Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Darnedest Places

I love to blog. I do. But there are days when the words, just like in my writing, won't come out and play. I wrote the title of this post thinking I had a plan. I usually do have a plan in what I do, but then there are those times when the plan falls apart. So I'm kind of right there.

But let me backtrack a moment. I got the title for this post from a trip to the store. Yep. I had a story running through my head about a man who is cleaning his house after his sister, who was the tenant, moves out and leaves the house a dump. I'm running with the story, but as I'm at the store thinking this story through, I ended up in the spirits aisle. Now I've given up soda, save for Diet Pepsi to get past the caffeine headaches and I don't drink very often, so I wasn't sure why I was in that aisle. It's not like the cleaning supplies were there. So I'm looking at the bottles and one caught my eye. A vodka called Kinky.

At first I snickered. Menage a Trois wine always makes me smirk and this was just as good. It's also bright pink, so very girly looking. But the longer I'm looking at the bottle, one of the characters started talking to me. His vice wasn't vodka, but bourbon. The reason he and the hero split was because he needed to dry out.

Talk about a rush. I had the general plan for my story and all from looking at a bottle of vodka. The second hero explained how embarrassed he was for losing control and how much he yearned to have the first hero forgive him.

The forgiveness part made me think further. It's that time of year. The time to forgive, forget and move on. Spread the love and be with the ones you care about. That's what these two want to do. How could I say no?

I'm glad I wandered down that aisle and opened my mind to the characters. Has that ever happened to you? You've been in a place you never expected and the characters just break out in chatter? Let me know!


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I always dreamt of writing the stories in my head. Tall, dark, and handsome heroes are my favorites, as long as he has an independent woman keeping him in line. I earned a BA in education at Kent State University and currently hold a Masters in Education with Nova Southeastern University.

I love NASCAR, romance, books in general, Ohio farmland, dirt racing, and my menagerie of animals. I also write under the pen name of Megan Slayer. I’m published with Total-E-Bound, Changeling Press, Liquid Silver Books, Turquoise Morning Press, Decadent Publishing and The Wild Rose Press. Come join me for this fantastic journey!

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Now here's a little bit more about my take on The Phantom of the Opera: The Phantom of the Opera
Gaston Leroux and Wendi Zwaduk
m/f, bdsm, spanking, multiple partners
Available here!

The Classics Exposed…

A chance sighting at the Opera, fated love, and three lives in turmoil.

One man pledges to own her, while another wants her heart. The Opera sets the stage for romance and intrigue. In the catacombs below the building lives a man rife with sorrow and passion. The Phantom. But he’s not content to live alone. He wants to possess the one woman who can set him free.

His Christine.

Viscount Raoul de Chagny doesn’t believe the rumours of a Ghost living below the Opera. He only has eyes for Christine, his childhood friend and first love. Together they embark on a sensual journey of discovery and fiery desire.

But she can only have one man. Will love raise her up or tear their world apart?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm in for a busy December

I don't know about you, but my Decembers keep getting busier and busier. And I'm not talking about the usual buying gifts for the holidays and baking. I'm talking about everything. In my writing, I have so many projects I want to finish up. On the promotion side, I have a bunch of blog tours and blog hops coming up. Plus, I have two stories set to release early next year that need various stages of edits. I'm not complaining. It just seems everything seems to happen in December, whereas some months I have little to nothing going on except writing the next story.

One of the big things to happen to me recently is the print release of Intergalactic Heat, which is a collection of my 1Night Stand stories from Decadent Publishing. Here's a sneak peek:

Plus, my sci-fi erotica short story, Alien Lover, releases December 7, 2012.

So, what do you have planned for December? Are you taking it easy, or going to be just as crazy as me?

Jessica Subject started writing to encourage her daughter to read. Now she writes to keep herself grounded. Although she reads many genres, she enjoys writing Science Fiction Romance the most and believes everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after. She lives Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids and loves to hear from anyone who has enjoyed her stories.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dark Dealings out now!

DARK DEALINGS released from Carina Press yesterday. It had been so long since I'd played with magic...and this story has it in spades. Oh, and a hero that makes my knees weak ;-)

There are monsters in the city. And one of them is her…

Ava Kalle's empty soul devours magic. And her hunger is deadly. She's sharp, quick and can live in shadow, making her work as a spy for the Mages a natural choice. She lives on the fringes of society and likes it that way.

When the man she loves takes another woman for his mate, the darkness in her heart unravels and she'll do anything to get him back. She makes a dangerous deal with a fire elemental, Heyerdar, who has a vested interest in agreeing: together they'll use forbidden magic, harnessing their sexual energy to drive the couple apart.

But soon their pact pushes them both into a dark sexual obsession. One that Ava may not be able to control…

Here's a naughty excerpt:

Ava’s mouth dried and the slick heat of her need pulsed heavily within her. “Your first time, Heyerdar.” She swallowed as his mouth brushed over her nightgown, his tongue curling against the thin linen and wetting a line to the curve of her breast. “I only...”

Monday, November 26, 2012

Making a Change

It feels a little strange to have reached the end of the Heavenly Lovers series. It was only three short books, but thanks to them, angels have ruled my creative side for three years. I've been all about the wings.

Now it's time to say goodbye to that world, those characters, and to angels in general. Well, not a complete goodbye to the angels. I have a short story planned for this year and sometime in the future I'll be writing a half-angel UF. (It's super cool, and I'm not sure the angelics are the good guys.)

So, what am I working on now? Nothing with feathers, fangs or fur. I'm working on a contemporary menage with a working title of Reinventing Henry. Henry is a girl, by the way. She's got a lousy track record with men and her two best friends, Tim and Matt, are determined to help her. It's very different from the angels, and the change has been a lot of fun for me.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving growing up meant heading to my grandmother's house where all my aunts and uncles and cousins would be together. We ate and played and ran and ate a little more and chatted and caught up--doing all the wonderful things that made us wonder why we didn't put forth the effort to see each other more often.

Flash forward twenty years and I can TOTALLY see why many families treasure the holidays as sort of a time for truce and forced harmony. It's like there is something in the green bean casserole that numbs the fact that so in so called so and so a rumpeterircker in April. Or maybe so and so still owes so and so four hundred bucks--but have a piece of pie and let it go for today.

From my family (who is in a potato hotdish euphoria and forgetting a pesky email issue at the moment) to yours, Happy Thanksgiving. May your time be cherished, your hugs returned and held onto extra long and your turkey be juicy.

Lots of Love,
Stephanie Beck

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"How To..." QR CODES

By now you've probably seen them often enough to know what they are. They're funky little square versions of bar codes that look like abstract art and contain direct links to websites or business card info.

But, do you know how to use them?

Well, first you need an app for your mobile device and you can get one for free. There are lots to choose from. I'm listing Red Laser because you don't have to also take a camera picture, you can just center and scan.

for iTunes, iPad -

for Android -

Go to the link and download the app to your device.

Now to test. How about the one that leads to my website. Simply center the QR code in between the bars and it should pick it up and take you to

Now, if you're sitting in traffic behind a truck that offers a service you want, you can simply grab the code with your phone. Welcome to life in the early 21st century.

My best,

Sunday, November 18, 2012

National Novel Writing Month

November is National Novel Writing Month. I've known about NaNoWriMo for a years, but I've never participated. I have been lax in my writing duties, mostly because there's simply been a lot going on. So I decided to partake in NaNo this year. Here, around the mid-point, I've made some decent progress on a work-in-progress I've had sitting around for a bit. 20,000 words worth, which is a sizable chunk, but still a long way from finishing the book (final word count goal is around 80,000 words, it's sitting just under 60K right now). 

Those 20K words seems to have purged a good amount of the story that I've been trying to hammer out. But it also means that I've hit a point where I hate the book. This happens with me, and it's mainly from looking at the words on the screen for too long and constantly thinking about the characters and plot. I have yet to be able to start a book and work on it until the first draft is finished without wandering off to work on something else. 

I'd hoped NaNoWriMo with help with this, but alas, this hasn't been the case. While this point may frustrate other writers, I know myself well enough to back away from the project and work on something else. Nothing really says you can't work on multiple projects for NaNoWriMo, just that the word count is important. Yes, I know you're supposed to verify your word count at the end of the month, but, overall, that really wasn't the reason I participated. 

Are you participating in NaNo this month? If so, how is your progress? 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I blame Thanksgiving!

It's been mentioned that I'm in the Christmas spirit a little too early this my British friends on Facebook. This is true, I have been in the festive mood prematurely. And I've found this happy, seasonal feeling is sneaking upon me earlier and earlier each year I'm in the States. I've only just clicked why this is.
The lead up to this holiday, and Black Friday, means Christmas is on my mind much earlier. Holiday shopping will be completed if not before then on Black Friday (around Thanksgiving for my non American Friends -- it's the day when all stores have door busters and supposed mega sales). And the decorations go up before November is finished because of this extra winter holiday we now partake in.

If that isn't enough to get me in the spirit sooner than usual, I've also got parcels coming in from family who, like myself, have sent out the presents early to beat the extra charges the post office like to slap on boxes with promises of delivering before the holiday.

It's no wonder my writing has slowed down considerably with all these holiday arrangements going on. I've even got to order our Christmas foods this week, to ensure our favorites from the UK will make it to our table on Christmas Day. Crazy!

It won't be long before I'm making a huge batch of Mince Pies! It isn't the holidays without these babies.

MINCE PIE FILLING IS AVAILABLE AT WORLD MARKET and AMAZON. It's a fruit blend, not meat - thought I should clear that up, just in case)

Also, I wonder if the fact that I have a holiday romance coming out in a few weeks has something to do with my extra early celebrations? Could be...

Coming November 30th 2012
Hot winter kisses are all this couple needs to stay warm this Christmas, but will the heat stay long after the magical season of mistletoe has finished?

A small tease from Hot Winter Kiss
She scuttled in and sat near a window, her back to the ugly painting so she could admire a beautiful view instead, albeit it one covered in a blanket of brilliant white snow. Wind danced around the evergreens and whistled around the walls of her winter paradise. In the distance, a wee stone cottage sat by itself, a little boy building a snowman by the front door. Had it snowed like this back in London? Were her grandkids sledding through the estate and playing games? She’d have been black and blue from snowballs by now. She chuckled. Guess it’s not Christmas without some injury or other. A bruised ankle, I can deal with. But no more, you hear me, St Nick?

ALSO AVAILABLE from the bestselling Irish Kisses 1Night Stand series:
Sweet Irish Kiss, book 1
Shamrocked, book 2
Threesome Sweetness, book 3

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Creating a tradition by breaking the mold.

I love Thanksgiving. Hands down it’s my favorite holiday. Eating without guilt. An excuse to make FIVE different pies! What’s not to love? But my Thanksgiving wasn’t always moist turkey with cornbread stuffing, sweet potatoes, and FIVE pies.  My mother’s idea of Thanksgiving dinner was a turkey roll (not sure what kind of meat this was), a box of stovetop stuffing and a hostess pie warmed up with ice cream on it. Now don’t get me wrong, I looked forward to picking out my pie every year but as I became a mother I decided I want my tribe members to have a different memory of Thanksgiving.
A romance is about falling in love. As writers we take this and twist it into our own.  Like my Thanksgiving dinner is different than my mother’s no two writers will tell the same exact story.  Some may write of werewolves, vampires, or mermaids (like my January release). Other’s may stick all humans and throw in a serial killer for spice.
Readers want a variety. So as a writer don’t be afraid to try something new but know sometimes it will work sometimes it won’t. I could share my Thanksgiving horror stories of raw turkey or of sweet potatoes I baked for three hours but I won’t. Instead let me tell you, my turkey is juicy and my sweet potatoes are the most requested dish in our family.  Just as some of the stories I’ve written should never be read, others are good and as I write more - I improve.
I think this year for Thanksgiving I’m going to make a pumpkin soup. Something I’ve never tried. And in 2013, I’m going to try to write a steampunk.  
What would you like to try to write?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dusting Off the Long Forgotten Book

Good morning!

An old, worn, and warped paperback sits on the arm of my couch this morning. The other day I found a mystery book I read and loved in high school. Now I'm halfway through re-reading it and am not only loving the story all over again, but it's interesting to see what I enjoyed reading so many years ago. My tastes have expanded dramatically, but those old books not only speak to my foundations in reading, but some of those subconscious things that influence me as a writer.

I remember a book I read so long ago that I didn't literally read it--my mom read it to me. Of course the title and author are lost, but I remember a ghost story in which the main character was trying to free a horse locked in a building in the woods, but no one was listening. When he/she finally got the door open, a horse's ghost ran out and there was nothing inside except for old bones. Despite the reading level, I'd love to be able to read that again, just experience the story/writing that managed to stick with me all these years.

Am I weird or has anyone else fallen in love again with their favorite books from their youth? :-)

Friday, November 9, 2012

10 Reasons I'm Thankful for The Fortunate Buddha Series

I don't do this often, tell people why I think they should read a series I wrote. Some would call it humble, others might be shocked to think shy—but the truth is, I love my books and I want others to love them for their own merits—which are not always the same. In this case, however, I wanted to break my silence to discuss a series that I am especially proud and very grateful for on many levels. If they make you curious to go and read them, then that's a win-win in my book.

The Fortunate Buddha

10. The Fortunate Buddha is an idol. The hunt for this statue drives all three books, but the motivations of each of my "thieves" is their own.
9. Anya Swift, the heroine in the first book tickled me. She was a thief who enjoyed stealing, but worked for an organization that gave her a purpose—reacquiring stolen or lost works and returning them to their original owners.
The Love Thieves

8. The Sauvage cousins – Max is the hero of the first book and Pietr the hero in the second. These wealthy men have a great relationship. Pietr made me laugh out loud at his antics in the first and Max's driving quest to be with Anya was swoonworthy.
7. Sophie Kingston, the heroine of The Taming of the Thief was smart. I like smart heroines and her resourcefulness helped keep her alive. Lots of gun waving in this book, and a little bit of a first for  me.
6. Museums, antiquities and history offered me some great settings in these books. As a museum junkie, book two was a great deal of fun.

The Taming of the Thief

5. Romance with a splash of adventure and a whole lot of sizzle? Yeah, those are my favorite kinds, too.
4. There is something Harlequin-esque about these books because they were originally written for Harlequin. My grandmother adored Harlequin and used to read to me from their lines (editing some scenes of course) and it's still my goal to one day have a Harlequin title just for her.
3. Jarod Parker in book 3 blew me away. The Lady is a Thief is among my favorite books to have written and Jarod is definitely in my top 3 heroes—ever.

The Lady is a Thief

2. Lady Katherine Hardwicke was a force of nature in the second book, but her story came with a bit of a heart wrenching twist. Loved delving into her story in book 3.
1. While not paranormal, everyone who came into contact with the Fortunate Buddha was in some way greatly affected. I loved having that ambiance in a series.

All three Fortunate Buddha books are now available. You can purchase them separately as eBooks or the whole lot as a collected anthology. They were fun to write and I hope you enjoy the stories of Max and Anya, Pietr and Sophie, and Jarod and Kit as much as I did.

Happy Month of Thanks all!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cover Reveal of Mystically Bound!

Happy Wednesday!!

It's always exciting when you have a new release coming up, but it's even more exciting when you get a new cover! I originally had the cover designed for Mystically Bound months ago, even before I started writing the story. But when I got into the heart of the book I realized the original cover just didn't suit what the story had shaped up to be! That's the best part of putting out a self-published project because you can change these things without making anyone grumble.

This book is very special to me since it's the final book in the Frostbite series. The decision to end the series wasn't an easy one. I love Tess and Kipp, and could honestly write twenty more books from them. But that would be for entirely selfish reasons because I don't want to let them go.

Sometimes it's just time to say goodbye to characters and give them their happily-ever-after, even if you don't want to. Besides, anyone who has read these books will totally agree Tess and Kipp deserve to be happy. They've been put through hell and back, literally, and while writing this book I knew the end had arrived.

Mystically Bound is set to release end of November/early December, and I can hardly wait to share Tess and Kipp's last adventure with everyone. So, I'd love to hear what you think of the new cover?

Mystically Bound

Frostbite Book Three

Urban Fantasy Romance
Length: Novel
Heat Level: Sensual
Release date: COMING SOON

Tess Jennings’ life is in chaos. Not only has her ghost lover, Kipp McGowen, crossed into the Netherworld, but she’s the newest member of a secret society. And they want her to start work immediately. Upon arriving in White Castle, Louisiana, she is presented with an offer she cannot refuse.

The Grand Master has been murdered and Tess must solve the crime by locating his ghost. The reward—a magical spell to save Kipp. But as Tess dives deeper into the case, the more danger surrounds her. Not everyone wants the murder solved, and she is caught in the crossfire.

Soon, Tess finds herself knee-deep in a hunt for a spell, a race to locate a killer, and a journey to the beyond. Will Kipp finally take a living breath, or will Tess take her last?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Author Reviews Are Called Blurbs

All this literary debauchery lately has made my head spin. I had a hard time understanding the ill feelings between some readers and writers, until I saw some of the behavior of both parties.

Authors behaving badly, pirates, trolls, the Internet is full of them, and much like all the political spam we've been getting slammed with, readers and authors have been dealing with the same for much longer.

One of the biggest complaints seems to be coming from readers who are angry writers review books. First, before I jump feet first into this, I need to state that any writer worth their salt, is also an avid reader. That being said, there are some authors out there committing no-no's that are turning readers against authors in general. Let's review a couple of their biggest complaints.

Sock puppetry: An author posing as someone else and posting reviews for their own books or having someone else post their reviews. Unfortunately many good authors, who are giving honest reviews of books, are getting lumped in with these sock puppets. I have stopped posting reviews of books I've loved on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for this reason. I post on my website and on my blogs and I post them as "Author Blurbs". Now this is as much for the author whose book I loved as to protect myself. I know reviews are important, but if you are posting honest reviews, readers may think you are trying to be sneaky, even when you are not. It might come back on you, and you could find yourself labeled a sock puppet or author behaving badly. This is a choice you have to make, and I'm not saying authors are wrong to post reviews (I appreciate anyone who takes the time to do an honest review), but please be aware of the climate on Amazon and Barnes and Noble right now, in regards to authors doing reviews.

Spamming: In America, we have been dealing with the political spam now for over a year. If you live in the United States, you can't avoid it. The guilty parties are everywhere, outside work with clipboards (bothering us on our short, supposed to be stress free, lunch hour), in the mall (again while we are out trying to enjoy our day), calling us on our phones, posting on the Internet, emailing, or standing around with signs chanting on every block and intersection. We can't get away from it, and we don't like being told who we should vote for. It's a personal choice.

Now, swap politics for book promo and this is what we have been doing to our readers. Before you get mad, realize that I believe an author must promote their work, but there are ways to do it, and ways not to do it. Blogs, websites, interviews, conferences and book signings, are great ways to get out and meet readers and tell them about what you write. But please stop spamming on social networks with blurb after blurb and excerpt that will chase them away. Much like the political spamming, readers are sick of it. It's a big reason why I've backed off on my social networks. I might post a link to a blog post and tell them what I'm talking about, or if I have a book giveaway, but I also leave the option to visit up to them. Please give them an option. Never force your promo on your readers or they will run.

Under the same topic, I'm going to talk about self promotion and the expectations publishers have of their authors. No one is going to know you write books unless you talk about them. So what can you do to put your work out there? Websites are a big tool in your promotional bag. Here's mine: Unusual Worlds You Want to Get Lost In.

You should keep it simple, easy to navigate. Post not only your books and excerpts, but every cover you place on that site should have a buy link(s). Click and buy. Make it easy for the readers to find and buy your books. When the readers visit your blog or site, it's because they want to know more about your books. This is the time to shake those tail feathers and promo, promo, promo. One last thing, be sure to tag all your posts. This helps you when readers do searches. The search engines will grab the things with the most tags first and you get placed higher to the top, when you do this. Tag, tag, tag. It's not just for Amazon.

How are you ranking on a search engine? Type your author name in and find out. First page and you're doing good. You're goal is to dominate that first page, be it title or name. Go forth and conquer!

Next, keep your blogs and websites up to date. Up and coming? Have a tab at the top that lists future releases, blurbs and covers if you have them. Projects, sure if you can talk about them, do. Readers love to know what you are working on next. And yes, post your reviews of books you loved. In the literary business, they're called blurbs. Even better, ask authors you admire if they will read your book and give you a blurb for promotional purposes. This is a great way to help fellow authors without pushing readers away or looking like the dreaded sock puppet. A lot of publishers will put these on your covers or inside your e-books. If a reader likes a particular author, they may be inclined to try your book if their favorite author loved it.

I invite fellow authors to ask me to read and blurb. I won't promise I always can, but I will give your request serious consideration and do my best to help you.

Word of mouth is your friend. Make sure what your readers are saying are good things. People are more likely to remember the bad things and talk about them, than the good things. Don't give them bad things to talk about. Be professional whenever you are online and in public. Some readers and reviewers may not like your books, taste is varied, but they will respect you if you remain professional.

So in a nutshell, write a damn good book, then set up shop on a website, post blurbs of books you've loved and help others, talk about your projects, your upcoming releases and keep the site up to date. Visit it at least once a week and change something.

Then start writing your next book. The best seller of a first book, is a second.

Have a Great Weekend!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Me, You, and...Who!

**Ménage and Voyeurism with Male/Male**
Me, You, and…WHO!
Lise wasn’t surprised at how Ron, her husband, gazed at Keaton but she was damned surprised how hot it made her! The very idea of him bent over a table, Keaton’s muscular frame draped over his body taking him hard, fast… Sheesh! Lise couldn’t breathe thinking about it. Now to convince Ron and Keaton to do what she wanted and let her watch. Another thing altogether.
Putting the wheels in motion was easier than she’d dreamed when Lise planned a night of sports on TV, movies, and more—much, much more.


Lise had no intention of letting this moment get away. She was so hot and bothered she couldn’t breathe. Racing after Ron, she caught him entering the guest bathroom and stopped him from closing the door. “Babe, talk to me.”
“It’s not what you think.” He couldn’t meet her eyes.
“You don’t know what I think.”
She pushed the door wider, passed him and leaned against the counter. “I like what I saw. You don’t think I’ve watched him since he moved in a year ago? The man’s absolutely hot.”
“You’re freaking nuts.”
Grabbing his waistband, she pulled Ron closer, touched the front of his slacks. He’d grown softer but the bulge jerked beneath her hand. “I see the beauty in women all the time and it doesn’t freak me out.” She massaged until his cock grew hard again.
“Don’t.” His hand gripped hers, yanked it to his chest. “Look, I don’t know what happened down there.”
“I do, I think he’s one sexy bastard. Why shouldn’t you?”
“Christ.” One hand shoved dark hair from his face. “What the fuck, Lise. I’ve never felt anything like that with another man.”
“Feel me.” She unbuttoned her pants, drew his hand toward her and pushed it into damp panties. “I’m so wet, so turned on right now I want you to make me come.” His fingers slipped into the moist crease of her pussy and touched her clit. “Ron, I liked watching you with Keaton. I pictured him, you with him.”
“Fuck…babe?” His breathing grew labored, fast as he yanked Lise’s slacks down and helped remove them. Ron left her yearning when he snatched his hand from between her legs to undo his pants. Shoving his clothes off and kicking them away, he grasped his dick and slid it between her legs.
“Unnhhh, yes,” she moaned as it invaded her pussy. “Ron…Ron…” Lise hadn’t felt this alive or horny in months and all she could think about was how it would be to watch the two men screw. “You wanted him didn’t you?” Ron slammed his cock harder in her, over and over until she was ready to explode. “Tell me. Let me hear you say it.”
“Yes, yes, I want to feel his lips on my cock. Yes,” he breathed against her face. His lips smothered hers in a long, deep kiss. Tongues tangled and tasted. Pulling away, he said, “I want to suck his cock.” His hardness rammed in and out, blazed a deep path in her pussy.
“Oh God,” Lise keened. The thought of Ron’s tongue, the tongue moments ago in her mouth, wrapped around Keaton’s cock shoved her to the edge of release and she wanted to let go, send cum around the dick stroking inside her, the cock she wanted to see buried in her neighbor’s mouth.
Also available:

Step outside the box--feels good to be bad...sometimes! or Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Southern Magic

I'm writing this blog from a hotel room. It's the night before a big reader's luncheon. (The coordinator said it's a record-breaker for their chapter.) I'm nervous about a lot of things. Will I misspell people's names or forget how to spell my pen name? Will my basket be too small, its contents too weird? Will anyone bid on it? Will people at my table think their gifts are lame? Should I have done more? Could I have?

I'm the nervous type. I worry and worry and worry until it's all over and I'm in the car going home. It's in my nature, and I expect it to a certain extent. I had a lot of fun ordering swag and making goody bags. I got to see my book covers on products for the first time, and it was a blast.

Am I worried about tomorrow? You bet. But I've had a lot of fun getting here and I'm looking forward to hanging out with friends tomorrow and maybe making new ones.

I will admit I'm a little let down that I bought this super cute sweater jacket to wear tomorrow that's home in my closet. Yeah. Two weeks ago Weather Guy said it would be 65 tomorrow. Now? He's saying 85. Grrr.

On that note, I'll leave you with a few of the goodies I bought in preparation for the luncheon.

Anti bacterial bottles--for plague prevention!

Lens cleaning cloths

This was for the gift basket I had to make.


These are the finished favor bags. (Different from my favor boxes.)

Pocket mirrors

See anything you like? Got any promo item ideas for me to try next time around?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Meet Adam From Enforcer's Redemption by Carrie Ann Ryan

Who am I supposed to be? You know me as Adam Jamenson from the Redwood Pack. You know me as the Enforcer, the man and wolf who’s duty it is to protect that Pack.
But do you really know me?
Damn, I sound so fucking emo right now I’m pissing myself off. Sorry about that. I’m better now that I have Bay. Believe me. But I wasn’t always this way. I went through twenty years of guilt, depression, and grief.
Twenty God damn years.
I’d fooled most of my family in thinking that I’d moved on. That I’d grown and been okay with the fact that I’d lost my mate, Anna.
I’d even learned not to flinch when others said her name. But inside, it was as if someone had stabbed me with a hot poker and twisted, the icy-hot pain shooting up my sides, bleeding into every inch of my body.
That’s how it was for twenty years.
Yet I’d fooled them all.
Then my brothers started to find their mates. I tried to be happy. I did. But watching them mess up and almost loose them, only to reclaim that love killed me. I couldn’t get Anna and our baby back from my mistake.
No, I’d lost them.
My child would have been twenty now.
And yet I never met her.
I’m better now. It still hurts, but I’m better. Bay is everything to me but I almost lost her as well because of my own insecurities. When you read our story, remember that I love her. Remember that I’m trying with each breathe I take and that she’s worth everything and more to me.
Remember that.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Life with Wings

It’s no secret I love writing winged creatures, angels being my current winged thing. Thinking how they might use these extra limbs as part of their everyday lives, what movements would be natural to them, what kinds of gestures and phrases would come from owning a pair of them launched some very interesting side trips into creativity.

Evangelos is my angel in Embracing Eternity, and his wings sparked an unplanned nervous habit. When he’s tense, he preens. It’s an interesting visual, this beautiful creature, a bit off-balance, trying to get himself centered, so he pulls one of his wings forward, curving it around his body, and he begins tending his feathers. I can see him stroking them, one at a time, in long even movements, letting the details of getting them just so focus him on the moment at hand.

I can see preening as an intimate act between angels, something lovers would do for each other, but poor Evan is alone. Something that would normally promote loving atmosphere is instead something he has to do for himself, a temporary fix that might force his nervousness back, but not really eliminate it.

The addition of wings definitely added a special dynamic to Evan’s scenes and gave me a chance to show his vulnerable side.

What kind of mannerisms might you have if wings were a part of your everyday life? Tell me and you can win a copy of Embracing Eternity, the third book in the Heavenly Lovers series, available November 2 from Ellora's cave publishing. 

Evangelos has loved Philomela since before time began. He’s dreamed of having her in his arms and his bed. But she never once looked his way. Instead, she chose a Fall that transformed her into a monstrous creature. He never forgot the one he loved, and he’s determined to bring her back home.

Cut off from the power that fed them, Meela and the other Fallen angels became demons, thriving on vice and preying on Creation. Hell holds too much pain and Meela wants nothing more than to give in to the temptation Evan offers. But a demon has no place in the arms of an angel.

Meela knows Evan’s determination to save her will be his downfall, because Lucifer wants to feast on the power of angels—and she’s the perfect bait.

Miss the first two books? Risking Eternity and Forsaking Eternity are available in a single print volume. Heavenly Eternity, available November 2 from Ellora's Cave Publishing.

Voirey Linger

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