Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years has come and gone, and the resolutions are set in stone. Or are they? Let’s have a look at the top ten New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Spend more time with family and friends

2. Exercise more

3. Get rid of the love-handles

4. Quit smoking

5. Enjoy life more

6. Leave the booze alone

7. Save money instead of spending it

8. Expand your knowledge and try new things

9. Help others

10. Stop hoarding and clean up your junk

As you read over that list do you think...yup, sounds about right. Well, I admit I could put a check mark on nearly all of those! So, what does that tell me? That I’ve been a lazy bum! You’d think that would get my butt in gear after such a realization, but I hate to say it, it’ll never happen. I do NOT do New Year’s resolutions.

Why you ask?

Well...that’d be because I never follow through...EVER! Sure, it might last a month or so, but eventually, I fall back into old habits and busy life. So, a while ago I decided to just kill the idea. Why lie to myself. I know the only exercise I like to do is walking the dog. That if I have money I like to spend it. And that if the need calls for it, a good beer is just damn good!

So, are you like me? Do you shy away from making New Year’s resolutions? Or do you dive right in, and if you do, do you actually succeed?


Annie Nicholas said...

Hot Damn Girl! LOL
When I first read that list I thought it was yours. My heart stopped.

Stacey Kennedy said...

ROFL!!! :)

Jayel Kaye said...

Me too Stacey. I was going to nominate you for Over Achiever 2011!

I have two Resolutions.

1. To try to get healthier.
2. to finish a wip...anyone of them!

Anonymous said...

I need to finish loosing this weight. Im down about 30 lbs over the course of a couple of years of "eh" trying. I need to get serious and loose about 20-30 more. And keep it off.

Kim said...

I make resolutions that are measurable.
Last year was to make my bed everyday.
Read 144 books.
Still making the bed, but only read 123 books... ;)

Gaynor Lewis said...

I find it so hard to stick to things and am easily distracted - ooh look, a bright shiny thing (goes off for a closer look)...

hmmm.... anyway, because of this 'effect' that I suffer from, New Years Resolutions generally slip past me before I've even had chance to write them down. So I try to limit myself to one nowadays and hope that I'll succeed in following through.

The one and only time it actually worked for me though was when I thought 'yes, I'll give up smoking!' That was 10 years ago and I'm still a non-smoker so guess I won that round.

This year has seen me get an eye injury so my artwork has had to step back so I don't do as close work during the coming months to allow it to heal. On the plus side, it means it opens up all my time to progress with my novel wips and I'm gonna try my hardest to finish at least 1 this year!

So this years NY Resolution for me is:

To work hard and aggressively at my wips and finish at least one this year - you can either give up, give in or give it all you've got and giving it all I've got is what I'm aiming for and will try to apply that to everything I do this year.

Though another good one would be to try harder to make shorter posts :)

PS: wish me luck - would love to finish one of my manuscripts :)

ashley said...

I love New Years. A new beginning. A time of hope, a clean slate, and a time to chase dreams once again. :)

Jennifer Labelle said...

For the most part I've probably failed more than I've succeeded, but it doesn't stop me from making more resolutions/ promises to myself that I'll get to. Now all I need is the motivation. I'll keep you posted on how I do.

Anne said...

I don't bother making any resolutions cause they'll be broken within a week.