Sunday, January 23, 2011

The winter blues...

This week’s theme question is, does weather in writing help or hinder us?

I don’t know about the other ladies here at Paranormal Romantics, but weather has no play in my writing all, except for it’s a good excuse to put a movie on for the kids to watch so I can write a little. Truthfully, when winter rolls around I get incredibly lazy. Why? Well, that’s cause I don’t want to step outside into the cold. I really hate freezing temperatures. Amusing, right? Yes, I live in Ontario, so half the year it’s cold here. Let’s just leave it at...I love snow, but from the warm confines of my home.

Because I spend so much time inside my energy level drops. I have discovered that through these months I’m not nearly as productive as I am during the summer. On a good day, with no kids around, I can write 4-5K a day. During the winter months that word count is cut in half. Do I dwell on it? Nah. I just do what I can and accept the fact that the winter is sluggish months for me.

Here is a little something though to show you what I’d love to do for the majority of my time during the winter. *grins*


Annie Nicholas said...

I find January hard. It's like my brain goes on vacation and leaves my body behind to freeze.

It's funny how we all have different takes on these questions. You're going to laugh at my answer tomorrow. I took a totally different meaning. But you made a very valid point.

Joann said...

Couldn't wait to see the take on this one. Stacey, I'm with you on the low energy. Annie, for me October...November...December...January...February...March--shoot, Stacey, it's cold half the time here too! :(

Joann said...

PS: I like your plan for winter, he should keep you warm. He gives me a hot flash!! *grin*

Stacey Kennedy said...

HA! That was my thought exactly, Joann!

And Annie...I'm curious now!

D L Jackson said...

Love the visual aide. Um, oh the weather. It doesn't factor into my writing much. How funny you talk about the cold and we're having the coldest day of the year where I'm at.