a different story by a different author.

In my case, this time I wrote about Bethany and Lucas, who happens to be the Alpha of his wolf pack. Bethy is human. But, in I'll Be Mated For Christmas, Bethany can have everything she wants if only she will take it.

Check out the anthology and the whole series. There are a TON of fabulous authors writing this series.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Week of ThanksGiving

I'm thankful for a lot of things this year and I will be expressing them on my own blog all this week BUT I had to post this here so my fellow Paranormal Romantics bloggers would see it.

PR started in June 2009. I organized it and ran it since then but my fellow authors have made the job very easy. I'm very thankful to work with these people. There are many group blogs that come and go but I'm very pleased that we continue to run without a hitch.

They blog EVERY week or find someone else to replace them. I don't think we've had one day go by without a new blog post in 2 1/2 years. That's roughly 912 articles.

I've never heard a complaint. :)  When I ask for things, they respond quickly.

Thank you, Rebecca Royce, Hailey Edwards, Sara Brookes, J. Hali Steele, DL Jackson, and Stacey Kennedy.

Here's to our futures.

Annie Nicholas

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Remembering Your Roots by Melanie Card

*Melanie will giving away an ebook copy of Ward Against Death. Please leave a comment with your email address to be entered. Open internationally*

Thank you Paranormal Romantics for inviting me here today. A little while ago Justin Bieber made a donation to the Stratford food bank where his mom had turned to for support when he was young… well, younger. I normally don’t pay much attention to the celebrity scene, but because I live in the area the donation made the local news. And I, being a Stratford girl myself, was thrilled to see my hometown (and hometown celebrity) making news.

I have great respect for Justin acknowledging where he comes from and how he got to where he is now. I think this is a valuable trait (in real people and for fictional people—the author in me just can’t stop applying things to fiction). Whether you were happy or not, had it easy or struggled, or was somewhere in between, we learn valuable lessons as we go through life. Lessons, like: if I run, that boy in my kindergarten class who wants to kiss me will chase me. If I take a risk, like write a story in journal class instead of writing about myself, I’ll find encouragement. Of course, some risks also ended in rejection and failure… alright, a lot of risks ended badly.

All of these things, however, have made me who I am today. Just like all of Justin’s experience have made him who he is.

From a fiction perspective, I think it’s important to consider these roots when writing a character. Find out who they’ve been and who they are to help find out who they’re going to be. These are the details that, for me, make characters fuller, deeper, well-rounded. Just like we have full, complete lives with experiences that we might never forget, so, too, should our characters.

For example, the hero of my YA fantasy novel, Ward Against Death, was born into a family of necromancers, except he isn’t a very good necromancer. This being unable to “fit in” among his family drove him to embrace the complete opposite of necromancy: medicine. Unfortunately for my hero, when we meet him he’s been kicked out of the physician’s academy and forced to fall back on the family business as his only career option. No matter how much he wants to pretend that part of himself doesn’t exist, he can’t. The question for him then becomes: will he embrace his roots or keep fighting them?

As for my heroine, she’s fully embraced her roots. Daughter of the man controlling all criminal activity in the city, she’s following her mother’s footsteps as an assassin in the Assassins’ Guild. She believes this is where she’s supposed to be and what she’s supposed to be doing… at least until someone murders her. Now, when she’s woken from the dead by our hero at the beginning of the story, she begins to question who she is and what she wants to become.

Like the characters in my books, I cannot ignore my roots. I, like Justin, must embrace who I am and where I’m from—which isn’t that difficult. Stratford was a great place to grow up and I have some wonderful friends there. For our fictional characters, we, as writers, probably shouldn’t be so kind. Challenging histories make for fun, challenging presents and futures.

Thanks for joining me today. Do you have a favorite fictional character with compelling roots?

About Melanie Card:

Melanie has always been drawn to storytelling and can't remember a time when she wasn’t creating a story in her head. Her early stories were adventures with fairies and dragons and sword swinging princesses.

Today she continues to spin tales of magic in lands near and far, while her cat sits on the edge of her desk and supervises. When she’s not writing, you can find her pretending to be other people with her local community theatre groups.

Connect with Melanie:

Facebook / Twitter @melaniecard / Goodreads / MelanieCard.com

Get your copy of Ward Against Death at:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books On Board | Diesel | iTunes | The Book Depository


Twentyyearold Ward de’Ath expected this to be a simple job—bring a nobleman’s daughter back from the dead for fifteen minutes, let her family say goodbye, and launch his fledgling career as a necromancer. Goddess knows he can’t be a surgeon—the Quayestri already branded him a criminal for trying—so bringing people back from the dead it is.

But when Ward wakes the beautiful Celia Carlyle, he gets more than he bargained for. Insistent that she’s been murdered, Celia begs Ward to keep her alive and help her find justice. By the time she drags him out her bedroom window and into the sewers, Ward can’t bring himself to break his damned physician’s Oath and desert her.

However, nothing is as it seems—including Celia. One second, she’s treating Ward like sewage, the next she’s kissing him. And for a nobleman’s daughter, she sure has a lot of enemies. If he could just convince his heart to give up on the infuriating beauty, he might get out of this alive…

Enjoy this excerpt from Ward Against Death:

“I think,” Ward said, his voice soft, “that this is much bigger than you.”

“Bigger than me? I’m the Dominus’ daughter.”

He looked at her with his brown eyes, and she knew she’d found her moment. She set her cup aside and knelt at his feet, clasping his hand between hers.

“You’re right. This is our first good lead and we should follow it. But it can wait a moment. We’re celebrating you. And you haven’t finished your drink.”

“That’s because you topped it up.”

She smiled and sat back on her heels. “Because I plan on getting you drunk and taking advantage of you.”

He laughed and took a long swig from his cup. “No, really, I should—”

“No.” She skimmed her hands up his thighs to his waist and leaned in, brushing her nose against his. “Really.”

He gasped and flushed. The strength of her advance was risky, but she no longer had time to play it slow. She knew he found her attractive. Now was her only opportunity.

“Celia.” His voice wavered on an uneven breath. “I...”

She ran her hands up his chest, along his neck, and cupped his jaw between her palms. If she closed her eyes, she could imagine Ward was the innocent, honest man she’d believed. Beneath her fingers, she could feel his noble heritage, the chiseled lines of his cheeks and jaw. His betrayal hurt more than she thought possible, and she pressed her lips to his before she could change her mind.

He froze, and his lips trembled under hers. It was too fast, too soon, and she eased back. But he caught the back of her head with his hand and deepened the kiss with a sudden, intense need, sending a shock of pleasure through her.

Celia gasped, caught off guard. She shouldn’t have been. When Ward decided to do something, he committed fully to it.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Wish I Wrote That

I asked a group of authors to give me their best lines. Here’s the collection with buy links—If you’ve just got to read more. I know I do. Click on the titles to be taken to the buy link.

~Celestial Seduction~

“No, you’re thinking paranormal. Try science fiction.”

~Savannah’s Ghost Tale~

He laughed and pointed down at his bulging pants. "As ready as a teenager. I'm not kidding."

~Blown Away~

Happy trail: That sexy little strip of hair that runs from a man’s belly button to his—towel.

~Dracula’s Kiss~

"Have ye been naughty? Do I need tae teach ye a lesson and lock ye up?"

~This Endris Night~

The last thing she recalled was that yawning mouth full of nasty teeth—a coarse stroke of Nanuk’s tongue on her face—the smell of his minty-fresh breath.

Release Date November 25th.

~Alpha Wolf~

What kind of wolf wanted to meet someone in a bar?

~Kill Me Tomorrow~

Tomorrow you will marry someone, anyone, and you don’t even know who?

~Seducing Liberty~

Panic was reasonable—so was puking.

~The Beta, The Vanguards, Book 3~

One more day before his alpha got home. One. More. Day. He got dressed in a pair of nylon workout pants and a green t-shirt that read Never Moon a Werewolf.

That thought was enough to trigger Pepper into action. She leaped at Alessandro and wrapped her arms and legs around him. He staggered but held her as she buried her face in his chest.

"Rat, rat, rat," she gasped.

Oh God, erection, erection, erection.

~The Price of Defiance~

She cast a glance at the officer, who shook his head, locked the door, and turned his back.

I’m not a criminal.

Thanks to all the authors that participated.
Now I'm giving away a signed copy of Blown Away, to one of the commentors. I'll draw a random name from my virtual hat on Friday at Midnight and announce a winner on my post next Saturday.

Have a great weekend,

D L Jackson

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Friday


Skinny jeans, skinny drinks, skinny diets, skinny people - lots of skinny things. I found something the other day that really intrigued me - skinny houses!

I live in a very old (built in the early 1900s) drafty, little house. I mean little. Hell, there's only room for me and the cats. Not a lot of space to clean which makes me wonder why the hairnballs... well, that's another story and I don't want to get off track. These homes really give new meaning to the word. Imagine living in one of these:

... and going to the bathroom here. Where's the tub, or shower? Cooking in the pictured kitchen would require very compact movements.
This one is cool, wonder how many apartments are in there?

These homes must be very economical and I really like the one with the rounded sides and all the windows. I'd certainly enjoy that view! But, could a really big bear topple me over the hill? Of course, there'd be no falling out of bed. Hmm, wonder how big the bed is... probably big enough, huh? *grin*

Have a great weekend!

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele

Thursday, November 17, 2011

No Restraint Release!

No Restraint (a Sypricon Masters book)
For years, Kegan Riley has been under the intense scrutiny of the public eye. The demand of competing on the Aeronautical Racing Circuit has forced her to tuck away her lifestyle choices and put her racing first. But when the opportunity for a quick break from the chaos presents itself, she detours to Tawse, a BDSM club on the frontier planet, Sypricon.
Walker knew something was special about the gorgeous hot-shot racer the moment she stepped through the club’s doors. He doesn’t care about her fame and fortune; he just wants her underneath his control. Before long, Kegan confesses the dark secrets of her soul and Walker is certain it won’t be long until he shows her how unrestrained submission can heal her damaged heart.
Warning: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable including but not limited to: D/s, spanking

“So tell me why a hot-shot ARC racer like yourself obviously has problems submitting, yet keeps a  membership at a sex club on a distant planet where it’s expected.”
Then again, maybe he was supposed to know her intimately.
It was a question she’d asked herself for years and still wasn’t certain an honest answer existed. His touch curved under her jaw, his hand collaring her throat above the impulse band. He didn’t squeeze, but left his hand there as a sign to her. A sign she read loud and clear.
He was in charge.
“Tell me, princess.”
Reassured by the firm tone in his voice, she confessed what she’d never told anyone. “Do you have any idea what it’s like to be under such intense scrutiny? To have every single move you make examined and analyzed within an inch of its life?” Walker’s thumb slid against her skin, and the quiet sound of it gave her the strength she needed to continue. “I’m what everyone else wants me to be. Here, I get to be whatever I want even though there’s a part of me that can’t give everything up. I want to. So very, very much.”
“So, I was wrong.” Kegan tensed, stunned to hear the confession and his chuckle made her even more curious. “Surprised I can admit I’m wrong?”
“Yes. Most Doms I know wouldn’t admit to such a weakness.”
“Princess, I’m unlike any Dom you’ve ever met. Admitting I’m wrong isn’t a weakness. I was merely incorrect in my approach.” His voice had taken on a husky quality, as if he’d just come off the most euphoric of highs. “Your problem isn’t singularly about control. It’s a big part of it, but some of it is you really need to be reminded of what you are.”
Walker’s fingers worked over the zipper, pulling it down to her waist to expose her cleavage. Those fingers slipped into the opening, gliding over the bare skin he found. He didn’t appear to be surprised to find nothing between her and the suit.
“Let me guess, you won’t wear any kind of support under this in order to hide the fact you are very much a woman in hopes the men on the circuit forget that fact.”

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Author's Throne...

Okay, so maybe our desk chairs aren't exactly thrones, but I write fantasy! Humor me. ;)

I have gone through I think five desk chairs during the time I've been writing, which as been about three years. Either the seat cushions have smushed flat or they've hurt my back. Just miserable stuff. This last chair I've had six months and the cushion was nothing. I was basically sitting on the particle board base (ouch) through the leather.

So anyway, I heard there was a nice sale going on at Office Depot. I wanted to order online, but one of my crit partners told me to leave the writer cave and venture into the world. I'm glad she did. The chair I'd wanted online was miserable. I ended up finding one I hadn't noticed on the site. This is it...

It was regularly around $179 or so? On sale, I got it for $89. I thought for less that $100 I could give it a try. So far, so good. My back is still killing me, but I imagine it will take a couple of days for the pain my other chair was causing to ease. Well, and I think I pulled something putting this one together. It's easy to assemble, but it's a sturdy one. *wince*

How about y'all? What type of chair do you use? Do you burn through them as fast as I seem to?

Monday, November 14, 2011


Much like a cake, while editing a story a writer adds layers to make a finished product. After the first draft is done, the writer goes back, reading through the manuscript checking for the lack of description, emotion, continuity.

Each one of us has a weak spot. Something we all miss. So, when I return to layer it's to add emotion and more internal thoughts. When I finish a first draft, my story is so superficial, my characters are very two dimensional. It's on the second and sometimes a third pass of layering that bring it to life.


It's what I've been doing for two weeks now. I very tired of layering. LOL  I'm not a baker! There's no end in sight either. I can't wait to write new words.

I've read that Nora Roberts and Maya Banks write clean first drafts. How? I'd love to not have to layer anymore. Guess it's a learning curve.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paranormal in Real Life by Natalie J. Damschroder

I like to say I started writing paranormal romance because I hate to do research, and with paranormal, I can make everything up. In reality, my then-three-year-old daughter said she wanted to meet a dragon one day, a novel's first line popped into my head, and it ballooned from there. That first book had spy heroine trying to get the mage villain to overturn the curse he'd placed a thousand years ago that turned her soulmate into a dragon.

I've since written a slew of paranormal stories featuring people with extraordinary abilities, but they're all set in today's world. Not just in the way most urban fantasy novels are, but fully grounded in our society, rather than in a world set apart, hidden from "normal" people. One of my favorite descriptions was when a friend said "I feel like I can open the yellow pages and find your superhero agency."

It wasn't like a decided consciously to do it this way, but it happened because I would love to encounter some real-life paranormals. A lot of novels explore the down side to such gifts, and I like reading those. But come on. Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to heal someone's injuries? Retrieve the lost wedding band from under the floorboards without having to rip up half the floor? Turn a guy's shower water blue and make him think his dog caught on fire in retaliation for being a jerk?

I'm not the only one who thinks paranormality is cool. It's become so popular not just in fiction, but in reality TV and the increase in psychics putting out a shingle. Is it real? I have no idea. I haven't actually encountered anything that couldn't be explained or dismissed. But I like to think it is.

Some would say we as a society are so into it nowadays because it's an escape from the dark reality our country is living in, or because we're having faith issues and want evidence of an afterlife or whatever. I think we're just ready to take things to the next level. Humans are scientists. We want to explain things, and have never stopped trying to understand our existence and how it ties in to everything around us. So much has been explained, now, that it's almost inevitable that we look harder at things well outside the realm of science.

So like I said, I've never personally witnessed anything that seemed paranormal. How about you? Tell me about your freaky encounters, the abilities of people you've met or heard about, or the power you wish you had!


Under the Moon
November 15, 2011
Entangled Publishing | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Their power gives them strength…and makes them targets.

Quinn Caldwell is the epitome of a modern goddess. Her power source is the moon, her abilities restricted only by physical resources and lunar phase. She runs a consulting business and her father’s bar, serves on the board of the ancient Society for Goddess Education and Defense, and yearns for Nick Jarrett, professional goddess protector and the soul mate she can never have.

But someone has developed the rare and difficult ability to drain a goddess of her powers, and Quinn is a target. With the world thinking Nick has gone rogue (whatever that means) and that Quinn is influenced by “family ties” she didn’t know she had, keeping themselves safe while working to find the enemy proves harder each day.

But not as hard as denying their hearts…


You can learn more about Natalie and her books at her website, eHarlequin, Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook. She blogs with four other obsessed passionate Supernatural fans at Supernatural Sisters, with a number of fantastic romance authors at Everybody Needs a Little Romance, and just to hear herself talk at Indulge Yourself.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

In order for there to be pirating, you have to have pirates.

*To, 99% of you, this does not apply.*

Did you buy that e-book, or did you go to a rapid-share site, hit a button and download it for "free"? Worse yet, are you one of those people who went to that site and loaded it for everyone to take?

Think twice before you hit that button and download any novel that says it's free. You could be pirating. Regardless of what you've heard--it's stealing.

Rule of thumb: Most authors don't work to give it away. Name one profession that does. If you want that free book, check out the author's website, or the publisher's site first. If they don't have it listed as free, it's not, and if you download it anyway, you're breaking the law and you are a pirate.

It is the pirates, those illegally downloading, that make this theft possible, and in the end it can end the writing careers of many wonderful writers who are struggling to get by. It hurts the authors whose books you enjoy. Contrary to popular belief, we don't make a lot of money doing this. Most of us make a lot less than minimum wage--that's right, pennies for stories that take months--sometimes years to write. We don't have benefits, and many of us have families they are trying to support. Would you steal from a baby? A starving child? Why would you steal someones income--especially in this economy?

So how is this different than a library? Simple answer, libraries contract with publishers for the right to lend books. They have permission--they pay for that permission. Necromonger over on rapid-share does not,nor have they purchased this right. I'm sure my publisher will tell you they've not signed any contracts with anyone that goes by this alias. And why the alias? Because they don't want you to know their name if they're doing something illegal.

Guess what? Some files have codes embedded in them that help publishers to track this abuse and your secret may not be a secret for long. The bigger the e-publishing industry grows the more likely you are to get caught if you are doing this, and yes, it's a criminal offense, yes you can be prosecuted and no, it's not going to be good when it happens.

What this boils down to is that the only reasons these sites exist, are that there are people who pirate.
As for Cinderella Wore Combat Boots, the story I have to keep chasing around, to get it taken down from these illegal sites, I'm not making a dime from it. Not one cent. All my profits are going to The Wounded Warrior Project. When you steal this book, you take from wounded heroes who need a hand to get back on their feet.

It's $2.99 at Decadent Publishing, cheaper than that beer or bag of chips you last bought. If you've pirated in the past, this is your chance to redeem yourself. If you know someone who pirates--please feel free to pass this along. Help stop pirating by not supporting it. If you want a copy of Cinderella Wore Combat Boots, consider doing a review, entering one of the many contests to win a copy, or just spend the three dollars and help a hero. http://www.decadentpublishing.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=Cinderella+Wore+Combat+Boots&osCsid=c57j28tbh88o6qt6ocuelep6v1

To authors who find themselves in this situation, here is a fill-in the blank, DMCA Takedown Notice, to help you get started:

Send to: (host site address)
(Make sure you CC your publisher)

Dear (Pirate Site),

Please remove all of my books from your site immediately. Entire manuscripts are posted, clearly in violation of copyright laws. Below you'll find the URL's to each site. The links are illegally downloaded.

Please find the copyright page of my book attached.

(Author name), Copyright holder

Electronic Notice of Claimed Infringement

I, the undersigned, state UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that

I am, the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of certain intellectual property rights of (Author name), aka. (Pen Name) published by (Publisher Name);

* I have a good faith belief that the listings identified below

[SEE BELOW] offer items or contain materials that are not

authorized by the IP Owner, its agent, or the law, and therefore infringe the IP Owner's rights; and

* The information in this notice is accurate. Please act expeditiously to remove the listings identified in this email.

(Title of pirated book)


I May Be Contacted At: (email)

Name of IP Owner:

Name and Title:


(Please don't give them your address, phone number, scanned signature. They don't need it, and remember you're dealing with thieves, and you don't want to give them personal information beyond your email)

The titles I own the copyrights to are: (titles on site being pirated)

THE OFFENDING FILES FOUND ON YOUR WEBSITE ARE: (titles on site being pirated)

(Your name)

*Feel free to copy, fill in the details and go after the site hosting these pirates. Make sure you check to see where to send it. Sometimes you have to dig.*

For all my readers who came about their copies legally--a huge thanks, for helping me to help wounded vets.  A bigger thanks for helping to keep authors writing and not chasing after stories that are being stolen. YOU ARE THE BEST! YOU ARE THE REASON WE WRITE.

Have a great Saturday,

D L Jackson

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Friday

What if we were immortal?

Think about population explosion and times it by a number that will fill every square inch of space we have available on earth! Where would we all live? Would there be homes burrowed deep in the majestic mountains, or underground caves that already dot our world? Glass bubbles abounding under the deep blue seas? Guess we would have to move to the "heavens" above. New planets and places to explore... Yikes, on a Friday morning I don't want to delve into that scenario and the what ifs, and I certainly won't be the first person to board a flight to outerspace. I'll leave that to the younger, more adventurous types.

I'm just thinking about the daggone movie, Immortals, which opens today. That's all. In turn, my mind drifted to men, handsome men - HOT men, who I'd like to maybe be immortal in my kitchen!! You know, cook a damn good omelet, reach the high shelves, move the refrigerator when needed, and wash dishes. Oh, mop the floor, clean windows, make beds... *sigh* You see where this is going right? *laugh*

Basic fire-up-the-grill guy, a wiz at burgers.

Catch the prey-in-the-wild guy, he'll feed me with his fingers.

4 star restaurant guy, hell, he could talk me into escargot anywhere we go!


Have fun, come up with your own captions, and don't be afraid to share them!!

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Simple Question

In life, in writing, in anything you do, ask yourself...what keeps you going?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Embraced--The Conditioned Book 2 has Released!

Benedicte Lavelle is a single father raising two small daughters. When his neighbors put him in charge of handling the haunting that plagues their neighborhood, he has no choice but to use disreputable means in order to bring in a Conditioned ghost hunter to help with their problem. He doesn’t expect to be drawn to the young woman who arrives at his house in chains. He doesn’t expect to have his entire life thrown into upheaval when she is snatched away.

Conditioned prisoner Seven-Two-Four has never had a name. She cannot read, and is scheduled to die as soon as she is returned to the Institution. The Conditioned are not considered human, but Seven can see ghost energy and she can love Ben like no one ever has before.

When fate takes Seven from Ben’s arms, can he move on and find a new purpose in life or will he be forever trapped by the need to rescue those like his lost love?

Monday, November 7, 2011

The internet Connection by Heaven Leigh Eldeen

In my life I have had many blessings, two of them being my husband and my seven year old son. Well, my husband can be a curse and a blessing at times. With his strong, old fashioned beliefs and values, I have spent the last ten years as a stay-at-home wife and mother, which can be taxing.
I am by no means complaining, but, let’s face the reality of it. It doesn’t take that much time to clean a fifteen-hundred square foot home, and with my son gone most of the day at school, it can get downright boring.
The selection of television programs at eleven a.m. is pathetic and overloaded with reality and soap opera shows that are slightly more entertaining than watching paint dry.  So, that rules out being a couch potato to kill time between dishes and laundry. 
I’ve tried numerous hobbies in an attempt to keep myself from going completely insane, everything from beading, puzzles, to even playing World of Warcraft. (Oh yeah, Level eighty, Night Elf, Druid for the win!) But, after a time, they became as monotonous and predictable as clipping toenails.
So, one day, I get the idea that I’ll find a part-time job. HA! Yeah right. In today’s market, jobs are as elusive as an albino, Dodo Bird doing the hula, especially when you specify on your application that you can only work from nine a.m. to one p.m. and no weekends.
What does that leave a girl who is slowly asphyxiating herself with the vacuum cord?  The internet. D’uh. With the hours upon hours of un-rated, unregulated, pointless, mindless entertainment the World Wide Web offers, I soon became an internet junkie. Oh, hellz yeah. Starting every day with wrapping the mouse cord around my arm, clicking for a vein, I became enthralled with the images, videos, stories, and people I found.
Still, something was lacking. Yes, I had an endless supply of instant gratification, but I wanted more. I wanted something beyond being Mr. Eldeen’s wife and Lil man’s mother. I wanted something of my own, far greater than sparkling toilets and freshly dusted DVD’s.
Then it happened. Challenged by my sister-in-law to write something different from the barrage of vampire novels we’d been sharing, I learned I could use the internet for more than killing Horde, shaman Orcs and watching videos of dancing cats.
I found this cool program, Microsoft Word, and next thing I know, I’m typing away faster than the speed of light. Okay, not that fast, but you get the idea. A love for writing was unearthed and the hole inside of me instantly filled over the brim. From that day forth, I knew exactly what I needed to do to keep from smothering myself with my pillow.
Three months later, I had a fifty-thousand-plus-word novel, The Demon Side, on my hands. Excited, I began submitting to every publishing house I could find. It didn’t take long before the rejection letters began pouring in. It wasn’t until I read my manuscript out loud, that I realized why no one wanted my tale about a schizophrenic girl, her Marine father, and an alcoholic step-mother moving into a home with a Demon.
The word ‘like’ appeared over three-thousand times. The fruit of my labor produced a valley girl master piece. I will admit it knocked me down a bit. The lack of my education now held a front and center position before me.
It wasn’t going to stop me though. The feeling of self-worth, confidence, pride, and fulfillment writing gave me was worth fighting for. I knew the hurdles I would have to jump, so I put on my running shoes. Researching community college after community college, the price of formal education almost pushed me out of the race a few times.
Feeling low and defeated, I turned to my beloved internet for solace, when I stumbled upon thesaurus.com. ‘What’s this?’ I thought to myself. ‘An educational website? It can’t be?’ Oh, but it was. After six days, and changing over two-thousand was’s, I knew I could be onto something. I could educate myself right from my computer chair, and the only cost being my internet bill.
Searching website after website, my brain began downloading everything it missed by dropping out of high school in the tenth grade.  During one of my many searches on writing for dummies, I stumbled upon the best page ever. It advertised a place where education is free, information is endless and all you needed to access it is a bill with your current address on it. Can such a place truly exist?
It does. They call it a library. I call it my mecca. The place I go when I know I don’t know enough, such as where the heck does a comma go? My noggin still hasn’t soaked in where to place a semi colon, but not only am I learning more and more every day, so is my family, thanks to the children’s section of my local library.
With weekly trips to the library and countless days on Google and thesaurus.com, it all paid off. My novella, The Demon Side, received an acceptance letter from Decadent Publishing.
I’m not really writing this guest blog to push my book. I wrote this in hopes it would push those who feel they need a degree to realize their dreams. You don’t. Make no mistake, I am not knocking those down who have been fortunate enough to earn their education and places on the best seller’s lists. When I have the opportunity I plan on furthering my education formally. But in the meantime, I plan on fully abusing the free resources offered by the library and internet, like an ugly red headed step child, and I encourage all of you to do the same.
With all of that said, I wish you all happy self-educating and a wonderful day. Thank you for your time. This is Heaven Liegh Eldeen, author of The Demon Side, signing off.

“Every kid has problems. Every kid has even more problems when they move to a new home. But when a kid with problems moves to a new home that has a Demon living inside it—look out!
 Etta’s world is about to spin out of control when she encounters her new roommate—and Rahovart, that ancient trickster, is in for a few surprises too. So don’t mind all the crashing and rumbling; that’s just the normal noise Angels and Demons make when they’re fighting an epic war in the attic.
 One thing’s for sure: Etta and Rahovart will have to go through Hell to Heaven and back again before that old Victorian home in Quantico Town finally quiets down… “

Etta plopped back onto her bed and stared at the ceiling for a few moments. I wished I could hear her thoughts. Her father had just admitted to being a murderer for all practical purposes, though that was not how I viewed him. I truly believed John only tried to save the village, but his fervor and some help from a desperate Alastor, turned what should have been a heroic act into a bloodbath. Many men have unknowingly fallen from grace in the name of the greater good. Now, hopefully Etta would see that her father was just the victim of blurred lines between good and evil.
“What are you thinking?” I asked as I lay down next to her on the bed.
“Can a person still go to Heaven even if they’ve killed someone?”
“Well, I’m not in the business of getting people to Heaven, Etta. That’s the last place I want them to go,” I reluctantly replied.
“Even if it were me?” Etta stared hard at me with watery eyes, looking right into my blackened soul. I never gave much thought to where her soul would go, except to stop her from mistakenly giving it to me.
“That is a choice for you to make. I can’t force you to choose a side. I can only put the temptations in front of you.”
“You didn’t answer my question.”
“What do you want me to say? I want to see you burn in the depths of Hell? You’ll never hear that from me. Only you and your actions can decide where you go when you leave this world.”
“I would go if it meant I could be with you, you know.”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” As much as I would have loved for that to be the case, her comment angered me. I couldn’t imagine a person like her becoming something like me.
“I know that when you’re around I feel safe nothing could ever hurt me. I get butterflies in my stomach when you touch me. I know your soul, Ra. I don’t know how, but I know. I knew it the second I saw you. You weren’t meant for this existence. You fought for good once, and I’m certain you will again.” Etta was strong in words. She spoke with solid confidence. She described what I felt.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Where are the Slut Books???

Good, Morning.

Recently I met one of my peers in Albany, New York. While we were there, we hung out for a bit at a Barnes and Noble, searching for fellow author’s books.

Not being familiar with the layout, I asked a customer browsing the “romance” section if she knew where the erotic romance was.

Her reply: “The slut books?”

Mine: “Yeah.”

Her reply: “Mixed in with everything else, I think.”

I looked over at my friend who also writes “slut books,” but chose to keep my mouth closed. Too many people make assumptions about this genre and guess what; I’m going to try to clear up a few of the common misconceptions.

So, dear romance reader, if you don’t know which books are erotic romance and which are romance, how do you know if they’re mixed in with the romance? I can tell you why. Because they are romance—just a little sexier.

Here are some common misconceptions, in no particular order:

Erotic romance is Porn.

No, actually it’s not. This common statement is often spouted by those who’ve watched “porn” but have never read erotic romance. Porn serves one purpose, to sexually excite the reader or viewer. It doesn’t usually have plot, or a plot that is central to character growth, (well not the kind of growth I’m talking about anyway). You know what I mean. We don’t have nifty music that goes chicka ba-wa in the background when the television repairman walks in and the bored housewife drops her dress. We have a beginning, middle and end to our novel. We have stakes sometimes that are quite high. The story is about the hero and heroine not only falling in love, but rising up to the challenges we hurtle in front of them—not just rising up to the challenge. Erotic romance tells a story first and foremost, with riskier sex scenes that may excite the reader, but their purpose is always about growth. Sex is not the story, but it is usually central to the story and the growth of the characters.

Erotic romance is the easiest genre to write.

Okay, when I’m done laughing, I’ll tell you why I think this is so funny. When I first started writing, I wrote romance. Science fiction mostly. I’ve heard all about this from science fiction authors since I’ve crossed over to the “Dark Side.” Here are a few statements. Romance writers ruin science fiction. Erotic romance writers are turning it, (science fiction, urban fantasy, dystopian, military) into a fuckfest. If I knew how to write, I wouldn't write erotic romance, because anyone can do that.

No, anyone can’t. It takes skills to keep your plot central and build realistic, tense love scenes that move the story forward in a manner that they don’t feel like they’ve been tossed in as gratuitous sex. Chicka ba-wa. Crossing genres is never easy. It’s not easy for science fiction authors to cross with horror and it’s not easy to cross with romance. Some of the most difficult stories I’ve written are erotic romance, because I have to pull on the readers emotions, cranking the tension in each and every scene like it’s a thriller. As an erotic romance writer, not only do you need to understand the nature of women, you have to understand the nature of men. Sheroes do not work in romance. We like our men—manly, even when they’re gay, and our sex hot.

We’re writing from experience.

Grabs sides and rolls on the floor. I freaking wish. Really?

No, I’ve never faced down flesh-eating aliens to save a crew of 2000, while having a three-way relationship with a man and woman hot enough to melt me in my panties, have you? As far as the sex goes, maybe a few do, I haven’t. But I do a lot of research and have seen some things that made my eyes cross. Chicka ba-wa.

So, if you’ve been mislead by one of these common misconceptions, I challenge you to pick up an erotic romance novel today. Read it. Then form your opinion. But don’t tell me I write "slut books" until you know the difference between romance and erotic romance. Because frankly, there’s a very thin line between the two and some of the books you’ve picked up in the grocery store at the checkout are erotic romance.

Now, if you’re feeling adventurous. My newest story, Seducing Liberty, is being released on Tuesday, November 8th. Want to bust your erotic romance cherry? Try this time-travel ménage.

You’ll be glad you did.

Have a great weekend,

I am, D L Jackson. Proud writer of slut books, a.k.a. erotic romance.

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Friday

And Fall is in full swing! It's the time of year we all start thinking about two of the biggest holidays of the year. Many are starting to think about where, and with whom, they'll spend the holidays, we even start to make travel plans.  Traditions of special meals and decorating ideas are passed down to our children and, of course, we share stories of holidays past. But we have a few weeks yet to exchange some of those ideas. *Grinning* Have to say that winter holidays do not top my list but I do enjoy baking (and what comes out of the oven sometimes suprises me!) and cooking. We'll talk about that over the next couple Fridays, and I'll still throw in some nice pics along the way of... well, whatever pops into my head!
This is also the time of year for going to the movies and do we have some goodies out there as well as coming up. I still need to see Real Steel. Actually, I just want to see Hugh Jackman. I know the reviews haven't been raving good but I kind of like the idea of machines beating up on each other versus seeing men fight. Though I have been known to watch a good fight.
For the kiddies we've got Puss in Boots and Dolphin Tale in 3D - and I'd love to see either of these. Come on, a cat and a dolphin - who could resist either? Animal movies, even when animated, tend to be some of the best movies, at least for me.

I'm dying to see The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, just wish they wouldn't drag it out in two parts.

Finally, I cannot wait until 11/11/11 for IMMORTALS!! This is my kind of movie.

What are you dying to see in theaters?

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Evil Within by Shea Berkley

*Leave a comment for Shea Berkley below to be entered to win an ebook of The Marked Son*

The Marked Son

Seventeen-year-old Dylan Kennedy always knew something was different about him, but until his mother abandoned him in the middle of Oregon with grandparents he’s never met, he had no idea what.

When Dylan sees a girl in white in the woods behind his grandparents’ farm, he knows he’s seen her before…in his dreams. He’s felt her fear-- Heard her insistence that only he can save her world from an evil lord who uses magic and fear to feed his greed for power.

Unable to shake the unearthly pull to Kera, Dylan takes her hand. Either he’s completely insane or he’s about to have the adventure of his life, because where they’re going is full of creatures he’s only read about in horror stories. Worse, the human blood in his veins has Dylan marked for death…

The Evil Within

My friends and I were kicking back and jaw-flapping about books and story structure and character arcs (we’re serious geeks like that), and we landed on the topic of genre. More to the point, the paranormal genre. Why has it found such a strong following?

I won’t go into all the deconstruction that followed (seriously, it’d make Dracula want to stake himself to get away from our theoretical beat-down), but we determined that one of the mainstays of paranormal genre is the presence of evil.

I’m not talking about a dissatisfied friend who backstabs her way into the job you were a shoe-in before she started her climb because she wants a new pair of Christian Louboutin Sequined Platform Pumps that are, “Oh my God!” to die for. I’m talking about real evil—that stuff which we cannot explain, that makes our heart seize up; stuff that will make a grown man curl into a fetal position and cry out for his mommy.

That innate sense of evil is one of the reasons I write fantasy. I love a good villain, but what I really love is a “good” character who finds out that evil is in him. Everyone is capable of evil. In my book, The Marked Son, Dylan’s grandfather is questioned by a neighbor about the out-of-control behavior of a local teenage boy. This is what Grandpa says:

The muscles along Grandpa’s shoulders tighten and quickly relax. “Hell, Ed. No one, given the right circumstances, is harmless. Including you.”

We don’t like to think of ourselves as being evil, but evil exists in each of us. It’s the line we’ve been known to toe up to, but hopefully never cross. It’s the monster inside us that the paranormal author digs out and lets loose. The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde dilemma. What happens when we allow the monster to roam free? When the vampire is embraced? The werewolf let free? The god allowed to meddle? The magic used to harm instead of help?

That last, what happens when we use magic to harm instead of help, is a major conflict in Dylan’s life. The Marked Son is Dylan’s testing ground. He doesn’t fully accept what he’s become, and only just begins to understand who and what he is, but his journey isn’t over. It’ll take two more books to see what happens to him and those he loves. It should be a fun ride, and I’m excited to continue the story. Here’s a small excerpt from The Marked Son:

Easing back, I press my spine into the prickly bark and rub my hands through my hair. It’s obvious they don’t know I’m in their world. According to Navar, I’m not even real. Granel is a problem. He believes in my existence and has enough sway over Navar that he’s gotten him to at least consider the possibility I’m real and a threat.

After seeing what I’ve just seen, I’ve got to get back home now more than ever.

Before I can move, the guard appears, dangling upside-down from the branch above me with a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes. “Hello, mutt.”

He cartwheels out of the tree, lands on his feet, and swings his sword in one fluid motion. I dodge the blade and spring to my feet, calling on the tree branches to capture him. The man is quickly tangled, yet with a heavy blow, his sword slices neatly through the wood. He drops to the ground unfazed.

With eyes glittering, he stalks me.

I fumble for the sword Bodog gave me as real fear begins to grow. This guy is a hardened soldier. I don’t stand a chance.

I dodge his blade time and again, feeling the whistle of cold steel every time it passes. I manage to pull out my sword and then something unexpected happens. The blade ripples to life with a flash of fire. I thrust the sword in front of me and gape. Holy flaming fire!

The soldier stops and smiles. “Well, well, well. You’re full of surprises.”

“Just wait. I’ve got more,” I say and shrug with a confidence I don’t exactly feel. Hopefully my act has him thinking I’m used to a good flaming sword fight. To back up my false confidence, I find myself lunging forward, my flaming sword slicing toward his head. He spins away and the battle begins in earnest.

I must be crazy. I’ve never fought with a sword. He acts like he was born with it in his hand. His blade comes frighteningly close to my head and cuts off a few strands of my hair before I push him away. Trees are used as vaulting points. Branches as obstacles. Forest debris whirls. We tussle and my sword flies out of my hand.

Desperate for cover, I duck behind a tree, breathless and sore. I’m at my wit’s end. How long can I postpone the inevitable? I duck as his blade swipes at me again. I don’t want to die. Not like this. Not here. Not now.

I’d like to thank Stacey for inviting me here today. There’s no telling what will happen when I commit to a blog post. If you all have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to ask.

Want to know more about Shea? Contact her at: Facebook / SheaBerkley.com / Goodreads / Twitter / Ruby-slippered Sisterhood