Friday, January 22, 2010

From My POV

Wednesday afternoon I watched The Fountainhead on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and it reminded me just how much I like Ayn Rand heroes. Heroes, period. I was in my teens when I first read the book (written in 1943) and to me it was mesmerizing. Talk about a hero. Howard Roark was that. It’s his story from beginning to end. Strong, with purpose, and the “I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks” attitude, he’s the kind of hero who takes what he wants, does what he wants, and with no regrets. I’m not prepared to draw any parallels between the story, Ayn Rand’s philosophy (and what’s happening with government today)—you won’t find that here. For me, it is one hell of a great romance story. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a wonderful movie.

Warner Brothers trailer on YouTube (from mearbhrach):

I read hero driven books. Is it because I grew up reading these types of stories? Probably. I’m sure a good bit of it also has to do with the time period I grew up in. Another reason is—I like them—my stories always start with the hero’s POV.

No, I don’t want heroines to be doormats. They need to be smart and have the strength and compassion to understand the hero. After all, they need to save him from himself! Sometimes she needs to give him hell then she needs to know when to back off and let him be the man. She needs to know how to be a woman—that makes her stronger than a man can ever be—and he’ll treat her like one when she becomes his.

But it will always be his story.

This brings me to my Purple P Rose’s SCREWED series. Okay, I had to go here. *laughing*-honestly, this was an accident that I’m still not sure I’m glad happened. The story has gotten my best reviews and she is at the top of my list of fav characters—which shocks the hell out of me considering my feeling about heroines. Purple even graced the cover alone in SCREWED AGAIN, not a hunk in sight. And it's my favorite cover. *gasps*

So, I’ve started another story from a heroine’s POV—I’m too old to start thinking differently, damn it—this is a train wreck waiting to happen!

Considering some of today’s bestsellers, I'm not sure I have to ask which readers like best, but feel free to give me your opinion.

I’m done. Etah wants her last great love scene…

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele


Sandra Sookoo said...

I like to have both POV's. It give a different perspective through the story :-) Unless I'm writing contemp/women's fic and then the hero doesn't matter so much :-)

mymargee said...

I like both POVs too. Each one makes for a slightly different story. I love a good story that shows even those of us not destined to be heros still can if the circumstance presents itself.


Ashley said...

Hmm, this is hard because I write such strong heroines. I have the mentality of anything you can do I can do better and I believe sometimes it takes a strong woman to put a man in his place. In a way I believe my childhood shaped the way I believe and how I write. Very rarely will I have a Hero. Not saying some of the Alpha men who grace the pages of a good LL Breed book don't affect me, its just well, a woman can be that way too LOL!!!

Awesome topic and as always you got my brain moving this morning, thanks!


Annie Nicholas said...

I love Purple and I hope there's another story in your head for her. I also love your hero in Ace of Spades.

That said, I love to read hero driven stories but I write heroine driven stories. Go figure. I never thought about it until this morning. I think it's because my hero's are so strong that I can't get in their heads and my heroine's are so flawed that it's easier for me to be in their POV.

Sandy said...


I usually start with the heroine's pov, but the story I'm finishing up now starts with the hero's pov and ends with it. I think we must have switched our view points. lol

J Hali said...

Sandi, I need both POV too the male just always comes out stronger with me!

mymargee, 'real' heroes always make a believable story better.

Ashley, OOL! Love Lora's heroes-the Breed are the best.

Annie, sometimes I think I should write in first person-then I can really be in just my heroes head! lol I love writing the male perspective, kudos to you for great first person characters.

J Hali said...

Hi Sandy, I start with male and usually (somehow!) end with it. I'm actually looking forward to another from the heroine's perspective. They're so unpredictable, lol.

Author GE Stills said...

I write both. My heros seem to be the type that break people and things. My heroines are often that way too but sometimes they use a little finesse.
Ash I resemble your remark of anything he can do I can do better. lol

Great post Joann

J Hali said...

Thanks, Gary. I'm branching out to both, and dang, it's scary for me. I don't write women well!! lmao

Rebecca Royce said...

I like both.

J Hali said...

lol, Rebecca. How'd I know that?

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Hey Joann

I like both, though like you I have no idea why the man takes over and to me it seems his POV and arc is always stronger than the heroine. I tend to get a better grasp on him than on her. Go figure... Lol!