Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking to stuff your Kindle or Nook?

Happy New Year!

Dawn's top E-picks for 2010 with unusual and different plots. (In no specific order.) Why go to the bookstore when these are right at your fingertips?

Wedgie Tales and Panty Lines--Funny and I wish I'd thought of it.

Strangers by Barbara Elsborg--A rollarcoaster ride that will make you laugh and cry. Her best IMHO

Song of the Scarabeaus--Amazing scifi world building with a sweet romance plot.

The Iron Duke--Go Steampunk!

The Warrior--Location, location, location. And who doesn't love a man in boots?

Blown Away--Because I've read it 1000 times. (Really) LOL and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention one of mine. EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) in space and on alien worlds.

Slipping the Past--*Clears throat* One more of my novels, an Urban Fantasy that crosses genres and has reapers. Get it before it's out of publication.

Screw Superman--I want a hero! Luv the concept.

Eostre's Hare, by Arlene Webb. Her voice is the most unique voice I've read. If you'd like an intellectual read that forces you to use some brain mass, this is the book for you. Brilliant!

So if you're looking for something a little different, where the writer really stretched their imagination, look no further.

Now, I'm turning the tables and I'd like to know what novels and stories you'd recommend. I need to stuff my Nook and it says I can save 1500 novels to it (If I don't get a memory card--say what. I can store more?)

Now that you know what I like, name some unique stories that you loved in 2010!


D L Jackson


Arlene said...

Wow. Eostre's Hare has some great company. Thanks, Dawn. I'm looking forward to filling my kindle with PDF files I've purchased directly from the publisher and emailed to the kindle. What great times we live in.

joder said...

Strangers was an awesome book! Sexy and get-wrenching. My emotions were all over the place and all those reading this really need to get Barb's book.

D L Jackson said...

Thanks, Arlene. I think Eostre's Hare is one of my favorites. Strangers affected me on so many levels. It's a book you'll need tissues next to you when you read and sadly one of her little read books.

But don't stop there. Wedgie Tales is flat out funny--a must read. Screw Superman--superheroes for big girls and boys. Now, I'm working my way through other reads, and I'll be posting about them on my blogs later in the year.

So if you got a Kindle, Nook or other E-reader for the Holidays and you like romance, try some of these novels. I think you'll love them.

No suggestions for me?

Anne said...

Thanks for the reading ideas. I've read none of them, but have seen a couple of good reviews for The Iron Duke.