Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ode to Royo


Happy Thursday everyone! Coffee is brewed, the wood stove is stoked, and the snow is falling lightly outside. It's a good day to surf the net and dream lazy thoughts.  On day like today I find myself drifting on the net looking at some of my favorite artists.

"A picture can say a thousand words." Each one expressing the emotions and thoughts the artist wants to convey to the viewer. Much like a writer who needs to show their reader these same things buy with words instead of a paint stroke.                                                                           DESPAIR

As a writer we become dependent on our artist when it comes to our cover art. If you ask most readers what is the first thing that draws them to a book and many would answer 'the cover.'

I want to share some of my favorites by Royo, who's pictures have stirred my plot bunnies since before I picked up pen and paper. Under each picture I've written the first word that came to mind when I saw it.





Royo evokes strong feelings from me when I observe his work. It's gotten that I can pick out his work among similar art.  I'm not sure how but it's the body language he portrays that catches my attention. My favorite of them all is 'Kiss in the Rain'.

Why is he wearing the collar? Did he escape from somewhere and this is their reunion? *fans self*

Do you have a favorite artist?

On a side note, tomorrow a bunch of authors are having a Fill Your E-Reader Blog Tour.

There are plenty of prizes to be had and I'll be giving away a copy of BAIT. The tour starts HERE. After you take the tour stop by HERE and chat. I'll be manning the room and offering coffee to the early morning risers or to late nighters, depending on what part of the world you're in. LOL  Come join the fun.


Annette Gisby said...

Luis Royo is one of my favourite artists as well, I hadn't seen some of these ones before, though, so thanks for that :)

Fallon Hadley said...

I don't have a favorite artist but I too, have always loved the art of "Kiss the Rain."

I have it stored on my computer.

J Hali said...

Annie, awesome pictures and post! I have a thing for angels and love the one titled Despair. BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks for sharing these.

Rebecca Rose said...

I've never had a favorite artist. What inspires me is the mood I'm in at the time, this is what picks out the art.
I'm totally all over the EBook Reader Blog Tour tomorrow! See you then. :)